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ISAT U’s Fashion Design Students Triumph in the First Stitch-Off National Streetwear Competition

(Photo from DOST-PTRI)

In a groundbreaking and highly competitive event, students from ISAT University secured victory in the inaugural Stitch-Off National Streetwear Competition of the Department of Science and Technology- Philippine Textile Research Institute (DOST-PTRI) on October 26, 2023.

Team of Seth Amuel Abellano and Izakiah Feril, representing the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) under the Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandizing program, have emerged as the ultimate winners, competing against renowned academic institutions across the country, elevating the university to national recognition.

The winning collection entitled “Threads of Heritage” depicts the story of Filipinos, intricately woven into the evolution of fashion. It is a tale of adaptation and transformation, where the past meets the future. Each piece in the collection represents identity of people with deep sense of pride in their roots, love for the culture and the unwavering commitment to progress.

The streetwear collections of the winning teams were exhibited on the runway during the Tech-Know Fashion Show. (Photo from DOST-PTRI)

Also, adding to the University’s pride is the team of Richard Talipan and Jarre Silvestre who made it to the top 12 finalist. Talipan and Silvestre are both on their 1st year taking up BIT major in Fashion and Apparel Technology and BS in Fashion Design and Merchandizing respectively.

The freshmen’s collection entitled “Luyung” came from a hiligaynon term to wander or roam around encapsulating the spirit of exploration and adventure in the rich and diverse culture of the Philippines. Each piece in the collection showcases unique patterns and styles reflecting the free-spirited nature of those who embrace a wandering lifestyle. 

According to Dr. Edith P. Gonzales, Department Head of the Fashion and Wellness, best among the best students were chosen to represent the institution.

(Photo from DOST-PTRI)

“The University is very supportive in providing students the need to enhance and showcase their skills. Therefore, the department let more students attend the bootcamp prior the competition and trained pool of student applicants. At the end, the best among the best were chosen to join the activity,” Dr. Gonzales said.

Further highlighted in this triumph is the University’s commitment to nurturing young talent, providing them with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities they need to shine. It’s a testament to its dedication to excellence and mission to empower the youth.

The Stitch-Off National Streetwear Competition, a highlight of the DOST’s National Youth Science, Technology, and Innovation Festival (NYSTIF), served as a platform for young, dynamic minds to showcase their remarkable talents and delve into the intersection of textile science and fashion.

This also proves students’ ability to blend science, technology, and art seamlessly. It provided a unique platform for the budding fashion designers to redefine Philippine textiles with their STI-driven innovations.

Written by: Tiffany Anne Tan
PICO Coordinator, College of Industrial Technology

Badiangan presents best Local Economic Dev’t Business Plan to revive ginger industry

The Municipality of Badiangan, Iloilo was given the chance to present its winning proposal during the national launching of the Recovery Initiatives For Sustained Local Economy (RISE) Program of DILG at Diversion 21 Hotel.

The proposal, aptly called ‘One Badiangan’ contains a comprehensive framework of analysis of existing conditions, activities, technology and innovations to be used, financial requirements and other step by step procedures to jumpstart the revival of the ginger industry.

The initiative capitalizes on the former glory of the municipality as the ‘ginger capital’ and its notable variety of ginger grown in the area. The packaging of the proposal was built under the LED process of making the LGU as an enabler of local development, growth, and progress.

Hon. Mayor Suzette Mamon during her presentation emphasized the need for a “collective identity and ownership of the people of Badiangan” as an important ingredient in this endeavor.

Badiangan, Iloilo was the assigned LGU for the LED Coaches of Iloilo Science and Technology University, namely, Dr. Heinz B. Gumaquil, Dr. Richard C. De Leon, Dr. Steve A. Laster, and Prof. Vincent Rhiyn S. Amalay.

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