In preparation for the Pahampang 2013 as WVCST celebrates its 108th Foundation Anniversary, a Sports Clinic is conducted from August 23 to 24. This sports clinic intends to orient and train student teachers, unit heads, coaches and sports enthusiasts regarding the rules of the games and how to become good game officials

In the opening program f this activity, Dr, Nehema K. Misola, VP for Admin and Finance hopes that everyone reaches the goal of the sports clinic especially in officiating the games. She said that this is a one of a kind opportunity because this will help them learn, know their limits, be exemplary models and strive to become better. With this Sports Clinic, Dr. Misola is also looking forward to a successful sports activity for this year’s Foundation Anniversary.

Dr. Leomar de los Santos, head of the P.E. Department and Chairman of Pahampang, further explained some guidelines such as allowing the freshmen varsity players to join the Pahampang as long as they play the games other than the sports they play as varsity players. He also added that the officers of the Student Republic are not also allowed to join the sports event, instead they will help in officiating.

On the other hand, Dr. Ma. Asusina Asuncion Echaveria, Dean, College of Education, said that everybody must participate and enjoy the sports event but remember sportsmanship. Meanwhile, joining the Sports Clinic she said, is an indication that everyone wants to do their share in the success of celebrating the 108th Foundation Anniversary.

In the said training, invited lecturers came from other entities as well as professors and sports enthusiasts from the College. The participants were also divided into different groups based on the sports event that they will handle. The Sports Clinic continues until August 24, 2013.