To continue the tradition of giving transparent and fair opportunity to all aspiring candidates for the next ISAT U Student Republic and College Council Officers, the Student Republic Commission on Elections held a Miting de Avance on April 16, 2024 at the Multi-purpose Educational Center. Candidates from different parties took the stage to present their ideas and programs for the student body for the Academic Year 2024- 2025.

Milagros Therese Tutanes, the sole candidate for the position of SR President laid her plans and programs during the Open Forum. Meanwhile, as part of Miting de Avance, a debate was also conducted between the aspirants for the College of Engineering and Architecture Student Council.

Students from different Colleges took time to actively participate in the open forum and debate for they believe that this is the right avenue to determine the right leaders that would best represent the student body. Also, through their involvement, they would be able to help in the improvement of the student services and the harmonious relationship among the students, faculty and most especially their relationship with the Administration.

The Election Day is on April 22, 2024. Students will be voting for the Student Republic Officers such as President, Vice President and Senators, and for the College Council Officers they will be voting primarily for Governors, Vice Governors, Board of Directors (for the College of Engineering and Architecture), Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Business Manager, PIO, PRO and College Representatives.