ISAT U gets 3-Star rating from 2023 Quacquarelli Symonds

Quacquarelli Symonds Stars Ratings, most popularly known as QS Stars, is a rating system that delivers a thorough insight into an academic institution, enabling students, staff, and faculty to classify which universities are the best globally.

True to its vision as the “leading Science and Technology University in Southeast Asia by 2030”, and with the full support of the Commission on Higher Education and CHED International Affairs Service, Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) pursued the QS Stars Ratings and submitted all documents for audit in October 2022.

In order for ISAT U to get audited by the QS Stars Ratings Evaluation Committee, the University first had to create a core group that needed to oversee the data gathering and validating processes. It was a concerted effort from various offices and colleges in the university system. Of course, the ISAT U QS Stars Ratings team would not have made it through the daunting journey had it not been for the full support of the Commission on Higher Education led by Chair Dr. J Prospero E. De Vera III and the CHED International Affairs Service led by Atty. Lily Freida M. Milla. Gratitude also goes out to Dr. Christine N. Ferrer of Tarlac Agricultural University for her guidance.

The QS Stars Ratings system allows institutions to identify and improve on their areas of weakness, providing detailed assessments under each criterion. ISAT U has chosen the following criteria for audit: (1) Core Criteria – Teaching, Employability, and Internationalization; (2) Learning Environment – Online Learning, (3) Specialist Criteria – Program Strength, and (4) Advanced Criteria – Inclusiveness and Social Responsibility.

Under QS Stars, the institutions that display exceptional performance and quality standards are awarded a 5 Star rating. ISAT U has been awarded 3-Stars in the overall audit and received the following number of stars in the following individual criteria: 4-Stars for Teaching, 5-Stars for Employability, 1-Star for Internationalization, 5-Stars for Academic Development, 5-Stars for Online Learning, 3-Stars for Program Strength, 5-Stars for Social Responsibility, and 4-Stars in Inclusiveness.

The administration of ISAT U led by Dr. Raul F. Muyong – SUC President III, understands that schools are different from one another and therefore need to be assessed on a range of categories that recognize distinct strengths. So, with the grant coming from the Commission on Higher Education, ISAT U boldly went for the QS Stars audit which allowed the identification of strengths and weaknesses across a variety of areas. Results from the QS Stars Ratings encourage institutions to establish or improve their data collection culture and help them improve their long-term strategy and mission.

Awarded with 3-Stars that align ISAT U in the global roster of universities espousing quality and excellence in education, it is indisputable that this former Trade School has leveled up the playing field for higher education institutions in Western Visayas. Indeed, ISAT U continues teaching, touching, and transforming lives in the Philippines and beyond.


(c) Jieza J. Napone, LPT

ISAT U Leon Campus holds a Testimonial Program for the LET and LEA topnotcher and passers

The ISAT U Leon Campus hosted a testimonial program in honor of the November 2022 Agriculturist Licensure Examination (LEA) topnotcher, Mr. Jefferson T. Orr and of other successful passers of LEA and the October 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) at the University’s Covered Gym.

The event was to give due recognition to the good performance of the graduates of ISAT U Leon Campus. The University takes pride in producing topnotcher for the first time in history in Licensure Examination for Agriculturists and other passers in the said exam last November 2022. Another reason for the celebration was the University’s good performance in the October 2022 Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong, university president congratulated the LEA topnotcher and all the LEA and LET passers. He was also grateful for the service and dedication of the faculty and staff in achieving excellent education with the leadership of Dr. Julito C. Aligaen. He challenged Mr. Jefferson T. Orr and other successful passers to bring the values the University has instilled to them wherever they go.

Mr. Jefferson T. Orr, 7th placer in the Agriculturist Licensure Examination received a plaque of recognition and a monetary incentive from the University on top of the personal cash incentive given by President Muyong. He said he was grateful to be an alumna of ISAT U, Leon Campus. He extended his gratitude to his family,  teachers, classmates and friends who have supported him.

Architect Marianne

It was in July 22 when the news broke and circulated on social media that an alumna from Iloilo Science and

Technology University secured a number one spot in the Architect Licensure Examination. The entire ISAT U community were all very delighted because in the history since the establishment of the institution this glorious moment is one for the books.

Let’s get to know who she is and who are the people who journeyed with her behind the spotlight.

“She is very hard-working and determined to do things that she really wants in life since she was a child. She would always put me and her father on top of everything!” Mrs. Anne Ofianga shared during an interview.


Mr. Marlo and Mrs. Anne Ofianga are the proud parents of the top-notcher and only daughter, Marianne Kaye Ofianga or Kaye as what they fondly call her.

“I was surprised when Kaye told me that she has her own money to spend for the review. I only found out that she’s been saving her daily allowance for her review and other materials needed in preparation for the examination,” Mrs .Ofianga added.

Kaye’s father is an OFW and has been away from them for almost 6 months. When she learned that her father’s request for work extension was declained, she was very happy because she will be able to celebrate her great success with her complete family,  her greatest treasure.

Kaye plans to pursue her further education and she would want her father to quit working so that he will have more time with them.

All the best, Ar. Marianne!

Building it bigger, better

The Iloilo Science and Technology University – Lapaz Campus has four (4) ongoing major projects being rehabilitated and constructed to cater the different growing needs of its stakeholders. Now, that the university is gearing towards limited face-to-face mode of learning the said constructions will mutually benefit not just the administration but most especially the students.

Rehabilitation of the Civil Technology Building. This three-storey building is already 53.13% completed and this will cater all civil technology and civil engineering courses in the conduct of lecture and laboratory classes. This will also provide the faculty, students, and all stakeholders with conducive and safe civil technology building to enhance the teaching learning process in conducting academic activities particularly for civil technology and civil engineering courses. With the construction of the new building, the faculty can deliver quality and efficient instruction that will expose the student in scientific and technological education.

Rehabilitation of the L-building. Currently, this four-storey building is 78.47% completed. This will then cater the conduct of lecture and laboratory classes of HRT students. Also, this will provide students with a more conducive and safe classrooms and learning space for knowledge and skills development.

Rehabilitation of the ground floor administration building.  The major rehabilitation is currently 73.48% completed.  The President’s office together with the office of the board secretary will be relocated in this area. The renovation also includes the office of the cashier, accounting and finance. In addition to such offices, there will be a board room with lounge area and a President’s function room. The façade and entrance of the University is included in the said project.

Construction of the University four-story library.  This building is already 93.47% completed and it will provide more space and conducive place for students to study, do research and engage in academic investigations and learning through books and internet.

With all these on-going developments in the main campus, the students will now have something to look forward to when they come back to the university for the conduct of the limited face-to-face classes after two years of online modality of learning.





Up close and personal with the man behind the MUCAS Project

He is known for his dehydrator machines. Now, he is into smart hydroponics. Let us get to know the man, the project, and his dedication to science and the community.


“I grew up in the farm and farming is very close to my heart. This is the very reason why I ventured in this kind of project despite the different challenges me and my team encountered along the way.”


PICO: Please tell us more about yourself.

Dr. Renerio S. Mucas: I graduated Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education mayor in Electronics and took up my Master of Industrial Education major in Electronics here in our university. I am a loyalist so to say because my PhD in Educational Management was done here also.

PICO: How did you end up doing developmental research?

Dr. Renerio S. Mucas: It was during our National Budget Circular review that Innovation surfaced as one of my weak points so I challenged myself and focused on research. Also, it was in 2010 when I attended a training in Singapore for 2 months and a half. New technology was introduced and it was basically more on computer controls and my interest in this kind of field grew.

PICO: Many would express that research is a complicated field. What are your thoughts on this?

Dr. Renerio S. Mucas: Research is not that complicated at all. Its only in the mind actually. You will enjoy research because you will learn a lot and it is a continued process. You will discover more and upon discovering more, you will have this driving force to advance your readings and generate more ideas along the way.

PICO: The MUCAS project is quite interesting. What is the inspiration behind this?

Dr. Renerio S. Mucas: Okay, MUCAS or Management of Unified Control and Automated Systems is a one-year project funded by the Department of Science and Technology. My motivation of doing this project is actually to use my knowledge in the control systems in agriculture since I am into electronics. You know, I grew up in the farm and farming is very close to my heart. Nowadays, our farmers are ageing and only a few young people wanted to venture in this kind of hard work. With this MUCAS, I wanted to introduce smart farming to the community. Venturing in high valued crops is another way to improve the way of farming here in the Philippines specifically here in Western Visayas.

PICO: What is the main function of this MUCAS?

 Dr. Renerio S. Mucas: I came up with a system, the IoT wherein the water, temperature and nutrients parameters for hydroponics will be controlled automaticallyso that you can assure of the growth and progress of your plants. Traditionally, farm owners tend to their farms through manual and hard labor especially when it comes to monitoring and securing the water and Ph levels of the plants. With this breakthrough, farm owners can now simply program everything and monitor the progress wherever they are for as long as the application is installed in their mobile devices.

PICO: What are the challenges you encountered along the way?  

 Dr. Renerio S. Mucas: When the unit was already installed in the site, I thought its already good but upon observation and monitoring, the project still needs to be upgraded. Good thing I have my team with me in the persons of Mr. Hilario S. Taberna Jr., Ms. Vanessa Mae D. Supapo who also worked tirelessly to improve and enhance this project.

PICO: Lastly, what is the main ingredient in doing this kind of project and your take away for our young researchers? 

Dr. Renerio S. Mucas: I don’t want the output to be not of a value. I want it to be of use especially in the community. More readings and determination are the key in this kind of work. If possible, I want to perfect my projects but along the way, there’s still a lot of things to be done. Never stop learning and always challenge yourselves to do better.




12 Arki Grads pass ALE

The ISAT U Architecture Department proved its top-level performance as 12 out of 17 first timer takers passed the Architect Licensure Examination (ALE) conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) last January 21-23, 2022. The University posted a passing percentage of 70.59% against the National Passing Percentage of 63.16%.

The new licensed architects are: Arch. Jason C. Abatayo, Arch. Emerald May L. Alanan, Arch. Est A. Alimpuyo, Arch. Geddan S. Garanzo, Arch. Gerrit Evan M. Gumban, Arch. Jun Mark P. Hiponia, Arch. John Dominic A. Lozarito, Arch. Sherry Mae A. Oyales, Arch. Lovelyn C. Punzalan, Arch. Ladylyn D. Quilantang, Arch. Paul Fermin S. Tonducan and Arch. Chris Ann Joy M. Virtus.

“It’s really a relief and that finally we had a good performance in the exam. I believe that more from this batch will pass since most form this group are really good and competitive students. In behalf of Architecture Department, we are proud of them,” said Arch. Regina Falconite, Head, Architecture Department.



– Engr. Adrian L. Pillano

Tabladillo, taking the lead as the new ISATU student regent

The ISAT University Student Republic Federation held an annual election of officers on 11 November 2021, 8:00 AM -5:00 PM at ISAT University Iloilo City campus covered gym.

After all the nomination of candidates to campaign speeches, casting of votes, up to counting, Hon. John Joseph L. Tabladillo surfaced as the new Student Republic Federation President.

“The feeling is surreal! I can still clearly recall when I was much younger that the university’s field used to be my playground. Now, I am already taking a very big responsibility as the newly-elected student regent. I am very honored to be taking part in giving hope and be an inspiration to my fellow students” Tabladillo shared during an interview.

When asked about his advocacy, he emphasized that bridging international engagements for students will be his priority. The gradual “ligtas balik eskwela” is on top of his list of things to do with the help of the key officials of the university. He will also encourage his fellow students to get vaccinated just in time for the university’s plan of having limited face-to-face classes.

“We are very positive that the University key officials will give their support on the idea of adopting a nearby community to be our partner. In our own little ways, we look forward to initiate projects such as tutorials, livelihood programs, giving of seminars and workshop, among others to help the community somehow improve their lives” he added.

NIA Trains Non-Teaching Personnel in Guest Handling

The External Affairs Office through the National and International Affairs (NIA) and the Employees Association – Iloilo City Campus championed the webinar series for the non-teaching personnel of all ISAT U Campuses entitled, “ISAT U kag ang Bugal sang Iloilo: An Initiative to Internationalize Guest Handling”.This was a 4-part webinar held via Zoom on July 14, 21, 28 and August 4, 2021.Dr. Raul F. Muyong, ISAT U President, welcomed the resource speakers during the plenary session on July 14, 2021 which started promptly at 8:00 o’clock in the morning. Mrs.Sofia Celeste E. Sarino — Accredited Tour Guide of the Department of Tourism in Western Visayas, Ms. Angeline E. Basco — Accredited Tour Guide of the Department of Tourism in Western Visayas and CIT NIA Coordinator of ISAT U, and Ms. Mona Luisa C. de Guzman – Accredited Tour Guide of the Department of Tourism in Western Visayas and Director of the Industry Linkages and Development Office of ISAT U were the three esteemed resource speakers of the webinar series.The national and international visitors to ISAT U’s five campuses must be well received and afforded culturally relevant courtesies and considerations since the University values its many partnerships with higher education institutions, industry partners, and other stakeholders within the country and around the world.Creating and sustaining these national and international linkages means involving all employees of the University in trainings that could help improve their guest relations skills.The Guest Handling webinar series aimed to train school personnel to have a common process and language when assisting guests and stakeholders.This allows the University to brand ISAT U’s employees’ interaction of excellent service which adds value to its name.Topics discussed on “Guest Handling Basics; Places and People; Iloilo: The Food Haven of the Philippines” and the virtual tour on the fourth installment of the webinar aimed to increase the non-teaching personnel’s motivation and engagement, improve their knowledge and skills set, and boost their confidence and morale as well.The local and international stakeholders are also beneficiaries of the training.The knowledge and skills learned from the webinar could increase guest satisfaction, improve cultural relations, sustain and further expand partnerships.The webinar also aimed to help increase international recognition, improve the reputation, standing and uniqueness of ISAT U in the international higher education arena which will ultimately make known the “tatak ISAT U” in Southeast Asia and beyond. hrvatskafarmacija24– Jieza J. Napone, LPT

“Smart Multimodal Transportation Mobile Application and Fleet Management System”


Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) received a Trophy and INPUT Certificate as a winner of Excellence Award in the University Group of the APEC Innovation in Public Transportation Competition in Shanghai China. The INPUT Competition is a project approved and supported by the APEC Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI).

The competition was launched in January 15, 2020 and was concluded last July 2021. Members of the team are Dr. Yvette Gonzales (Head, Comp. Dept. / Computing Lab), Dr. Carmelo Ambut (VPRE), Engr. Giovanni Gerard Araque (DIT), Rotherford Marmibe (MIT) and Nico Guarnes (BSCS).

The project was realized due to the rapid urbanization, population density and growth of the Philippines and caused traffic congestion in roads of major cities throughout the country. The project aims to improve the Philippines’ current transportation

dilemma by using transport models that integrate older modes with newer travel transportation methodologies towards sustainable and modernized mass transit systems.

ISAT University through its Research and Services Division (RSD) has produced various externally funded researches that have positively impact industries and communities.

Congratulations team ISATU!

Dr. Muyong Presents ISAT U Internationalization Feats in CHED Virtual Seminar

The Commission on Higher Education Regional Office 6 invited ISAT U to present its internationalization efforts and achievements during the Virtual Webinar on “Fostering ASEAN Relations through Internationalization Initiatives” on August 4, 2021.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong, ISAT U President, presented 14 best practices of the ISAT U External Affairs: (1) External Affairs

policies and guidelines are in place; (2) sustainable and collaborative global relations by proactively formalizing

partnerships through Memorandum of Agreement, Memorandum of Understanding and FOCs; (3) the External Affairs also initiates the faculty, staff and student international mobility making sure that no one is left behind among the stakeholders from all ISAT U campuses in terms

of international growth and development; (4) strategically planned and implemented internationalization activities; (5) providing access to international scholarships and travel grants for faculty, staff and students; (6) the ISAT U administration recognizes opportunities for internationalization which benefit the University’s stakeholders; (7)  active in joining international competitions which empower the faculty, staff and students of ISAT U; (8) collaborative approach to internationalization wherein all ISAT U campuses, all colleges, offices and stakeholders are included in the internationalization agenda; (9) nurturing an international research culture; (10) improved marketing and communications; (11)  equipping the ISAT U website to handle international searches; (12) qualified External Affairs team members who complement each other’s strengths, talents, skills to produce the best output for internationalization activities; (13)  fostering good personal and professional relations with and among the external affairs team members and the rest of the stakeholders of ISAT U.

All these best practices paved the way for ISAT U to be one of the recipients of the 1St Philippine Higher Education Internationalization Award from the Commission on Higher Education and the University of the Philippines Open University on May 19, 2021.

As the University continually moves forward in its proactive approach to internationalization through the External Affairs Office, the ISAT U stakeholders look forward to greater possibilities of meaningful collaborations among global higher education institutions in the foreseeable future through the National and International Affairs Office. The men and women of the ISAT U External Affairs continuously work at creating an impact in Iloilo, in the Philippines and the world at large especially during this time of the pandemic through the internationalization of education to ultimately help produce leaders of the future.


(c) Jieza J. Napone, LPT