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CIT grad tops most outstanding graduate search


Gio Asher T. Tagabi, a Bachelor of Science major in Electronics Technology of the College of Industrial Technology, topped the Search for ISAT U Most Outstanding Graduates for academic year 2016-2017. Tagabi will be graduating Magna Cum Laude.

April Joy M. Daanton of the College of Education and Alyssa Joyce H. Golingay of the College of Arts and Sciences came in second and third place,  respectively. Daanton is taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Technology and Livelihood Education while Golingay will be graduating with a BS in Mathematics degree. Both will also be graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Completing the top four is Kristine Joy L. Casalmer a graduating Cum Laude of the BS in Architecture of the College of Engineering and Architecture.

The four were chosen as the best from among the graduating students of their respective colleges. The criteria for selection of the most outstanding graduates are the academic excellence (50%), extra class activities and community services (20%), leadership (20%) and personality development (10%).

ISAT U receives Php 19.5M USAID-STRIDE research grants


From left, Dr. Renerio S.  Mucas, ISAT U Pres. Dr. Raul F. Muyong,  U.S. Ambassador to the Philippines H.E. Sung Y. Kim,  Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut,  Prof. Hilario S. Taberna,  Dr. Nemia H. Mabaquiao,  Engr. Salvador M. Senorio, Dr. Richard C. de Leon pose for the camera during the awarding of scholarships and grants at Makati, Metro Manila.

The United State Agency for International Development-Science Technology Research, and Innovation for Development (USAID-STRIDE) awarded grants to four ISAT U researches under the Collaborative Applied Research with Industry (CARWIN) grant and STRIDE Prototype Research Innovation Grants (SPRIG)  on March 17, 2017 at the Gallardo Ballroom, Makati Diamond Residences, Metro Manila.

The CARWIN grantees were the studies on “Bioactive Hyaluronic Acid from Heads of Silver-Banded Whiting for Nutraceutical Use: Characterization and Biocompatibility Assessment of the Extracted Hyaluronic Acid” and the “Valorization of Brown Seaweeds Through Alginate Extraction for Fruit and Fish Postharvest Preservation.”

The “Multi-Powered Drying System for Food Processing” and the “Design, Fabrication, and Evaluation of a Water Driven S-Turbine/Pump” researches were under the STRIDE Prototype Research Innovation Grants (SPRIG).

Bioactive Hyaluronic Acid from Heads of Silver-Banded Whiting for Nutraceutical Use: Characterization and Biocompatibility Assessment of the Extracted Hyaluronic Acid



The CARWIN granted PhP 10, 990, 078 for the Phase II study of Dr. Bernadeth F. Ticar. The principal investigator will subject the hyaluronic acid (HA) extract from silver-banded whiting to further biocompatibility assessment and characterization. The HA has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and whitening properties. The study is perceived to help not only pharmaceutical companies but fish processing industries, small-scale fishing, fish brokers and fishing industries who will be interested in engaging in HA business.

Valorization of Brown Seaweeds through Alginate Extraction for Fruit and Fish Post-harvest Preservation



The project aims to initiate the creation of brown seaweeds industry that will contribute to the socio-economic development of coastal communities in the Province of Iloilo and in other parts of the country where brown seaweeds are abundant. With a PhP 6, 677, 591.40 CARWIN grant, Prof. Hilario S. Taberna, Jr. undertook a one year study utilizing  the brown seaweeds in coastal waters of San Dionisio Iloilo for this project. The brown seaweeds are the main source of alginate, a polysaccharide used by industries in the production of food, textiles, cosmetics, and biomedical and pharmaceutical products. Alginate could also be used as an edible coating to prolong shelf life of fruits and fishes. Through different processes, the project involves extraction and will ascertain the potential of different local brown seaweed as raw material for alginate production, and its specific industrial application. With Ephrathah Farms Corporation that produced organic fruits and vegetables and Unifish, Inc. the extracted alginate will be used as coating materials to mangoes and silver-banded whiting fish for preservation.

Multi-Powered Drying System for Food Processing



Dr. Renerio S. Mucas identified the problem faced by the residents of Bgy. Tiabas, San Dionisio on sustaining a substantial source of income from dried green seaweeds for Kropek production. The drying of seaweeds is through an open air method and during rainy and wet season the flow of income for marginalized seaweeds farmers is hampered. With a Php 1M assistance from the USAID-STRIDE, a multi-powered drying system for dried seaweed production was developed. The project helped the community in food production regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The project will be developed in partnership with the Magamay nga Kristyanong Katilingban (MKK) Consumer’s Cooperative.

Design, Fabrication, and Evaluation of a Water-Driven S-Turbine Pump



Hydropower is a sustainable and renewable energy source that does not pose any danger to the environment. However, the progress of hydropower plants is impede by the high cost of its construction and maintenance. This concern is the focus of Engr. Salvador M. Senorio’s less costly and equally efficient S-turbine/pump that pumps water with a corresponding flowrate into turbines to generate electricity for hydropower applications. The USAID-STRIDE granted PhP 857, 850 for the fabrication, installation, testing, and evaluation of a pilot model water-driven S-turbine/pump system to be showcased in a village. The project is expected for the development of a new type of hydraulic turbine that will simply use water power to generate ample electricity in areas where there are available water rapids or streams, reduce in the dependence on the use of fossil fuels for potable water supply and irrigation projects to help address local food security and, electrification of homes.

BSEd stude wins story writing reg’l award

Calib Omar B. Bacinillo

Calib Omar B. Bacinillo

A 4th year BSED student was adjudged as the Regional Winner in the Volunteerism Story Writing Contest organized by the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA), National Economic Development Authority, Regional Development Council and the Commission on Higher Education.

Calib Omar B. Bacinillo’s  story entitled “Once a Saver, Always a Saver” won  for him the top award. His entry featured the life of a SAVER (Special Action Volunteers and Emergency Responders) and illustrated the values of sacrifice, motivation, responsibility, bravery and happiness of being a volunteer. SAVERS is ISAT U volunteer group that responds to emergencies and calamities.

In a letter dated February 2, 2017, PNVSCA Executive Director Joselito C. de Vera underlined the significance of the contest to encourage the participation of the youth and students in volunteer program and activities. He added that the entry will be an important contribution to the growing collection of information materials on volunteerism in the Philippines.

Bacinillo will receive Php 3,000 cash award and a Certificate of Recognition from PNVSCA and the Commission on Higher Education.

Osaka Kyoiku University students visit ISAT U

The visitors from Nagoya University, Japan, pay a courtesy visit at the office Dr. Raul F. Muyong, University President.

The visitors from Nagoya Kyoiku University, Japan, pay a courtesy visit at the office of   Dr. Raul F. Muyong, University President.

To foster inter-cultural and educational exchange between the Japanese and Filipino youth and international cooperation as well, 20 members of the Japan-based student organization My Education, Relations and Respect You (MERRY) in Osaka Kyoiku University visited Iloilo Science and Technology University on March 1, 2017.

An interaction between between visiting Japanese students and ISAT U students.

An interaction between  visiting Japanese and ISAT U students.

With the objectives to gain more knowledge about the educational system of the Philippines, to exchange ideas with Filipino students about the difference between Japan and the Philippines and to meet and interact with Filipino students, the guests engaged in different activities at the University EdTech Center.

After eating lunch with ISAT U students, the guests paid a courtesy call to Dr. Raul F. Muyong who later gave some lectures on ‘Achieving Quality Education for Global Integration: The Philippine Experience.” With the ISAT U students, the visitors enjoyed the pamphlet making and presentation activity.

The ISAT U visit was part of the Work Camp organized by the non-governmental organization Love Our Brethren (LOOB), Inc.

The MERRY list of Japanese Campers who visited the University were  Ms. Nao Nahada, Ms. Shoko Okamura, Ms. Yurie Aomutsu, Ms. Akiko Fukumoto Ms. Marina Adachi, Ms. Ayame, Mawatari, Ms. Ayaka Kono, Ms. Juria Takahashi, Ms. Yuna Onishi, Ms. Chihiro Horio, Ms. Chiho Ikeda, Ms. Misa Okazaki, Ms. Kae Masuda, Mr. Shuto Takamari, Mr. Taichi Ibaraki, Mr. Shunsuke Nakayama, Mr. Masashi Takemoto, Mr. Shoya Okayama and Mr. Hidesato Watanabe,

Mentoring the Mentors Program conducted

ISAT U Deans abd Instructors at the three day Mentoring the Mentors program.

ISAT U Deans and Instructors at the three day Mentoring the Mentors program.

Iloilo Science and Technology University and Marie Eugenie Institute, Inc. Foundation for Worldwide People Power, Inc. held the Education Revolution: Mentoring the Mentors Program + Drug Education on March 1-3, at the ISAT U New Board Room.

The Mentoring the Mentors Program (MMP) aimed to bring back the nurturing dimension of teaching. It introduces a deeper and broader value to teaching that is anchored on the need for the teacher to be role model for the young.

Featured in the occasion were the different program modules and activities that engage the teacher’s whole person: Mentoring: An Answer to Education Revolution, Kambio sa Pananaw, Character Formation, and Leadership for Service by Ma. Stella “Chinit” D. Rufino, Managing Director, Mentoring the Mentor’s Program; Mentoring: Roles and Practices, and Active Teaching-Learning Strategies by Evelina Mejillano, HSD, Professor Of Education (Ret.), University of the Philippines Diliman; Building Win-Win Relationships by Lirio Ongpin-Mapa, VP, Center for Leadership and Change, Inc. and Designing Effective Instruction by Celia T. Adriano Ph.D., Professor and Director of Instruction, University of the Philippines- Diliman.

ISAT U Instructors in the planning workshop.

ISAT U Instructors in the planning workshop.

The MMP is an opportunity for teachers to learn more. Prof. Junard Codillo of ISAT U Miagao said that he picked out insights in classroom strategies on how to become effective teachers, leadership for service, character formation and the 4 E’s (envision, enable, energize, empower) for learning.

During the closing ceremony, ISAT U President Dr. Raul F. Muyong stressed to the 57 deans and instructors of the ISAT U system to be models to the students. He also pointed out that teachers should learn and re-learn. He further advised that in engaging with the students, teaching style should match the learning style of the students or else both will be going in different directions. Dr. Muyong shared his thoughts for those who planned to be teachers. “If you don’t love teaching, please quit because you will be a problem someday,” he said.

The activities in the program involves participants and their outputs in planning teaching strategies.

The activities in the program involves participants and their outputs in planning teaching strategies.

A lot of impressions on the program were aired by the participants. Dr. Asucena Asuncion Echaveria found the program to be enriching that changed the outlook in life and insights were improved. She encouraged mentors to focus more and how to make the students improve and develop the design before delivering lessons. Mentoring for Engr. Guillen Sales is touching lives, touching with a heart. Ms. Evette Gilogo shared that the welfare of the students should come first and mentors as they age should also themselves. Ms. Yvonne Pampag said that being a mentor is a challenge and challenge accepted. Prof. Joy Dogeno fount the MMP to be helpful, motivating, inspiring and challenging and a timely solution to the number one menace of society today.

Dr. Ma. Stella (Chinit) Delgado-Rufino, MMP Managing Director laid out that the collective response from the education world is the best answer to the present problem today, and today is the time to make transformation and everyone should do his share. She also shared the foundations favorite saying, “To educate is to set man free, to educate is to transform the world”.

One Billion Rising at ISAT U

Dancing to the tune of "Isang Bilyon", the students join in 1 Billion Rising Revolution solidarity against exploitation of women.

Dancing to the tune of “Isang Bilyon,” the students join in 1 Billion Rising Revolution solidarity against exploitation of women.

Students and faculty members started the Valentine’s Day celebration through the gender advocacy development program One Billion Rising Revolution campaign against exploitation of women at the ISAT U Multi-purpose Educational Center.

At 7: 30 in the morning on February 14, students filled the gym and joined in a five minute-dance in support to the biggest mass action to end violence against women in human history.  One Billion Rising was launched on Valentine’s Day on 2012 as a cause of action to a rising trend that 1 in every 3 women will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. The practice of expressing their outrage, strike, dance and rise in defiance to and calling to end violence against women came on February 2013. On February 2014, the evolution of One Billion Rising for Justice focused on justice for all survivors of violence. The Rise for Revolution continued on 2015 when millions of activist from 200 countries demand for systematic change that perpetuates violence against women. Last year the focus of campaign was on marginalized women and to bring national and international focus to their issues.

ISAT U activities on One Billion Rising continued on the classrooms. GAD advocates visit classrooms and perform a five minute dance to create awareness among the students on the significance of the campaign.

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