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College Participates in CSC Training Needs Survey

                Western Visayas College of Science and Technology participated in a survey on Training Needs conducted by the Civil Service Commission. This is in line with the Commission’s  dream of becoming Asia’s Leading Center for Excellence for Strategic Human Resource and Organization Development  by 2030.

The Civil Service Commission thru its Regional Office 6, is conducting a survey in State Universities and Colleges while in other parts of the country, the chosen respondents are from the Local Government Units and others are from public organizations.

WVCST being a state college was chosen to be a respondent wherein the, administrators, directors, deans, department heads and Human Resource Management Practitioners or what they call the “critical group” became the respondents for this survey. Some of the questions asked in the study were the trainings that the respondents have already attended and the trainings needed to be conducted which are believed to be essential for the development of the college.

After the consolidation of the answers, the Commission will study and design the programs and trainings which will help the group achieve the developmental goals they aim in giving excellent and effective service for the clientele.

The participants were from the Main Campus as well as from the Satellite Campuses of WVCST. Mrs. Nelfa  J. Ampatuan of the CSC conducted the survey.

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CHED Visits WVCST for Evaluation

                A team of auditors from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) came to WVCST to conduct an evaluation in compliance with R.A. 10595 or is more popularly known as the Conversion of WVCST into a University.

                The team headed by Dr. Catherine Q. Castañeda, Regional Director, CHED NCR  and OIC of the OPS, stayed in Iloilo for the two day evaluation not only of the Main Campus, but of the four other Satellite Campuses as well.

                The evaluation was composed of the review of the self evaluation reports, perusal of evidences and other supporting documents and interview with key informants. In addition, they also conducted an ocular evaluation of the school facilities including that of the Library.

                In her speech, Dr. Catherine Castañeda said that the Commission on Higher Education is tasked to upgrade the standard of education in the colleges and universities to prepare for the first high school graduates of the K to 12 program.

                “Quality assurance and typology are the key words now in higher education. We are moving away from what we were before which is not having enough number of years in basic education. Therefore, we are updating the whole education system of the country, from basic education to higher education. We also need to level the playing field which means whatever standards we have imposed on the private sector of our institutions in the country will now be applied also to the state colleges and universities as well as to local colleges.”

                In leveling the playing field the CHED needs to see everything that needs to be looked into in terms of quality assurance. Unfortunately, Dr. Castañeda said that roughly  12% of the colleges and universities go through accreditation which means majority of the schools are not accredited yet. Because of this the Commission assigned different groups to work on the accreditation and the technical panel is working hard to improve the curriculum. A typology program is also to be followed. The panel should classify institutions of higher learning into universities, professional schools or colleges wherein universities of research types or teaching should have 40-50% teachers with PhD’s.

                WVCST is the first institution to be evaluated by the CHED Committee in compliance with the Republic Act 10595- converting the college into a university. The Committee is responsible for the evaluation of the whole school by checking its developmental goals, the level that it has attained and would be helping the institution identify itself whether it should become a university, should remain a college or would become a university after a certain time.

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WVCST Ranks #8 in LET

            Western Visayas College of Science and Technology ranks #8 in the Top 10 Performing Schools nationwide in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (BEED) released on November 23, 2013.

                With a percentile rate of 82.31%, 107 out of 130 examinees successfully passed in the September 2013 Teachers’ Board exam, giving the WVCST a high ranking based on the National Passing Percentage which is 31.22% for BEED and 39. 75% for BSED.

                The WVCST LET Review Center, headed by its Director, Dr. John Eric V. Juaneza, is also proud that the WVCST Review Center was able to produce a 10th placer for this year’s LET. Gerald B. Batarlan of NIPSC-Estancia triumphantly passed with a percentile rate of 88.20%.

Other top 10 performing schools in the Province of Iloilo are West Visayas State University with a total of 199 passers out of 210 examinees and Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College with 51 examinees and 44 passers.





Total No. of Examinee

Total No. Passed

Percentage Passed





100.00 %





95.95 %





94.76 %





93.16 %





91.34 %





86.27 %





84.91 %





82.31 %











80.72 %



HR Conducts Workshop for WVCST Security Guards

The Western Visayas College of Science and Technology Human Resource Department conducted a Computer Literacy and Report Writing for its Security Guards from the Main Campus as well as from the Satellite Campuses.

                This training-workshop aimed to broaden the ideas and skills of the Security Guards on the use of the different computer software and to upgrade their skills in writing reports which is essential in the role they play in the safety and protection of the WVCST community as well as to their personal life. It is also the objective of the training to hone their capabilities and skills as individuals.

                There were a total of thirty (30) participants, 11 coming from the Main Campus and 3 from every Satellite Campus namely SIPC (Miag-ao), LNCA ( Leon), DJSMMNC ( Barotac) and PDMC  (Dumangas).

                The Lecturers for this said training are from the College of Arts and Sciences with Ms. Christine Jamela S.Valsado who discussed the Basic Computer Literacy and helped them with their hands on training, while Ms. Yvonne E. Pampag did the Lecture and Workshop on Report Writing.

                Mr. Bonie S. Arenal, Administrative Officer V, spearheaded the workshop which started at 7:30am and finished at 5:00 in the afternoon.

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WVCST Holds ISO Simulation Training

                To be able to comply with the International Organization for Standardization, Western Visayas College of Science and Technology conducted a training on ISO Simulation headed by Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, VP for Research Development and Extension Services, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr., VP for Academic Affairs, and Director Richard C. de Leon, Director, Research Services Division.

                The different groups involved in the training were the Deans’ Offices, Supply, Registrar and HRMO.

                Dr. Ambut, who was the main facilitator discussed Audit Simulation-Actual Internal Audit Activities and the Post Audit wherein the auditees had to report. It was then followed by the discussion of the Non- Conformance, Immediate Action, Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action which were then presented by each group. Dir. Richard de Leon later discussed the Abstraction checking whether they were doing the right thing. After reading the samples, there was a group presentation of Audit results, followed by critiquing.

                The Training ended with the awarding of certificates to the participants.

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WVCST Delivers Relief Goods to Yolanda Victims

                Western Visayas College of Science and Technology together with its major sponsor – the Jollibee Group of Companies, delivered relief goods to people in areas affected by typhoon Yolanda, yesterday, November 19, 2013.

                The group headed by Engr. Cora C. Corbal, Director, Extension Services , delivered a total of 519 relief packs to Lemery and some Island Baranggays in Concepcion, mostly partners of WVCST in its Busog Lusog Talino Feeding Program. Meanwhile another truck of relief goods set off  to Brgy. Aglanot and Dacuton, Dumarao, Capiz.

In Concepcion, they delivered relief goods in 9 island Baranggays namely Punting, Maliog-liog, Dungon, Talutuan, Malangaban, Crisanto, Aglobong, Nipa and Macalbang.

Each pack of goods contains 4 kilos of rice, 3 cans sardines, 3 packs of noodles, 2 cups of salt and assorted used clothing which were received and facilitated by the faculty in the elementary school of each baranggay. However, in Dumarao, they were able to distribute the relief goods with the help of the baranggay captains.

Engr. Corbal conveyed her thanks the donors of the first batch of relief goods mainly to the Jollibee Group of Companies who donated 35 sacks of rice, the PTA who donated Php10,000.00 in cash, the WVCST Community, the major and minor organizations who donated 8 sacks of rice, boxes of sardines and noodles as well as used clothing and items for personal hygiene.

She also confirmed that after this first distribution of goods, there will be another batch to be distributed probably by next week.  “We continue to appeal to everybody  to give their donations so that we can send them to other victims to help them in this difficult time.”

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College Prexy Celebrates 56th Birthday

 WVCST  President, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. humbly celebrated his 56th birthday with the College key officials, faculty and staff as well as some retirees on November 18, 2013.

                The celebration was held in the newly launched HRT Business Center Function Room where the president was also entertained by talents from the different colleges. Likewise, well-wishers from the Satellite Campuses came to convey their messages.

                VP for Admin and Finance, Dr. Nehema K. Misola denoted that Dr. Sorolla has been working so hard for the College so he deserves the best by working hand in hand with him in achieving the goals of the school especially in becoming a university. “He shouldn’t be rowing all alone… we have to help him out. He has all these perseverance and love for all of us. We also thank him for being there for us all these years so we must also stand by him.”

In his speech the President expressed his gratitude for all the blessings he has been receiving all through the years including the celebrations prepared by the College for him. “I am really thankful for all the support that you’ve been extending. I know that together, we can achieve our goal and we can make ISAT-U grow. “  However, the President did not deny about his submission of application to the Presidency of WVSU. H e said, ”Although I submitted an application, it doesn’t mean that I will leave you. My heart is always with WVCST.” But if ever he gets accepted, the president said he will still be with WVCST. The College President ended his speech, by thanking everyone for the good relationship all through these years and wished that the bonding will never end.

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WVCST Launches New Library Building and HRT Business Center

Western Visayas College of Science and Technology had its two new buildings blessed and launched on November 18, 2013.

The construction of the College Library –Phase 3 which is a three storey building was started in March of 2013 and was completed in June. The ground floor serves as the Instructional Media Center as well as the Cyber Library and the second floor is for the Graduate School and General Reference while the third floor is for the Filipiniana and Rizaliana.

Rev. Fr. Renato Cuadras, Lapaz Parish Priest officiated the blessing of the building and was also assisted by Prof.  Sotero E. Fajarito, Assistant Dean, COE. This event likewise was attended by the College key officials.

The College Library-Phase 3 will be opened to the students next week.

After the blessing of the College Library, the group then proceeded to the HRT Business Center  which was also blessed by Rev. Fr. Renato Cuadras.

The HRT Business Center is a mini hotel which also serves as a place of training for the HRM students. Its construction was started in March and was completed on August 12, 2013.It is a three-storey building, the ground floor has a mini restaurant, lobby, a bar and a kitchen. The rooms are found on the second floor while a large function room is on the third floor.

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WVCST Offers EVC with Improved Training Skills

Western Visayas College of Science and Technology – Department of Industrial Technology, reopens the Evening Vocational Course (EVC) with improved skills training or what is called Version 2013 which started in June of this year.

The Evening Course has been offered long before but because the College wanted to address the volume of students that come they created this competency based courses that should be completed within 240 hours in one semester. In addition, a short term course on entrepreneurial skills or what is known as ETC is also offered which only runs for 80 hours and the schedule of classes can be arranged with their instructors. This program usually caters professionals, working students and the under privileged who cannot take a four year HRT Course. Moreover, at the end of the course, the student can also take the TESDA Assessment Examination Test if he desires.

The courses offered in the EVC in the first semester has a follow up course in the second semester. If a student completes the one year course, automatically he becomes a candidate for graduation. On the other hand, if a student doesn’t want to continue or didn’t finish the one year course, he is still entitled to get a certificate but won’t be allowed to graduate. Students accepted in the Evening Vocational Course should be at least high school graduates. A police clearance must also be secured.

The following are the courses offered in the Evening Vocational Course.

Scheme of Implementation
To efficiently and effectively implement the program, one-year courses will be offered:
 1. Architectural Drafting
    First Semester
               a. Fundamentals of Drawing – 80 hrs
               b. Manual House Planning – 160 hrs.
    Second Semester
               a. Presentation Drawings -80 hrs
               b. Computer Aided House Planning — 160 hrs.
2. Automotive Mechanics
    First Semester
               a. Engine Tune-up Maintenance and Troubleshooting — 120 hrs.
               b. Automotive Power Train and Under Chassis with Basic Welding — 120 hrs. Second Semester
    Second Semester                                                                                                                                                                                            a. Automotive Electrical System – 120 hrs
               b. Engine Repair and Overhauling — 120 hrs.
3. Machine Shop Technology
    First Semester
               a. Lathe Machine Operation – 240 hrs.
    Second Semester
               a. Milling Machine Operation – 240 hrs.
4. Welding and Fabrication
    First Semester
               a. Plate Welding and Fabrication – 240 hrs
    Second Semester
               a. Pipe Welding and Fabrication – 240 hrs.
5. Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
    First Semester
               a. Domestic Refrigeration – 120 hrs.
               b. Domestic Air-Conditioning – 120 hrs.
    Second Semester
               a. Commercial Refrigeration – 120 hrs.
               b. Commercial Air-Conditioning — 120 hrs.
6. Apparel Technology
    First Semester
               a. Fundamentals of Apparel Construction — 240 hrs
    Second Semester
               a. Designing and Construction of Defined Apparel — 240 hrs
7. Culinary Arts
    First Semester
               a. Preparation and Production of Hot or Cooked Foods — 240 hrs. Second Semester
     Second Semester                                                                                                                                                                           a. Preparation and Production of Cold Foods — 120 hrs.
               b. Bakeshop or Pastry Production — 120 hrs.
8. Plumbing
    First Semester
               a. Residential Plumbing Installation -240 hrs
    Second Semester
               a. Commercial Plumbing lnstallation-240 hrs
9. Furniture and Cabinet Making
    First Semester
               a. Joinery and Finishing -240 hrs
    Second Semester
               a. Upholstery -120 hrs
               b. Wood Carving -120 hrs

10. Appliance Servicing
       First Semester
               a. Basic Electronics – 90 hrs
               b. Fundamentals of Electronics
                Troubleshooting – 60 hrs
               c. Audio Fundamentals – 90 hrs
       Second Semester
               a. Television and Monitor -240 hrs
11. PC Hardware Servicing
      First Semester
              a. Basic Electronics – 90 hrs
              b. PC Troubleshooting –l50 hrs
       Second Semester
              a. Advance Microcomputer -240 hrs
                Hardware Troubleshooting
12. Industrial Electricity
      First Semester
              a. Residential Building Wiring- 120 hours
              b. Commercial and Industrial Wiring-120-hours Second Semester
      Second Semester                                                                                                                                                                                                       a. Electric Motor Rewinding120 hours
              b. Industrial Motor Controls with Basic PLC-120 hours
13. Cosmetology
      First Semester
              a. Hair Care — 240 hrs.
       Second Semester
              a. Beauty Care/Body Care -240 hrs.

The College designed the EVC as a response to the program of President Aquino on poverty alleviation.

Classes for the Evening Vocational Course will start today, November 18, 2013 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.



WVCST Students Win Provincial Level Statistics Quiz

                WVCST Student Shyra Clarence Dote of BSEE 1-A was declared  Champion in the recently concluded 22nd Philippine Statistics Quiz, Provincial Level, Category A, Iloilo Provincial Elimination held at Iloilo City Hall. Dote, being the Champion will have the chance to represent WVCST and the Province of Iloilo in the Regional Elimination which will be held in December. Meanwhile, Ace Jerryl Gonzales of BSECE 1-B was 3rd runner-up in that same category. Both students were winners in the School Level Competition (Category A) 1st and 2nd place consecutively,which was held last September.

                On the other hand, students Myla Bertez, Ma. Catherine Cañoso and Jemelyn Hope Plagata, all of BSED 4-B won 2nd runner-up in the 10th Provincial Statistical Analysis Contest for College Students, Category B which was held at NEDA. These students were the official representatives of WVCST after winning 1st place in the School Level Competition Category B last September.

                Ms. Lavinia B. Dulla and Engr. Rubim J. Ybarzabal are their coaches.

                The Philippine Statistics Quiz is held annually by the National Statistics Office to assess the competency, skills and instill awareness  and appreciation of the importance  and value of statistics among the students.


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