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WVCST-MPC Holds Ownership Meeting

            The Western Visayas College of Science and Technology Multi-Purpose Cooperative  held its ownership meeting on October 25 at the Covered Gym. This meeting was held to discuss concerns  in the cooperative, solicit ideas and feedbacks . Also the Chairman of the board of Directors , Dir. Samie M. Billanes gave his report on the financial condition of the cooperative as well as its current and projected investments, infrastructure development, welfare program and other plans for the benefit of the cooperative and most of all its members.

                It was learned from the manager, Mr. Joseph Ian Chavez, that the Current Assets of the WVCST-MPC is Php87,215,360, Fixed Assets of Php7,552,830 making a Total Assets of Php94,768,190. However, it was mentioned that they have a shortage of Php2.9M on loans because of delinquent payers. Because of this, the board will be sending a notice to each member who were not responsible enough to their payment obligations.

                Current investments of the MPC includes Coop Life Insurance  and Mutual Benefit Services now amounting to Php176,000, Jetti Gas Station thru Western Visayas Alliance of Coperative – Php1M, Western Visayas Alliance of Cooperative Time Deposit Php2,440,106.24 and Land Bank of the Philippines Php1,533,140.35.

                The coop has also acquired a 252 sq. m. house and lot property amounting to Php5M, a construction of a two-storey cooperative building amounting to Php5.2M Aand oprationalization of the Cooperative Boarding House, which has a development cost of Php500,000.

                As of September 2013, the assets of the coop reached Php105,000,000. (Large coop category) Its net surplus is Php4,050,000 (72%o of the target net surplus for the year 2014). It has a Capital Build Up of Php28,000,000 vs Php24,000,000 end of 2012, Reserved Fund as of September 2013 is Php4,705,000 and Term Deposit of Members is Php22,953,354.84.

                Come February 2014, the WVCST Multi-Purpose Cooperative will celebrate its 50th Anniversary and there are already planned activities that will be discussed more on the General Assembly.

                After all the Financial Condition and Operation of the cooperative were discussed, a Member’s Hour started wherein questions, suggestions and complaints were entertained and the Board of Directors promised to look into these things.

                On the lighter side, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr., the College President, is happy about the status of the cooperative in which he has been a member since 1980. He said that the MPC is growing, therefore there is no other way but for it to continue to go up and it lies not only to the board of Directors but also to its members.

                As of September 2013, there are 584 existing regular members, 32 existing associate members,9 new regular members, 33 new associate members, 6 members has withdrawn their membership and 3 members who already passed away.


Second Semester Enrollment Starts Tomorrow

The enrollment for the 2nd semester for the school year 2013- 2014 starts tomorrow, October 25, 2013. This schedule was revised due to the Barangay Election set on Monday, October 28, 2013.

In an interview with Dr. Leah Montinola, WVCST College Registrar, she emphasized that they want to make sure that the schedule is really followed because it might also affect the school calendar designed by the CHED (Commission on Higher Education). Since October 28 is a Regular Holiday, they considered moving the first day of enrollment to October 25. As scheduled, students from the 4th and the 5th years will be accommodated on this day. Enrollment resumes on October 29 which is for the 3rd year students, October 30 is for the 2nd year students and the 1st year students are scheduled on October 31.

Dr. Montinola also announced that November 4, 2013 is an extension for the late enrollees. However, a monetary penalty will be charged. “We also want to give considerations but at the same time we want to discipline the students. Classes start November 4 and we do not want to mess up with the schedule dictated by CHED.”

November 6 – 8, 2013 is the scheduled date for Adding, Changing and Dropping of Subjects.

Cross enrollees are also accepted for the second semester as long as the College offers the subject needed by the student.

For the Evening Vocational Courses, enrollment is scheduled on November 4–8, 2013 and classes start November 11.

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WVCST Signs MOA on Scholarship Grant

            Western Visayas College of Science and Technology represented by College President, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. signed a Memorandum of Agreement on a Scholarship Grant presented by Jose Jon Tiamsuy Foundation through Mr. Antonio S. Jon.

Jose Jon Tiamsuy Foundation created this Scholarship Program in order to support well deserving students of WVCST.  According to Mr. Antonio S. Jon, they have chosen the College as their recipient because it is into Science and Technology and they believe that these two are crucial in the development of our country. Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. on his part was also elated that there are people who have the commitment to serve and help their community especially those who support the College.

Witnesses to the signing of the MOA were Dr. Nehema K. Misola, VP for Admin and Finance, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr, OIC, VP for Academic Affairs and Main Campus Administrator and Dr. Susan Marie R. de la Cruz, Director, Office of the Student Affairs Office.

                The Scholarship Grant is open to all B.S. Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering students. The Foundation will be sponsoring 4 students and shall cover three thousand pesos (Php 3,000) allowance per month per scholar starting Second Semester for the Academic Year 2013-2014.

There will be a screening of grantees which will be conducted by the Scholarship Coordinator  through its scholarship office with the help of the Office of the Student Affairs led by Dr. Susan Marie R. de la Cruz, and CEA Dean, Dr. Allen Russ Napud. The screening of the applicants will be based on academic performance, leadership ability, awards received, community involvement, recommendations and personal essay on why he/she deserves the scholarship grant. The Screening Committee will determine the Top 20 applicants who will proceed to the next round of screening which is the final interview of the Foundation Management. Applicants who made it to the top 20 will be notified thru a phone call.

                Application forms are now available at the Office of the Student Affairs and applicants should adhere to the following requirements:

  1. The applicant must be a regular 1st year College student
  2. Certified True Photocopy of First Semester Report Card
  3. Have a general weighted average of 2.0 in the first semester, AY 2013-2014 with no grade lower  than2.5 in any subjects
  4. No failing grades, dropped and incomplete
  5. Certificate of Good Moral Character

               For a scholar to continue his/her scholarship grant , the scholar must carry a full semester load as required in the curriculum and finish the same  within the normal duration of the program.  The scholar must have a general weighted average grade of 2.0, no incomplete, dropped and failing grades, with no grades lower than 2.5 in any subjects. If a student has one failing grade, he /she will automatically be dropped from the scholarship program and will be replaced.

WVCST Joins Product Training

WVCST-ITSO personnel attended a product training on the use of LexisNexis, Total Patent. The one-day “User Training for the Total Patent Solution” was held in WVCST with speakers Ms. Kiyomi Mori, Total Patent Expert from LexisNexis, Tokyo and Mr. Nicholas Khoo, Associate Director, LexisNexis Southeast Asia.

This training is in connection with the subscription to the online research solution of LexisNexis, Total Patent. Also, this is a part of the continuing efforts of the Intellectual Property office of the Philippines to provide total solutions for research needs.

Topics discussed during the training were information categories and features of Total Patents solution including the patent analytics and visualization. Update to LexisNexis Total Patent was also introduced. The participants were also given the chance to do the hands on training on the said product.

The participants in the said training were ITSO Personnel from State Universities in Visayas like Bohol Island State University, Carlos Hilado State College, Aklan State University, Technological University of the Philippines Visayas, Negros Oriental State University, Capiz State University, Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College, UP Cebu, UPV, SEAFDEC and WVCST Satellite Campuses. Also present in the said training were ITSO personnel from WVCST Main Campus like Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, ITSO Manager; Dr. Richard C. de Leon, ITSO Technical Staff; Ms. Lavinia B. Dulla, ITSO Technical Staff; Engr. Naci John C. Trance, ITSO Technical Staff and Ms. Andrea P. Pama, ITSO Technical Staff.


WVCST Student Wins Grand Prize Vision Petron

                WVCST student, Noel Elicana of B. S. Architecture 4A won the Grand Prize in the recently concluded Vision Petron National Student Art Competition 2013, Painting Category. Along with Elicana are 2 other WVCST Architecture students namely Michael Pamonag of B.S. Architecture 5A and Roland Liarena of B. S. Architecture 4A who were semifinalists in the said competition.

                With this year’s theme, Lakbay Tagumpay, Vision Petron came up with 4 categories such as painting, photography, printmaking and video-making which is a new category for this year. Winning art works and photographs will be featured in the various collaterals of Petron like wall and desk calendars, all-occasion and Christmas cards, planners and t-shirts. Winning videos are to be shown during Petron functions and in social media as an official Petron video.

                Vision Petron is a nation-wide values-oriented  student art competition  of Petron Corporation which is open to all Filipino college students between 16-28 years old and to those students  enrolled in a museum based  or private tutorial art course. Entries in this art competition came from 16 regions.

                The students together with their parent or guardian and a representative from WVCST will be going to Manila for the awarding ceremony. As part of their win, they were given a free trip to Manila as well as free hotel accommodations. Western Visayas College of Science and Technology will also be receiving a prize.



WVCST Admin and SR Hold Consultative Assembly

WVCST Key officials, deans, head departments, administrative officers and some members of the faculty together with the Student Republic conducted a Consultative Assembly to maintain good relationship and to address the needs and problems of the students.

The College administration happily announced that students need not queue for a long time at the cashier to pay for their school fee balances. Instead they can already use the POS (Point of Sales) machine which can be found at the CEA and CIT offices. Students with bank accounts and credit cards can pay using this machine without any charges.


VP for Admin and Finance, Dr. Nehema K. Misola conveyed that as soon as the ICT Center is done, all the laboratory classes on IT will be transferred in that building to improve the internet connection. They also promised that the College will try its best to provide wifi connection for the students provided it won’t be used for watching pornographic videos nor use it during class hours. She also reminded the students to analyze real issues and must ponder on what the College can offer them especially on the quality of education they get and how to use this when they leave WVCST to get a job.

Delicate issues and matters regarding problems with some faculty members, school policy and facilities were properly discussed and addressed by the concerned teachers as well as by the College Officials. However, students were also encouraged by Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, VP for Research and Extension, to come up with proposals on research about science and technology to enrich their skills, at the same time uplift and live up to the name of the school being a forefront in science and technology. Dr. Misola agreed on this but also suggested on having remedial classes on language and mathematics.

The College President, Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr. challenged the students to be vigilant in exposing issues that the management needs to reckon with properly. They were urged to put things in writing and they must be able to support these complaints. Nevertheless, the President was happy that the students were able to present these things for the administration to be cognizant of the issues especially those that transpire inside the classroom. He promised to look into these problems and will be sitting with deans and department heads for solutions.

On his part, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr. was elated that the Consultative Meeting turned out successfully and hoping that this tradition continues and will bring positive end both for the students and the College.



Twenty Six Students Qualify Toyota Motor Phils Corp OJT

Twenty Six students of WVCST qualified for On the Job Training (OJT) in Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

These 4th year students who majored in Mechanical Engineering and Automotive qualified after an examination and interview was conducted on October 3, 2013 by Mr. Abraham Punzalan, Ms. Samantha Cathlyn Isleta and Ms. L . Manaois, all from Toyota Motors Corp. The company will notify them of the requirements needed and other information for the OJT thru the Office of the Student Affairs.

The following are the qualifiers for the said OJT.


WVCST College Registration for SY 2014-2015 Starts

Western Visayas College of Science and Technology wishes to announce that it is now accepting applicants for registration for the School Year 2014 – 2015. The Registration starts this month of October and will continue until January of 2014.

Meanwhile, the date of examination is scheduled on December 7 &14, 2013 and on January 4, 11, 18, & 25, 2014.

For more details and other information, please check our DOWNLOADABLES

HRT Sophomores Win RosaZumbaDanza 2013

HRT Sophomores won this year’s RosaZumbaDanza Culminating Activity which was organized by Professor Rose Mosquera of the P.E. Department for students who are taking P.E. 3- Rhythmic Activities.

This activity intended to see what the students learned from class thru performing the rhythmic activities. At the same time, it is for the promotion of Zumba and Dancing as a way of keeping wellness and physical fitness.

Eleven participating sections composed of second year students from different colleges set the dancefloor on fire as they danced to the beat of the live band Ritmo Tambores & RCP Band. The performers were judged based on their performance, choreography, costume and discipline. Likewise, the judges who came from the faculty and staff of the College had their share in showing off their dancing prowess before the contest began.

In the end, only 4 great performers emerged from the group.

Champion HRT 2A
1st Runner up HRT 2C
2nd Runner up HRT 2B
3rd Runner up HRT 2E

The other competing groups are from BSED, BS Computer Science, BS Architecture, BS Info Tech 2A and 2B, and HRT 2F and 2G.

The winners received a trophy.

WVCST-71.43% in M. E. Licensure Exam

            WVCST posted a 71.43% passing score from the National Passing Rate of 68.87% in the recent Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam given this September 2013. Ten out of 14 WVCST students who are all first timers and came from the BSME Class of 2013 successfully passed the exam.

                Compared to other performing schools in Western Visayas, WVCST got the highest rank .


                Here’s the list of the 10 WVCST students who passed the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam.

  1. Cerono, Chona D.
  2. Molato, Jonald B.
  3. Pilla , Jay Pee G.
  4. Ledesma, Shanel A.
  5. Infante, Rene Matt Philip A.
  6. Ealdama, Edmon A.
  7. Jaleco, Jerick J.
  8. Onatis,Mark O.
  9. Publico, Jade M.
  10. Estrella, Karl Domenic B.


Congratulations to our new Mechanical Engineers! WVCST is so proud of you!!!


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