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Tabladillo, taking the lead as the new ISATU student regent

The ISAT University Student Republic Federation held an annual election of officers on 11 November 2021, 8:00 AM -5:00 PM at ISAT University Iloilo City campus covered gym.

After all the nomination of candidates to campaign speeches, casting of votes, up to counting, Hon. John Joseph L. Tabladillo surfaced as the new Student Republic Federation President.

“The feeling is surreal! I can still clearly recall when I was much younger that the university’s field used to be my playground. Now, I am already taking a very big responsibility as the newly-elected student regent. I am very honored to be taking part in giving hope and be an inspiration to my fellow students” Tabladillo shared during an interview.

When asked about his advocacy, he emphasized that bridging international engagements for students will be his priority. The gradual “ligtas balik eskwela” is on top of his list of things to do with the help of the key officials of the university. He will also encourage his fellow students to get vaccinated just in time for the university’s plan of having limited face-to-face classes.

“We are very positive that the University key officials will give their support on the idea of adopting a nearby community to be our partner. In our own little ways, we look forward to initiate projects such as tutorials, livelihood programs, giving of seminars and workshop, among others to help the community somehow improve their lives” he added.

University appoints new OSAS director

Dr. Ciasico is the University’s newly designated director of the Office of the Students’ Affairs and Services (OSAS). He was sworn into office by ISAT U President, Dr. Raul F. Muyong along with the four Vice Presidents last January 3, Monday. He will serve as the OSAS director from January until October 2022.

As a true-blooded tradean (since grade school until post graduate studies), Dr. Ciasico envisions to strengthen the area of research involving the students’ services. He looks forward to collaborate with the University Office of External Affairs for the international engagements of students.

“I want to improve the students’ community engagements which was part of the result of my dissertation…” Dr. Ely Ciasico said during an interview.

Prior to his appointment at the main campus, Dr, Ciasico or Sir Ely was with the Miagao Campus for 17 years serving OSAS and he did a lot of research engagements and collaborations back then. Apart from that, he also served at the Bids and Awards Committee office (BAC) for 15 years long years.

“I have been with ISAT University for how many decades now and I can truly claim that I am a true-blooded tradean, tested by times. I am very happy to be part of the main campus family and I look forward to start conceptualizing spiritual and behavioral activities for students which I believe an important aspect of one’s life especially in this challenging times.”

Emmanuel takes oath as the new ISAT U Miagao Campus Administrator

Dr. Ramon N. Emmanuel, Jr., the newly designated Campus Administrator of ISAT U Miagao Campus, took his oath of office before ISAT U President Dr. Raul F. Muyong last January 3, 2022.

Dr. Corazon C. Corbal, VP for Academic Affairs; Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre, Jr., VP for Administration and Finance; Dr. Nemia H. Mabaquiao, VP for External Affairs; Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, VP for Research and Extension; and members of the local ADCO, faculty and staff, friends and family of the new campus administrator witnessed the ceremony.

In his message, Dr. Muyong challenged the new campus administrator to aim higher and maintain a level of excellence and standards in all curricular programs that will give the campus national and international recognition. He said that it can be done through empowering both the faculty and students to fulfill their academic and professional passions in teaching and learning.

Dr. Muyong also appealed to the faculty and staff to help Dr. Emmanuel. “Support your campus administrator for it is the only way for ISAT U Miagao Campus to grow and develop,” Muyong said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ramon Emmanuel, Jr. in his inaugural speech pledged to continue his vision for ISAT U Miagao Campus to provide a student-centered education and produce highly competent graduates who will eventually become leaders and experts in their fields of specialization.

An alumnus of then Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College (SIPC) and now ISAT U, Dr. Emmanuel has gained experience in the academe for 27 years. Prior to his designation as campus administrator, he served as the program coordinator of the Bachelor of Elementary Education. He is also a professional choreographer, coach and trainer for sports and cultural events.


– Nino M. Legaspi // PICO Miagao Campus

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