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“Smart Multimodal Transportation Mobile Application and Fleet Management System”


Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) received a Trophy and INPUT Certificate as a winner of Excellence Award in the University Group of the APEC Innovation in Public Transportation Competition in Shanghai China. The INPUT Competition is a project approved and supported by the APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI).

The competition was launched in January 15, 2020 and was concluded last July 2021. Members of the team are Dr. Yvette Gonzales (Head, Comp. Dept. / Computing Lab), Dr. Carmelo Ambut (VPRE), Engr. Giovanni Gerard Araque (DIT), Rotherford Marmibe (MIT) and Nico Guarnes (BSCS).

The project was realized due to the rapid urbanization, population density and growth of the Philippines and caused traffic congestion in roads of major cities throughout the country. The project aims to improve the Philippines’ current transportation

dilemma by using transport models that integrate older modes with newer travel transportation methodologies towards sustainable and modernized mass transit systems.

ISAT University through its Research and Services Division (RSD) has produced various externally funded researches that have positively impact industries and communities.

Congratulations team ISATU!

Dr. Muyong Presents ISAT U Internationalization Feats in CHED Virtual Seminar

The Commission on Higher Education Regional Office 6 invited ISAT U to present its internationalization efforts and achievements during the Virtual Webinar on “Fostering ASEAN Relations through Internationalization Initiatives” on August 4, 2021.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong, ISAT U President, presented 14 best practices of the ISAT U External Affairs: (1) External Affairs

policies and guidelines are in place; (2) sustainable and collaborative global relations by proactively formalizing

partnerships through Memorandum of Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding and FOCs; (3) the External Affairs also initiates the faculty, staff and student international mobility making sure that no one is left behind among the stakeholders from all ISAT U campuses in terms

of international growth and development; (4) strategically planned and implemented internationalization activities; (5) providing access to international scholarships and travel grants for faculty, staff and students; (6) the ISAT U administration recognizes opportunities for internationalization which benefit the University’s stakeholders; (7)  active in joining international competitions which empower the faculty, staff and students of ISAT U; (8) collaborative approach to internationalization wherein all ISAT U campuses, all colleges, offices and stakeholders are included in the internationalization agenda; (9) nurturing an international research culture; (10) improved marketing and communications; (11)  equipping the ISAT U website to handle international searches; (12) qualified External Affairs team members who complement each other’s strengths, talents, skills to produce the best output for internationalization activities; (13)  fostering good personal and professional relations with and among the external affairs team members and the rest of the stakeholders of ISAT U.

All these best practices paved the way for ISAT U to be one of the recipients of the 1St Philippine Higher Education Internationalization Award from the Commission on Higher Education and the University of the Philippines Open University on May 19, 2021.

As the University continually moves forward in its proactive approach to internationalization through the External Affairs Office, the ISAT U stakeholders look forward to greater possibilities of meaningful collaborations among global higher education institutions in the foreseeable future through the National and International Affairs Office. The men and women of the ISAT U External Affairs continuously work at creating an impact in Iloilo, in the Philippines and the world at large especially during this time of the pandemic through the internationalization of education to ultimately help produce leaders of the future.


(c) Jieza J. Napone, LPT

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