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HRMO conducts skills enhancement and employee development seminar-workshop

April 18 & 19 – The Human Resource Management Office facilitated a two-day training workshop entitled “Skills Enhancement and Employee Development” with the aim to help the University stay more competitive by reducing skill gaps and increase contentment and satisfaction at work and highly-motivated translated into performance and morale.

One hundred select employees from the different campuses and offices participated in the said 2-day event held at Punta Villa Resort and Convention Center, Arevalo Iloilo City. Different topics such as Understanding Work Values and Communication Etiquette, Personality Traits in the Workplace, among others were discussed and the participants learned how to write, communicate well and dress appropriately in their respective workplaces.

Resource persons from the different fields of expertise were invited to discuss things and helped the employees better understand their significance in the current position they are called to serve.

During the president’s time, Dr. Raul F. Muyong, the university president encouraged all employees to work diligently and with integrity in their respective posts.


“Your job performance speaks of yourself. All of you are encouraged be efficient and effective in delivering work and service to our clients” Dr. Muyong stated.

The Human Resource Management Office of the university is a recipient of the PRIME – HRM award of the Civil Service Commission.

Building it bigger, better

The Iloilo Science and Technology University – Lapaz Campus has four (4) ongoing major projects being rehabilitated and constructed to cater the different growing needs of its stakeholders. Now, that the university is gearing towards limited face-to-face mode of learning the said constructions will mutually benefit not just the administration but most especially the students.

Rehabilitation of the Civil Technology Building. This three-storey building is already 53.13% completed and this will cater all civil technology and civil engineering courses in the conduct of lecture and laboratory classes. This will also provide the faculty, students, and all stakeholders with conducive and safe civil technology building to enhance the teaching learning process in conducting academic activities particularly for civil technology and civil engineering courses. With the construction of the new building, the faculty can deliver quality and efficient instruction that will expose the student in scientific and technological education.

Rehabilitation of the L-building. Currently, this four-storey building is 78.47% completed. This will then cater the conduct of lecture and laboratory classes of HRT students. Also, this will provide students with a more conducive and safe classrooms and learning space for knowledge and skills development.

Rehabilitation of the ground floor administration building.  The major rehabilitation is currently 73.48% completed.  The President’s office together with the office of the board secretary will be relocated in this area. The renovation also includes the office of the cashier, accounting and finance. In addition to such offices, there will be a board room with lounge area and a President’s function room. The façade and entrance of the University is included in the said project.

Construction of the University four-story library.  This building is already 93.47% completed and it will provide more space and conducive place for students to study, do research and engage in academic investigations and learning through books and internet.

With all these on-going developments in the main campus, the students will now have something to look forward to when they come back to the university for the conduct of the limited face-to-face classes after two years of online modality of learning.





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