“Everything is almost in order now. Try outs and practices have started and I think everybody is looking forward to it.” Dr. Leomar de los Santos, Head of the P. E. Department and Chairman of this year’s Pahampang for the celebration of WVCST Foundation Anniversary reports. He announced that to complete the preparation, a Sports Clinic /Seminar will be conducted to orient and train student teachers, coaches, unit heads and sports enthusiasts to become good game officials. This will be held this coming August 23 & 24. In addition to that there will be a Solidarity Meeting on August 27 for the Unit Heads, coaches, team captains and tournament managers, to discuss the general rules of the games of the Pahampang.

According to Dr. de los Santos, during the previous committee meeting, they have agreed that freshmen varsity players could join the Pahampang for this year, unlike in the past years that all varsity players couldn’t and only the amateurs were allowed to play. Officers of the Student Republic or student leaders are not also allowed to play any game.The games for this year include team, individual and dual sports. For the team sports there will be soccer football, basketball, volleyball and sepak takraw. While the individual and dual sports include chess, table tennis, badminton, lawn tennis , combative sports and boxing. It is the first time that the Pahampang will have boxing, as a sort of introductory sport or exhibition that might be used for the preparation of the College for the SCUAA meet.

Judges for some of the games especially the soccer football will be coming from outside the College. Medals and trophies await the winners. They will be determined by their points. For the Team Sports, the 1st place should have 25points, 2nd is 15, 3rd place is 10 points and 4th place is 5 points. For the Individual/ Dual Sports, 1st place must incur 10 points, 2nd place is 6 points, 3rd should have 4 points and 4th place – 2 points. This year’s Pahampang will run for 2 days – September 4 & 5.