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Western Visayas SUCs Showcase Cultural Prowess at RASUC VI Arts Festival

The Carlos Hilado Memorial State University (CHMSU) is currently hosting the Regional Association of State Universities and Colleges 6 (RASUC VI) ‘Culture and The Arts’ Conference and Festival 2024. The four-day event, running from March 23 to 26, has brought together 11 State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) from the region to showcase their artistic talents and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of the Western Visayas.

The festival, themed “Bidlisiw, Paghilom, Pagbangon, at Pagsulong” (Reflection, Healing, Rise, and Progress), aims to highlight the resilience and creativity of the region’s artistic communities in the face of challenges and adversities.

Among the participating SUCs is the Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U), which has assembled a formidable contingent of talented performers and artists eager to make their mark on the competition. ISAT U’s delegation is vying for top honors in various categories, including dance, music, theater, and visual arts, with the goal of emerging as the overall champion.

The festival has already witnessed a vibrant display of cultural performances, captivating audiences with traditional dances, musical renditions, and theatrical productions that showcase the region’s rich heritage and artistic expressions.

We are thrilled to be part of this celebration of culture and the arts,” expressed by ISAT U President Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre Jr.. “Our students and their coaches have worked tirelessly to prepare for this event, and we are confident in their ability to showcase the talent and creativity that ISAT U is known for.”

The RASUC VI ‘Culture and The Arts’ Conference and Festival 2024 not only serves as a platform for artistic expression but also fosters unity, understanding, and appreciation among the participating SUCs. By bringing together diverse cultural influences, the festival aims to promote dialogue, collaboration, and the preservation of the region’s unique cultural identity.

ISAT U receives Platinum Award for Excellence at Innovation Summit

Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) was awarded with its 2nd Platinum Award during the National ITSO Presidents’ Summit held at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Manila on March 18, 2024.

The event, attended by 87 Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSOs) from across the Philippines, serves as a platform to celebrate and honor institutions that have excelled in fostering innovation and driving technological progress.

Representing ISAT U at the summit were President Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre Jr. and Vice President for Research and Extension, Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut. The esteemed leaders had the opportunity to present and share the university’s innovation insights, showcasing the institution’s commitment to excellence and its role in shaping the future of science and technology.

This prestigious Platinum Award marks the second time ISAT U has received this recognition, a testament to its consistent dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing cutting-edge solutions.

We are incredibly honored and humbled to receive the Platinum Award for the second time,” expressed President Salistre Jr. “This recognition not only validates our efforts but also serves as a catalyst for us to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and contributing to the nation’s technological advancement.”

ISAT U’s unwavering pursuit of excellence has been reflected in its groundbreaking research initiatives, industry collaborations, and the development of innovative technologies that address real-world challenges. The university’s commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation has positioned it as a leader in the field of science and technology.

Dr. Ambut, who presented ISAT U’s innovation insights during the summit, emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in driving technological progress. “Innovation thrives in an environment where ideas are freely exchanged and diverse perspectives are embraced,” he stated. “We are grateful for the opportunity to share our insights and learn from the experiences of other ITSOs, as we collectively strive to shape a better future through innovation.”

The Platinum Award not only recognizes ISAT U’s past achievements but also serves as a testament to its ongoing dedication to excellence. As the university continues to push boundaries and explore new frontiers of knowledge, it remains committed to fostering an environment that nurtures innovation, empowers its students and researchers, and contributes to the betterment of society.

ISAT U Forges Global Partnership for Textile Technology Program

ISAT U President Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre Jr. led a delegation on a visit to Kasetsart University’s Department of Textile Science, Faculty of Agro-Industry in Thailand from March 12 – 16, 2024.

The primary objective of this visit was to explore potential collaborations and knowledge-sharing opportunities to enhance ISAT U’s upcoming Textile Technology Academic Program. This initiative is part of a broader project funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the Philippines, which aims to strengthen the textile industry and promote sustainable practices in the region.

During the visit, President Salistre Jr. and the ISAT U delegation had the opportunity to engage with leading experts and researchers from Kasetsart University’s Textile Science Department. They discussed potential areas of cooperation, including faculty and student exchanges, joint research projects, and curriculum development.

This partnership with Kasetsart University represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing world-class education and fostering innovation in the textile industry,” stated President Salistre Jr. “By leveraging the expertise and resources of a renowned institution like Kasetsart, we can ensure that our Textile Technology Program is aligned with global standards and equips our students with the skills and knowledge to drive sustainable practices in the industry.”

The DOST project, which facilitated this visit, also included participants from DOST Provincial Field Officers, partner State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) such as Capiz State University and Aklan State University, as well as community partners like weavers from Miag-ao, Iloilo, and suppliers of raw materials for the Regional Yarn Production and Innovation Center (RYPIC) from Passi City and Lemery, Iloilo.

Through this collaborative effort, ISAT U aims to establish a robust Textile Technology Academic Program that not only meets international standards but also addresses the specific needs and challenges of the local textile industry, promoting sustainable practices and fostering economic growth in the region.


True to its commitment to the community, the Iloilo Science and Technology University hosted the bloodletting activity of the Philippine Army on March 9, 2024.  This activity is part of the celebration of the 127th Anniversary of the Philippine Army.  With the theme “Army @ 127: Strong Army, Strong Republic,” the Headquarters 604th ILO Community Defense Center conducted and participated in the Simultaneous Mustering and Blood Donation Drive at the ISAT U Multi-Purpose Education Center.

Participating in this undertaking are ROTC Cadets from the different ROTC Units including ISAT U ROTC Unit, and Army Reservists in the Province of Iloilo under the supervision of Lt. Col. Ryan S. Matutina, MI, PA, Director of the 604th Community Defense Center, 6th Regional Community Defense Group, Reserve Command, Philippine Army. This activity was conducted in partnership with ISAT U Safety, Security, Environment and Disaster Mitigation Management Office, headed by Engr. Christian D. Misola.

The main objective of the bloodletting activity is to generate ready-available blood units for the Philippine Army personnel, Reservists, and the ROTC Cadets. These personalities are among the priorities of this activity because when the need arises, they are among the responders in time of emergencies, calamities and crises. Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre, Jr., ISAT U President was also present during the opening program and gave his inspirational message.

Capiz State University Benchmarks ISAT U’s PICO and Library Operations

In a move to gain insights and learn from best practices, Capiz State University conducted a benchmarking activity at ISAT University’s Public Information and Communications Office (PICO) and University Library on March 8, 2024. The activity aimed to observe and understand the innovations, initiatives, and operations of these two key offices.

The benchmarking program took place at the ISAT University Boardroom, where the guests were personally welcomed by ISAT U President Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre. Dr. Heinz B. Gumaquil, PICO Director, and Rovilyn Debalucos Somcio, University Librarian, were present to provide a comprehensive overview of their respective best practices and share their experiences.

During the first part of the program, Dr. Gumaquil and Ms. Somcio delivered presentations highlighting the innovative strategies, initiatives, and operations that have contributed to the success of their offices. They shared insights into their approaches, challenges faced, and the solutions implemented to overcome them.

Following the presentations, the second part of the benchmarking activity involved a tour of the PICO and University Library facilities. This provided the guests with a firsthand experience of the physical environments and an opportunity to observe the practical implementation of the best practices discussed earlier.

The benchmarking activity allowed Capiz State University representatives to gain valuable knowledge and inspiration from ISAT University’s successful models. By observing and learning from these exemplary operations, Capiz State University aims to implement similar strategies and initiatives to enhance their own services and operations.

Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre, ISAT U President, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to share their institution’s best practices and commended Capiz State University’s commitment to continuous improvement. “We are honored to host this benchmarking activity and contribute to the growth and development of our fellow educational institutions,” he stated.

Christian George Francisco Acevedo, PIO Director and Head Librarian led the delegation of information officers and librarians from the said CAPSU.

The benchmarking activity fostered a spirit of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among the participating universities, ultimately benefiting the broader academic community and contributing to the advancement of higher education in the region.

ISAT U – COE teams up with NGO LOOB in English Mentorship Program

Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) – College of Education, in collaboration with Alumni Affairs and Relations Office, partners with NGO LOOB (Love Our Own Brethren) in a 5-day English Mentorship Program come March 13.

In an Orientation and Training held today, Mar. 9, at the HRT Center Function Hall, Ms. Angel de la Flor, NGO LOOB program manager, introduced their organization and the primary aim of the program.

NGO LOOB or Love Our Own Brethren is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization established in Iloilo City in 2001. The organization aims to promote grassroots intercultural and educational exchange between Japanese and Filipino youths and support for the self-independence of the marginalized sector.

It has 2 general programs: Intercultural and Youth Empowerment and Educational Support and Community Development.

Under the Intercultural and Youth Empowerment is the 5-day English Mentorship Program (Cross Cultural Exchange Program). This basically targets to foster understanding and appreciating cultural differences through communication, compassion, and creative action.

On its second batch of implementation, NGO LOOB collaborates with ISAT U – COE, having its undergraduate students and alumni as mentors to 11 high school Japanese students. These students are from Kitami Fuji High School, a Catholic school in Hokkaido, Japan.

The mentorship program will run from March 13 – 19, with ISAT U as the host school.

Article by Mr. Renante Fernandez, LPT
Photos by Rimar Jude Dalida

ISAT U Trains Faculty in AI-Assisted Research Writing

The Research Services Division of ISAT University, headed by Dr. Richard C. De Leon, has embarked on a comprehensive training program to equip faculty members across all campuses with the skills to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) tools for writing research in their respective fields. This initiative is spearheaded by the Center for Humanities, Social Science, Language and Education.

The training sessions commenced on March 7 and March 8, 2024, with faculty members from ISAT U Barotac Nuevo Campus and Dumangas Campus participating, respectively. Dr. Olive Joy Abing, Cluster Chair for Languages, and Dr. Heinz B. Gumaquil, Center Chair of the Center for Humanities, Social Science, Language and Education, served as resource persons, imparting their expertise to the attendees.

Recognizing the potential of AI to enhance research writing, the training program aims to familiarize faculty with the latest tools and techniques for utilizing AI in their academic pursuits. Participants will learn how to effectively leverage AI for tasks such as literature review, and writing assistance, while maintaining academic integrity and adhering to ethical guidelines.

The training schedule extends to the remaining campuses, with ISAT U Leon Campus scheduled for March 15, ISAT U Iloilo City (Main Campus) on April 4, and ISAT U Miagao on April 5, 2024.

Dr. Richard C. De Leon, head of the Research Services Division, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating, “AI is rapidly transforming the research landscape, and it is crucial for our faculty to stay ahead of the curve. By equipping them with the necessary skills to integrate AI into their research writing processes, we aim to enhance the quality and efficiency of their academic endeavors.”

The AI Training in Research Writing program underscores ISAT University’s commitment to promoting excellence in research and fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation among its faculty members.

ISAT U MC and UPV Join Forces to Revolutionize Student Learning with On-the-Job Training Program

In a landmark development in the field of education, Iloilo Science and Technology University – Miagao Campus and University of the Philippines Visayas have officially inked a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to provide students of ISAT U with invaluable on-the-job training experiences. This significant partnership was formalized during a momentous signing ceremony held at the UPV New Admin Building, Miagao Campus on September 21, 2023.

Under the terms of the agreement, ISAT U MC will send a selected group of its students to UPV to undergo internships in various departments and disciplines. This initiative aims to provide students with practical exposure and hands-on experience in their respective fields of study, thereby enhancing their knowledge and skills beyond the traditional classroom setting.

During the MOA signing ceremony, Chancellor Clement C. Camposano, representing UPV expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our commitment to providing a holistic education to the students. I believe that hands-on experience is invaluable in today’s competitive job market, and this partnership will help students stand out.”

Similarly, Dr. Ramon N. Emmanuel, Jr., on behalf of ISAT U MC, noted, “Our University has always prioritized practical education, and this collaboration with UPV aligns perfectly with our mission. Together, we will empower our students to become industry-ready professionals, capable of contributing meaningfully to their chosen fields.”

As the implementation of the internship program gets underway, students from ISAT U MC can look forward to gain valuable insights, expanding their networks, and acquiring practical skills that will enhance their competitiveness in the global job market. The MOA signifies a significant milestone in the journey towards fostering excellence in education and preparing future leaders who are equipped to address the challenges of a rapidly evolving world.

Nino M. Legaspi
Coordinator, PICO
ISAT U Miagao Campus

University Celebrates National Women’s Month Celebration

In support to the national government’s Proclamation No. 277 s.1988 or designating March as Women’s Role in History month, the Iloilo Science and Technology University kicked off the celebration with a parade around La Paz campus. Wearing their purple shirts, students, faculty and non-teaching personnel joined the parade in full spirits. The opening program which was held at the grounds of Gender and Development Center focused on empowered women.

The ISAT U Martial Arts –Women’s Team presented an exhibition, breaking gender stereotypes and proved that women also have potentials in sports dominated by men. Purple ribbons with powerful description of women were also tied on the railings in front of the GAD Center. The Opening program ended with a community dance led by the Student Republic Officers.

The Gender and Development Center under Director Emily de la Cruz has lined up ample activities for the students, faculty and staff in the celebration of the Women’s Month.  A Women Empowerment Booth was put up for the Busking which will run for 3 days, from March 4 to March 6. A lecture on “Sound and Silence in Philippine History” will be conducted by Prof. Alvin Campomanes of UP Manila. Students from different Colleges as well as invited faculty members from different SUCs are expected to attend to this engagement. Medical Laboratory services, reflex services and optical services will also be conducted simultaneously on the same day. The non-teaching personnel and the faculty will have the chance to learn more about Wellness from Dr. Maynard Bueno in a four-hour lecture prepared for them on March 14.

As a community, the faculty and staff, and the ISAT U Administration have come as one and signified their support for women’s empowerment and gender equality and committed to the “Purple Friday” observation.

Breaking the Silence: Empowering Academia to Combat Gender-Based Violence

The Seminar on Gender-Based Violence on February 29, 2024, at the Iloilo Science and Technology University TLE Center, marked a significant milestone in the university’s commitment in addressing gender inequality and violence. Attended by faculty members from both the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), the seminar united academic disciplines in a collective effort to confront this pressing social issue.

Atty. Eric Paul Peralta, an esteemed resource speaker from the National Gender and Development Resource Pool of UPLB, led the discussion, and faculty members poised to gain invaluable insights into the complexities of gender-based violence.

As educators and thought leaders, CEA and CAS faculty members played a vital role in shaping the discourse surrounding gender-based violence within the university community and beyond. Their active engagement in the seminar exemplified a shared commitment to foster a culture of respect, equity, and inclusivity within the academic environment.

Throughout the seminar, Atty. Eric Paul Peralta delivered a series of compelling presentations, including Safe Spaces Act 11313, RA 7877, 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service (RACCS), RA 11313, and its IRR which is utilized in handling cases on sexual harassment as members of the Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI).

Atty Peralta’s thought-provoking insights delved into the root causes of gender-based violence, explored its intersectionality with other forms of oppression, and highlighted the critical role of education and advocacy in effecting meaningful change. Through interactive and ‘Usap Tayo’ sessions, faculty members had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of gender dynamics and learn practical strategies for preventing and addressing violence in their respective spheres of influence.

As the seminar concluded, CEA and CAS faculty members departed with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to combat gender-based violence in their academic and professional endeavors. Armed with new knowledge, resources, and networks, they were empowered to become agents of change within their communities and champion the cause of gender equality. By harnessing the collective expertise and passion of its faculty members, ISAT U reaffirmed its commitment of creating a safer, more inclusive, and gender-responsive learning environment for all.

Article by: Engr. Adrian L. Pillano

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