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Student-Administration dialogue conducted

A Student-Administration Dialogue sponsored by the Student Republic (SR) was held last Oct. 5 at the Ed Tech Center. 

The dialogue was held in order for students to have a venue to raise and clarify some issues  and concerns from the administration.

The Administrative Council and student leaders coming from the different organizations of the university attended the activity. 

In his welcome remarks, Dr. Raul F. Muyong, University President, encouraged the students to voice out their thoughts and concerns about issues that are of importance to them. He also emphasized that they are not there to defend themselves, but to listen instead with the suggestions that they might give for the improvement of the services the university can offer to them.

“Students are one of the most important stakeholders in this educational institution,” Dr. Muyong stated in his welcome speech. Along with the university president, members of the Administrative Council also answered every sentiment, feedback and question raised by the students.

In answer to the query of the adminstration's plan for the marine engineering students, the administration informed the students that additional simulators will be procured. 

The dialogue also answered questions on the implementation of  K-12.

As inquired by most students, Dr. Muyong made it clear that SUCs are not mandated by law to offer Senior High School (SHS) Program but would support DepEd in its implementation of K-12. The university will partner with DepEd schools that would like to have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with ISAT U.  

Dr. Muyong said that in preparation for the transition to the K to 12  system next year, the university will expand its curricular programs. He also gave his plans for the faculty members without loads during the two-year transition: faculty members without doctorate degrees will be sent for further studies while shop teachers for industry immersion. He would also see to it that General Education (GE) teachers will be able to teach subjects in a specific discipline.The university will coordinate with DepEd for GE teachers to be sent to  partner high schools like Iloilo National High School as a way of supporting them to continue their loads.

 “Tuition fees would not increase because of K-12,” Dr. Muyong  emphasized during the dialogue. He also added that the university will still accept first year students.  By year 2018, however, all those who  failed to enroll in 2016 will have to enter senior high school, which is a major requirement for students to undergo college.

Aside from these issues, there were also discussions about flooding, payment at the cashier's office, defective electric fans and other facilties, attitude problems of some faculty and staff, laboratoryequipment and fees, school uniform, scholarship allowance, ambulant vendors, use of social media by students, etc. These were answered and resolved by the administration.

After bringing out the issues on the departments involved, the forum ended at 11:30 a.m.

3 campus orgs qualify in top 7 Greenwich Aralkada Program


Three campus organizations of Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) qualified in the the top seven (7)  of the Greenwich Aralkada Program.

The selected youth organizations are College of Engineering and Architecture Students Council (CEA-SC), Environmental Club and The Technovator.  The three organizations qualified based on the project concepts presented last October 3 before the Greenwich Aralkada Program panelists.

CEA-SC’s project entitled, “Captivate, Engage, Attract – Spawn Children’s Interest in Science and Math” (CEA-SCISM) aims to provide a learning center for teaching Math and Science using an Outcome Based Education (OBE) system. This modern and innovative approach is expected to create a big impact in encouraging Grade 3 and 6 pupils of Taal Elementary School at Barangay East Timawa, Molo, and Iloilo City in learning Science and Math.











As for the Environmental Club, its “Project Hunol” aims to seek for beneficiaries who need assistance in academic performance. The project has plans on organizing a weekend peer tutoring session that will foster the barkadahan of the youth.

Project Hunol will also develop an interactive workbook that will uplift the functional literacy of the pupils. The school, (Aripdip Elementary School from District of San Rafael) will receive seeds for development and source of nutrition for the students. A multi-purpose room will be constructed in the school to serve as an avenue for the beneficiaries to harness their academic performance and enhance a school-to-community relation.

On the other hand, the Technovator’s project will implement Aralkada Functional Literacy Program among elementary pupils (Grades 4-6) of San Rafael Central School for six months. Different learning activities will be contributed by the staff from their field of specialization to hone students’ academic skills and performance. A livelihood program will be introduced to the pupil’s parent or guardian to meet the necessary needs of the pupils like school supplies and other educational materials.

As preparation for the implementation of the organizations’ projects, the Greenwich Aralkada Program, provided them with commendations and recommendations on the project concepts they presented.  

For making it to the top 7, five representatives from each organization attended the Greenwich Alkarada Youth Camp last October 23-25 at Damires Hills Tierra Verde, Brgy. Damires, Janiuay, Iloilo. The three-day youth camp was for the purpose of helping the groups improve their project ideas further by understanding functional literacy.

The projects will be implemented  in November to March 2016.

Official school calendar released


The official calendar for Academic Year (AY)  2015-2016 of the university is now out. Approved by the university president on September 14, 2015, the calendar will keep the university officials, faculty, non-teaching personnel and students, properly informed and updated on national and local holidays, activites and the latest major events on campus.  

Below is a list of events and schedules for this year's school activities.

Academic Year 2015-2016

June  2015  
1 Pre-opening Conference and General Faculty Meeting
4-5 Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) Seminar-Workshop
5 Administrative Council Meeting
12 Independence Day (Regular Holiday)
15 First Day of Classes
19 Orientation Program to New Students (CAS, COE, CIT, CEA)
Second Quarter RSD Meeting
22 Kick-off Program-College of Education Diamond Jubilee Celebration
25-26 Seminar-Workshop on Patent Drafting
26 Faculty Association General Assembly Meeting
July 2015  
9-10 RSD: In-house Review
11 Orientation Program for Graduate School Students
18 COE Diamond Jubilee Fun Run
20-24 AJA Registrars’ Re-certification Audit
24 Simultaneous Clean up Drive – Student Republic (SR)
25-26 Panay-wide Caravan
27-28 Orientation of New Faculty Members (Part-time/Permanent
31 Mass Oath taking-Federated Student Republic
August 2015  
7 Professional Lecture-c/o COE
17-20 Mid-term Examination
19-20 First Grading Examination-Laboratory High School
21 Ninoy Aquino Day (Special Non-working Holiday)
28 Deadline of Submission  of Annual Procurement Plan (APP)
31 National Heroes Day (Regular Holiday)
  Opening Program-110th Foundation Week Celebration
  Launching of University Status
September 2015  
3 World Teachers Day
5-9 Submission of Agency Procurement Compliance & Performance Indicators (APCPI)
6 Students-Administration Dialogue
13-16 Final Examination
19-Nov. 6 Semestral Break
21-23 Strategic Planning Workshop
26-30 Enrolment Period for Second Semester
28-30 Second Grading Examination (Laboratory School)
November 2015  
2 Pre-opening Conference
4-6 PASUC VI Regional Cultural Competition
9 First Day of Classes
9-13 Accreditation Survey Visit
11-14 Pahampang 2015
18-20 College of Industrial Technology (CIT) Week Celebration
25 Faculty and Employees Association (FEA) Forum on Benefits  and
Welfare and other related Concerns
27 Last Day of Submission of Application for Graduation
(Undergraduate Program)
  Men’s Day Celebration  c/o GAD
  SR Symposium on Public Safety
30 Bonifacio Day (Regular Holiday)
December 2015  
4 RSD & ESD Fourth Quarter Meeting 
14-18 PASUC VI Regional SCUAA 2015
15 Students’ Christmas Party
16 FEA General Assembly & Annual Christmas Party
18 Graciano Lopez Jaena Day (Local Holiday)
15-Jan. 3, 2016  
January 2016  
4 Classes Resume
23 Computer Science Day 2016- College of Arts and Sciences
27-29 Third Grading Examination (Laboratory High School)
30 Last Day of Final Oral Defense (Graduate School)
February 2016  
2-5 Midterm Examination
10 Academic Council Meeting (Tentative)
11 Evelio Javier Day (Local Holiday)
12 Students-Administration Dialogue
19 Last Day of Submission of Bound thesis/Dissertation (Graduate School)
  Student Republic (SR)  Elections
March 2016  
1-30 Women’s Month Celebration –c/o GAD
9-11 Final Examination-Graduating Students
15-17 Final Examination-Non-Graduating Students
18 Liberation of Panay  (Local Holiday)
24 Maundy Thursday
25 Good Friday
28 Commencement Exercises – Barotac Nuevo Campus
29 Commencement Exercises – Miagao Campus
30 Commencement Exercises – Dumangas Campus
31 Commencement Exercises – Leon Campus
  University Recognition Program
April 2016  
4 Baccalaureate Mass (A.M.) – La Paz Campus
  Commencement Exercises (P.M.)- La Paz Campus
5 Evening Vocational Course Commencement Exercises
6 BS Marine Engineering Launching Ceremony
11-13 Fourth Grading Examination (Laboratory School)
Summer 2016  
April 6-8, 2016 Enrolment for Summer Classes
April 9, 2016 Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular Holiday)
April 11, 2016 First Day of Classes
April 29, 2016 Midterm Examination
May 1, 2016 Labor Day ( Regular Holiday)
May 20, 2016 Final Examination


16 pass board exam for electrical engineers


A total of 16 graduates of ISAT U passed the  Registered Electrical Engineer (REE)  Licensure Examination given last September 2015. With the 16 new passers, ISAT U posted a passing percentage of 84.21% against the national passing rate of 67.23%. The following are the new registered electrical engineers of ISAT U:

Engr. Alfredo D. Abatayo
Engr. Mark Kevin B. Andres
Engr. Robespierre E. Boko, Jr.
Engr. Maico D. Bustamante
Engr. Denmark C. Cagape
Engr. Julie A. Detaro Jr.
Engr. Carls Enisor L. Gamarcha
Engr. Karl Jan C. Habaradas
Engr. Kher P. Ibañes
Engr. Herson A. Jomen
Engr. Steve V. Lapso
Engr. Mandy Ysmael T. Sobrepeña
Engr. Vincent Danyl C. Tagaduar
Engr. Antonie M. Umahag
Engr. Marriel Mae D. Amarte
Engr. Rynie C. Ginbaliga


Univ holds tribute to teachers, employees


As a way  of honoring teachers and employees who continue to inspire students with their knowledge, skills and commitment, ISAT U marked World Teacher’s Day last Oct. 5 with a Tribute to Teachers and Employees at the ISAT U Covered Gym.

With the theme “Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies,” the celebration opened with a thanksgiving mass in honor of the teachers and employees.  

This was followed by the program proper  which started with a welcome address from Ms. Losette A. Dela, President of the Student Republic.

Speaking on behalf of the Student Republic, Ms. Dela expressed her never-ending gratitude to the teachers and employees who became sources of wisdom and knowledge with the years spent in the institution.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong also paid tribute to the teachers by giving an inspiring message. 

“Teachers are tasked to shape humanity,” Dr. Muyong said in one of his statements. The university president enumerated the contributions of a teacher to society.

“A man is formed and honed by his teacher. The best gift to be given among teachers is for them to be good and to attend their classes all the time.” He also challenged the teachers to provide quality education to  ISAT U students.

The event also showcased a solidarity dance performed by SR officers and  presentation of students from the different colleges as tribute to the teachers and employees.

In honor of their years of service to the university,  the institution awarded them with plaques of appreciation and recognition .The awardees included the following:


10 YEARS    
ALCUDIA, Jennifer E. Administrative Asst. II 10-05-05
BALDEVARONA, Gilmore L. Assistant Professor I 12-16-05
CRUZATA, Carmen L. Associate Professor V 07-14-05
FORMAREJO, Tadema B. Assistant Professor II 01-19-05
GALLO, Virzen F. Security Guard III 12-16-05
GAYAPA, Nelson T. Associate Professor I 10-24-05
JUANEZA, John Eric Professor IV 11-22-05
LORIO, Rosana A. Assistant Professor III 06-08-05
MIRASOL, Al Joevid B. Assistant Professor IV 10-24-05
SIRA, Karlo S. Associate Professor I 12-05-05
TORRERES, Renato T. Associate Professor II 12-05-05
15 YEARS    
DOGENO, Ma. Josette P. Associate Professor II 06-14-00
GASATAYA,  Mergie C. Board Secretary V 07-18-00
ECHAVERIA, Ma. Asusina Asuncion E. Professor VI 11-22-00
20 YEARS    
BARREDO, Cherry Pink D. Associate Professor III 01-16-95
CASTAŃEDA, Juvel A. Associate Professor V 06-06-95
DAITAO, Sammy A. Associate Professor V 06-13-95
AMBUT, Carmelo V. Professor VI 07-03-95
JIMENEZ, Maria Arlyn B.  Associate Professor I 08-28-95
VALENCIANA, Dominico Sergie O. Associate Professor V 11-02-95
25 YEARS    
SEDONIO, Edna M. Dentist II 01-15-90
SOBREPEŃA, Angelo C. Associate Professor IV 07-09-90
PALABRICA, Alma C. Professor V 09-17-90
SUBOSA, Madeline U. Associate Professor V 11-26-90
30 YEARS    
BRILLANES, Samie M. Associate Professor V 01-07-85
TIDULA, Angelico T. Administrative Aide VI
(Utility Foreman)
35 YEARS    
BELMES, Novelita J. Associate Professor V 06-09-80
GELORYAO, Dionisto B. Associate Professor V 07-01-80
SANCHEZ, Manuel Jr. A. Professor VI 07-01-80
TEODORO L. MELLIZA, JR. Administrative Aide III June 16, 2015
28 yrs & 5 mos
NEPTALE E. DUMADA-UG Associate Professor V June 20, 2015
28 yrs & 11 mos
NIDA T. GOMEZ College Librarian III July 1, 2015
18 yrs & 6 mos
GLORIA A. RESANO Associate Professor V September 26, 2015
30 yrs & 10 mos


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