The Opening Program for the Foundation Anniversary on September 2 , though it’s not 100% ready, is almost good to go including this year’s Literary Musical Contest. Dr. Rose Marie P. Prudente, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences and Chairman of the Program and Literary Musical Contest Committee, announced that after discussing the tasks and details of the events for the celebration, she is sure that it will turn out the way it is expected. According to Dr. Prudente, her committee has been working hard and wants to completely finish all the details of the preparation before the month ends.

For the Opening Program there will be 2 parts –the first part is the program proper for the formal declaration of the opening of the Foundation Week Celebration. For the part II, there will be a Field Demonstration by the Sumba Fitness.

On the other hand, this year there will be a Literary Musical Contest, a competition which was not included in the previous years. The Literary will include the newest competition which is the impromptu Character Interpretation and Pagkukuwento. For the Musical event, OPM Vocal Solo and Duet and the Guitar Playing competition will be featured. And to perk up the audience, the Dance Sports will include Cha-cha, Rumba, Samba and Hip-hop Dance.

The Literary Musical Contest will be held on September 3 at 2:00pm and the winners will automatically represent the College in the future contests.

Judges for this said event will be coming from other institutions while prizes to be given are Php1,000.oo, Php800.00 and Php600.00 consecutively, plus certificates of appreciation.