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HRT Department Holds AHRTS Skills Olympics 2013

In preparation for the Skills Olympics in the celebration of the Foundation Anniversary, the HRT Department held their own version of the Skills Olympics. Aside from choosing the best in the group that will represent the department in the competition next week, this activity according to Mrs. Grace S. Valenciana, the adviser of the organization, is also an avenue for the students to discover their skills according to their own field. Participants are students from 1st year to 4th year (skill-based) and were grouped according to their field of specialization and interest.

The categories in this Skills Olympics were Napkin Folding, Skirting, Cook Off, Cake Decorating, Cup Cake Decorating and Fruit Carving. Each category was time pressured and were adjudged by 3 judges, 1 from the College, the other one was an alumnus and another judge was a Bakery owner and formerly the Marketing Assistant of McDonalds. Winners will receive prizes and certificates to help boost their morale and encourage them more to continue improving their skills.

108th Foundation Anniversary

With this year’s theme: WVCST at 108: Pushing through the frontiers of Science and Technology, everything is set and everybody is prepared for action!

Here now is the schedule of activities for the celebration that would surely give you fun, excitement and unforgettable moments.

Day 1, Sept. 1, 2013 (Sunday) 5:00pm Last Canvassing for the Search of Mr. & Miss Alumni
Venue: Alumni Hall
Day 2, Sept. 2, 2013 (Monday) 5:30am Foot Parade & Assembly
Venue: Jaro Plaza
7:00-8:00am Mass – Venue: Gym
8:30 – 9:00am Opening Program/Field Demo – Venue: Field
9:00am Opening of Exhibits – Venue: Designated Areas
10:00am Robotics Competition/Showdown – Venue: Gym
1:00-4:00pm Academic Quiz Contest – Venue: Gym
5:00pm Despedida for Dr. Emma L. Paclibar – Venue: Gym
Day 3, Sept. 3, 2013 (Tuesday) 8:00am Skills Olympics – Venue: Gym
2:00pm Literary Musical Contests – Venue: Gym/Ed Tech
5:00pm Fashion Show – Venue: Gym
Day 4, Sept. 4, 2013 (Wed) 8:00am Pahampang – Venue: Court/Field
1:00pm Pahampang – Venue: Court/ Field
Day 5, Sept. 5, 2013 (Thursday) 8:00am Pahampang -Venue: Court/ Field
1:00pm Pahampang -Venue: Court/ Field
5:00pm Mr. & Miss WVCST -Venue: Gym
Day 6, Sept. 6, 2013 (Friday) 8:00am FEA & Alumni Sports Fest – Venue: Gym/Court
10:00am Family Day (per College) – Venue: Gym/Field
Day 7, Sept. 7, 2013 (Saturday) 7:30am Alumni Homecoming – Venue: Gym
12:00nn Community Luncheon – Venue: Gym
2:00pm Awarding of FEA Service Award, Alma Mater Award &
Loyalty Award (Main) -Venue: Gym
4:00pm Coronation of Mr. & Miss Alumni – Venue: Gym

Panay-Wide Caravan Kicks Off Foundation Celeb

The fun and excitement of celebrating the 108th Foundation Anniversary of the College has just started!

The two-day Panay-wide Caravan has started today, August 28, 2013 with the big participation coming from WVCST Alumni. In an interview with Atty. Leo S. Sombiro, President of the Alumni Association and Chairman of the Caravan Committee, he said that this is an activity participated in not just by the Alumni Association but also the Golden Jubilarians –the Class of 1963 and the Silver Jubilarians – the Class of 1988.. There are also participants coming from the College Administration headed by WVCST College President, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr., the faculty and employees as well as some students.

The caravan kicked off at 8:00 am today with the main campus as its starting point. From the campus they will pass through the coastal road going to Leganes, Zarraga and Pototan. The first convergence is at Pototan. Contingents coming from Passi, Pototan and other central towns of Iloilo will meet in Pototan Plaza and from that place the Caravan proceeds to Barotac Nuevo then to the Northern part of Iloilo. They will have a short stop for lunch at the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College in Estancia and at 1:00pm, they will immediately leave for the Province of Capiz passing through its 2nd district, then to Pontevedra, Panit-an and Roxas City. The 2nd convergence is in Roxas City through the Capiz State University. From CSU, they will proceed to the Province of Aklan passing through Ivisan, Sapian, Altavas and will have the overnight stay at Aklan State University in Banga, Aklan.

On the next day, August 29, the contingents will set off at 7:00 in the morning passing through Kalibo and towards Navas. From there they will take the route towards the Province of Antique to meet some members of the Alumni who will also be joining the group. Lunch will be served at the University of Antique. Right after lunch the group will be turning back to Iloilo via Tobias Fornier and Anini-y. The Caravan will take a short stop at the satellite campus in Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College in Miag-ao for some snacks. After which they will proceed back to the College.

This activity intends to disseminate the information about the celebration of WVCST 108TH Foundation Anniversary and to encourage alumni to come back to the College or “BALIK ISAT” and join the fun in its Grand Alumni Homecoming.

Solidarity Meeting for Pahampang 2013

To make sure that everything is accurate and ready for the Pahampang 2013, a solidarity meeting was conducted in the covered gym. This event intends to discuss the guidelines of the games – team sports, individual and dual sports as well as the parade that will kick off at Jaro Plaza on September 2, 2013.It was discussed that students who are not directly involved in the Pahampang, may not join the parade and instead they have to proceed to the field or covered gym to prepare for the Concelebrated Mass and other activities that will follow.

It was also emphasized that the deadline of submission of the list of players is on August 30. Since it was a debatable topic, they encouraged the sports managers to follow that deadline to avoid problems. One issue that was brought up in the said meeting was about varsity players from 2nd year to 4th year who aren’t allowed to join the games. It was clarified that only the freshmen who started this school year can play and not those who shifted to another course and became freshmen in the new college or department. It doesn’t also matter whether he has joined meets or Palarong Pambansa as long as he is a varsity player from the 2nd year or any other higher years. This rule was already agreed in the previous meetings therefore it has to be followed. Eventually everybody agreed on this but this rule might be contested next year. On the other hand, though it will only be an exhibition, boxing in this year’s Pahampang is an event to look forward to because there are many events in the boxing category. If it is successful, it will be included in next year’s sports events.

The Solidarity Meeting was headed by Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr., College Administrator, Dr Russ Allen Napud, Dean, CEA and Over-all Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Foundation Anniversary, Dr. Leomar de los Santos, Over-All Chairman of the Pahampang 2013 and Dr. Georgia Demavibas, also a Committee Chairman of Pahampang 2013.

College Holds Food Products Dev Summit

To improve the food technology of WVCST, an assembly of all the faculty teaching the Food Technology courses in the WVCST system was held on August 22. Some of the objectives of the said summit were to orient food technology faculty –researchers of the R & D programs, projects, activities and policies of the Center for Food Products Development, commit researchers on the R & D program as well as to develop relevant concept papers. Participants also brought with them the list of matured food technologies from the accepted recipes of the undergraduate and graduate students as well as faculty R & Ds for their input.

Topics discussed in the training were the NEDA R&D, DOST, WVCST R& D Administrative Concerns, the R&D Programs of the Center for Food Products and Development, sample problem-solution approach in the conduct of Food R & D and the methodology in the conduct of food product R&D. A workshop on concept paper was part of the activity which was later presented and discussed to the group. The summit also talked about Technology Landscaping and Technology Transfer and the business policy on ISUY Bakery. An open forum on the future of food products development at WVCST was also held including spin off, start up, license and franchise which was done through the help of the facilitators.

Spearheading the training was Dr.Carmelo V. Ambut , VP for Research, Dr. Richard de Leon, Director, RSD and Dr. Frisian Y. Causing, Chairman, Center for Food Products and Development.

Sports Clinic for Pahampang 2013

In preparation for the Pahampang 2013 as WVCST celebrates its 108th Foundation Anniversary, a Sports Clinic is conducted from August 23 to 24. This sports clinic intends to orient and train student teachers, unit heads, coaches and sports enthusiasts regarding the rules of the games and how to become good game officials

In the opening program f this activity, Dr, Nehema K. Misola, VP for Admin and Finance hopes that everyone reaches the goal of the sports clinic especially in officiating the games. She said that this is a one of a kind opportunity because this will help them learn, know their limits, be exemplary models and strive to become better. With this Sports Clinic, Dr. Misola is also looking forward to a successful sports activity for this year’s Foundation Anniversary.

Dr. Leomar de los Santos, head of the P.E. Department and Chairman of Pahampang, further explained some guidelines such as allowing the freshmen varsity players to join the Pahampang as long as they play the games other than the sports they play as varsity players. He also added that the officers of the Student Republic are not also allowed to join the sports event, instead they will help in officiating.

On the other hand, Dr. Ma. Asusina Asuncion Echaveria, Dean, College of Education, said that everybody must participate and enjoy the sports event but remember sportsmanship. Meanwhile, joining the Sports Clinic she said, is an indication that everyone wants to do their share in the success of celebrating the 108th Foundation Anniversary.

In the said training, invited lecturers came from other entities as well as professors and sports enthusiasts from the College. The participants were also divided into different groups based on the sports event that they will handle. The Sports Clinic continues until August 24, 2013.

Program and Lit-Mus Contest – Almost Ready

The Opening Program for the Foundation Anniversary on September 2 , though it’s not 100% ready, is almost good to go including this year’s Literary Musical Contest. Dr. Rose Marie P. Prudente, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Chairman of the Program and Literary Musical Contest Committee, announced that after discussing the tasks and details of the events for the celebration, she is sure that it will turn out the way it is expected. According to Dr. Prudente, her committee has been working hard and wants to completely finish all the details of the preparation before the month ends.

For the Opening Program there will be 2 parts –the first part is the program proper for the formal declaration of the opening of the Foundation Week Celebration. For the part II, there will be a Field Demonstration by the Sumba Fitness.

On the other hand, this year there will be a Literary Musical Contest, a competition which was not included in the previous years. The Literary will include the newest competition which is the impromptu Character Interpretation and Pagkukuwento. For the Musical event, OPM Vocal Solo and Duet and the Guitar Playing competition will be featured. And to perk up the audience, the Dance Sports will include Cha-cha, Rumba, Samba and Hip-hop Dance.

The Literary Musical Contest will be held on September 3 at 2:00pm and the winners will automatically represent the College in the future contests.

Judges for this said event will be coming from other institutions while prizes to be given are Php1,000.oo, Php800.00 and Php600.00 consecutively, plus certificates of appreciation.

Concelebrated Mass for Foundation Anniversary

“We have about 9 to 10 priests who will concelebrate with the main celebrant, the Archbishop of Jaro, Most Rev. Angel N. Lagdameo, D.D. in the Thanksgiving Mass for our 108th Foundation Anniversary”, a confirmation from the Chairman of the Thanksgiving Mass Committee, Prof. Sotero E. Fajarito. According to him, some of these priests who have responded to the invitation were graduates of the WVCST, like Rev. Fr. Ricky Soriano, the Parochial Vicar of St. John Parish in Dingle, Rev. Fr. Alfon Berbegal, the Parochial Vicar of Sta Barbara Parish and the Parish Priest of La Paz, Rev. Fr. Renato Cuadras just to name a few. “We are all set for this event and we’re hoping for a good turn out since this might be the last celebration of the Foundation Anniversary as a College.” He happily shared that some of the graduates of WVCST joined the priesthood which is also a pride of the College, a reason why they were invited to come home and join this year’s celebration.

Prof. Fajarito further announced that the 3rd, 4th and 5th year students, including the Laboratory School, won’t be required to join the parade, instead they have to proceed to the Multi Purpose Educational Center to prepare for the concelebrated mass. Some of the members of the faculty will also be joining the choir and the practice was already set. He also encourages a full participation from the extension campuses from Leon National College of Agriculture, Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College, Miag-ao, Don Jose Sustiguer Monfort Memorial National College in Barotac Nuevo and Doña Purificacion D. Monfort College in Dumangas and the Alumni as well.

The Thanksgiving Mass will be on September 2 at 7:30am and everybody is requested to join.

Pahampang Update

“Everything is almost in order now. Try outs and practices have started and I think everybody is looking forward to it.” Dr. Leomar de los Santos, Head of the P. E. Department and Chairman of this year’s Pahampang for the celebration of WVCST Foundation Anniversary reports. He announced that to complete the preparation, a Sports Clinic /Seminar will be conducted to orient and train student teachers, coaches, unit heads and sports enthusiasts to become good game officials. This will be held this coming August 23 & 24. In addition to that there will be a Solidarity Meeting on August 27 for the Unit Heads, coaches, team captains and tournament managers, to discuss the general rules of the games of the Pahampang.

According to Dr. de los Santos, during the previous committee meeting, they have agreed that freshmen varsity players could join the Pahampang for this year, unlike in the past years that all varsity players couldn’t and only the amateurs were allowed to play. Officers of the Student Republic or student leaders are not also allowed to play any game.The games for this year include team, individual and dual sports. For the team sports there will be soccer football, basketball, volleyball and sepak takraw. While the individual and dual sports include chess, table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis , combative sports and boxing. It is the first time that the Pahampang will have boxing, as a sort of introductory sport or exhibition that might be used for the preparation of the College for the SCUAA meet.

Judges for some of the games especially the soccer football will be coming from outside the College. Medals and trophies await the winners. They will be determined by their points. For the Team Sports, the 1st place should have 25points, 2nd is 15, 3rd place is 10 points and 4th place is 5 points. For the Individual/ Dual Sports, 1st place must incur 10 points, 2nd place is 6 points, 3rd should have 4 points and 4th place – 2 points. This year’s Pahampang will run for 2 days – September 4 & 5.

Foundation Anniversary Update

Academic Quiz and Skills Olympic 2013 Committees – 85% Ready

“I have already finished making the mechanics and criteria for the Academic Quiz both for Category A & B.” Dr. Ma. Asusina Asuncion E. Echaveria, Dean, College of Education and Chairman of the Academic Quiz Contest reported happily in a short interview. This year’s contest will have the pencil and paper challenge and the new category which is the Math & Science Challenge. According to her, the Academic Quiz Contest for the celebration of the Foundation Anniversary will be very challenging. The Quiz will send the contestants to critical and analytical thinking, decision making and a good working relationship among the groups. “Our goal is to determine the learning of the students not just by pencil and paper but also through their natural intelligence and ability to manipulate materials to achieve what is asked in a certain problem.” This is the reason why they can not reveal the details of the Math and Science Challenge though the coaches were oriented of the mechanics. However, for the pencil and paper challenge, it will involve information technology and general information. The two categories are both time – pressured. Winners will receive the following: first place will receive Php 4,500.00, Php 3,000.00 for the 2nd place and Php 2,400.oo for the 3rd place. All winners will also be given a certificate of appreciation. A consolation prize of Php 1,500.00 and Php 900.00n plus a certificate of participation await the non winners. The Academic Quiz Contest will be held on September 2 at 1pm.

On the other hand, Dr. Sergie Dominico Valenciana, Dean, College of Industrial Technology and Chairman of the Skills Olympics 2013, affirmed that his committee is 85% ready for the celebration. 20 participants are expected to join and 11 areas are covered by the Skills Olympics. They are as follows:

  1. Architectural Drafting
    a. Architectural Manual Rendering b. Architectural Digital Rendering
  2. Automotive Technology
    a. Engine Tune up b. Alternator Servicing c. Starter Motor Servicing
  3. Construction Technologya. Plumbing
  4. Electrical Technologya. Industrial Motor Control
  5. Electronicsa. PCB Circuit Assembly b. Bread Boarding
  6. Fashion & Apparel Technologya. Draping b. Conceptual Fashion Illustration c. Artistic Make-up & Hairstyling
  7. Hotel & Restaurant Technologya. Bartending b. Fruit Carving
  8. FCM Technologya. Joinery
  9. HVACR Technologya. Electrical Wiring Connection of Split Type Airconditioner
  10. Computer technologya. Computer Trouble Shooting b. Web Design c. Graphic Design
  11. Mechanical Technologya. Welding

These contests will be done simultaneously within 3 hours. After the contest, the announcement of winners follows. Prizes are Php 500.00, Php 400.00 and Php 300.00 for the first, 2nd and 3rd placers. 22 judges outside WVCST were invited to grace the occasion. According to Dr. Valenciana, the committee will set up the equipment for the contest as early as 5:00 am. They decided not to have a guest speaker for the opening program to avoid delays that might create a domino effect on the other activities scheduled on September 3, at the covered gym.

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