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Univ observes Int’l Men’s Day

As a way of  celebrating men's  positive contributions  to society, community, family, marriage, child care and to the environment, the Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) observed International Men’s Day last Nov.19 with various activities.

The ISAT U male faculty members and employees were treated to a free health check as initial part of the observation of Men's Day.

At 8:30 a.m.,faculty members and employees gathered at the Ed Tech Center for an opening program and lecture about hypertension and diabetes. Dr. Ed Marie Togonon-Cruz, a Diplomate in Family and Occupational Medicine, was the speaker for the said event.

Dr. Cruz discussed the basics of hypertension and oriented the audience with its classification, symptoms and signs that are evident when one is suffering the disease.

For the diabetes topic, the speaker shared an advice to everyone to avoid the said ailment. She encouraged the audience to opt for lifestyle modification. The practice, according to her, required physical activities, avoidance of salt and alcohol and losing weight.

For the afternoon’s activities, free massage, pedicure, manicure and hair cut were offered to  the male faculty members and employess at the Ed Tech Center. Freebies were also given away to everyone who participated and celebrated the event.

ISAT U submits 16 programs for AACCUP evaluation

Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) submitted 16 programs for accreditation  by the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) Inc. last Nov. 9-14.

Of the 16  evaluated programs, eight were from Miagao campus while the other eight from La Paz campus. 

The following programs of Miag-ao campus were evaluated on Nov. 9-11 and La Paz campus on Nov. 12-14: 

aacupThe opening program for La Paz campus was held at the ISAT U Covered Gym  after the AACCUP accreditors' courtesy call on the ISAT U President. During the program, the accreditors and their local counterparts were introduced to the Academic Community. Dr. Raul F. Muyong, the University President, gave his words of encouragement to the Local Accreditation Task Force.


They are here to help us see our strengths, to improve them further and our weaknesses that need to be assessed. Accreditors are here to help us improve our program offerings. Provide them the accommodation they needed.” Said Dr. Muyong in his opening speech.


 A brief meeting between accreditors and their local counterpart was held at the New Board Room after the opening program. This was followed by the submission of files and documents for validation.  

The local task force team assigned in the ten areas were the following:



The second day of the AACCUP Survey Visit consisted of a visitation to the extension site, facilities and interview of stakeholders. The submission of documents resumed after lunch break.

On the last day of the accreditation, the reports required for validation were finalized by the local task force team and the accreditors.

An exit conference was held in the New Board Room. The accreditors gave out their observations and findings on the 10 areas that were evaluated during the three-day survey visit at La Paz campus.

In her general impression during the closing program, Dr.Cecilia Salazar, over-all coordinator of AACCUP survey team, expressed her gratitude for the warm hospitality and accommodation given to her by ISAT U faculty, staff and students.

She described ISAT U as an “institution within an institution.”

Dr. Salazar also mentioned that she had great time during the group interview from the stakeholders. It presented the quality of students that the school is producing.

In her speech she quoted a line she favored from one of the alumni of ISAT U which says, “As we level up, do not forget to uplift the values and morals of the students.”

In his words of commitment, the university president, Dr. Raul F. Muyong, assured that the recommendations given by AACCUP survey team will be implemented.

The University awaits for the result of the AACCUP evaluation










































































































45 faculty members attend MMP

A total of  45 faculty members from the  Iloilo Science and Technology (ISATU)-La Paz and the External Campuses  attended the “Mentoring the Mentors” Program (MMP) last October 26-28, 2015 at the Ed Tech Center.

The three-day MMP was conducted in partnership with the Foundation for Worldwide People Power Inc. (FWWPPI) and Marie Eugenie Institute Inc. The program aims to create an Education Revolution in the Philippines by empowering teachers to become effective and passionate agents of change  through the adoption of the mentoring approach towards students, teachers and staff.

As a jumpstart topic in the seminar, Ms. Lilia G. Ramos, MMP Regional Trainer, discussed the current crisis of Philippine education. The Bologna Accord, an agreement to reform higher education among several countries and which does not recognize Philippine diplomas, was given emphasis. This topic led to the essentiality of mentoring teachers.

Another discussion that was emphasized during the workshop was the “akin” and “atin” mentality. Ms. Ramos explained that “akin” mentality refers to the self-interest that is detrimental to the greater good. The “Akin” mentality, on the other hand, is a gratuitous service that seeks to contribute the greater good.



The three-day workshop also taught participants to opt for qualitative approach rather than the quantitative approach. This portion of the seminar explained that most instructors fall into a trap of having voluminous materials ending up missing out the most crucial concepts to teach.

MMP also enlightened participants about mentoring roles and practices, character value and information, active teaching and learning strategies and building win-win relationships among students and teachers.

At the end of the workshop, the participants enriched their action plans as part of their teaching practices. 


Search for ISAT U Private Sector Reps now open

Pursuant to RA 8292/10595, the Board of Regents of Iloilo Science and Technology (ISAT U) fornally and publicly announces that the positions for Two (2) members of the Board of Regents representing the PRIVATE SECTOR are now open.

The nominee/applicant must have the following minimum qualifications:

  1. At least be thirty (30) years of age on the date of his appoinment;
  2. A resident of Iloilo for at least three (3) years prior to his appointment as such;
  3. Morally upright and has no record of criminal, civil or administrative conviction.
  4. The Private Sector Representative nominee shall not in any way be connected with the SUC in any manner, for two years prior to his or her nomination for the PSR position.
  5. Not in any way be presently employed or appointed in any position  with any government (local, national and in government owned and controlled corporations) agency or entity, in manner, be it full time or part time. at the time his or her nomination in the position;
  6. Should be from the industry, business or professions in line with the programs of ISAT U (e.g. Agriculture, Engineering, Industrial Technology, Information Technology, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Education and Science.) 
  7. Should have distinguished record of employment, business, expertise and connection with the private sector. If the PRS nominee previously worked with a government entity or was a consultant in any government  undertaking the proportion of the time the nominee served in the government should not exceed one fourth of the entire time the nominee served in the private sector.


In order to serve these minimum requirements, the nominator or the nominee should provide all the pertinent details of the nominee's past and current employment/service records, connection to the industry, field of expertise, achievement, non-connection with the SUC, no current employment or availability  of the nominee to serve as PSR, in proper nomination form that should be notarized with the pertinent supporting documentation.

The nominee should accept the nomination by signing his/her conforme on the designated portion of the notarized nomination form.

The nomination form may be obtained from the official University Website or Office of the Board Secretary.

All nominations/applications must be accompanied by the applicant's vision and duly accomplished personal data form to include attachments and must be personally submitted or by courier not later than December 10, 2015

These should be submitted to:

Office of the Board Secretary
2nd Floor Administration Building
ISAT U La Paz, Iloilo City

Chairperson, Search Committee
for Private Sector Representatives

2 BSMEAE studes receive Toyota scholarship

Two students taking up Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering major in Automotive Engineering (BSMEAE) received  scholarship grant from the Toyota Motor Philippines, Inc. 

Jojo C. Enriquez (BSMEAE-4) and Miel Roque M. Casas (BSMEAE-3) became scholars after attaining  the highest average grade  among the 16 applicants  and topping the panel interview conducted last October 22 at the Function Room.

The panel of interviewers was composed of Dr. Russ Allen Napud, Dean, College of Engineering and Architecture; Engr. Edgar Allan J. Vargas, Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering major in Automotive Engineering; Mr. Ronald Gaspar, Head, Education Department of Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation Inc; and Mr. Jonathan Ramos from Toyota, Iloilo, Inc..


As scholars, their privileges include free tuition and miscellaneous fees, monthly stipend of Php 1,300  and Php 2, 500 book allowance.

“I won’t take for granted the opportunity that is given to me,” Mr. Casas said in his message during the announcement of the new scholars.

The new scholars  received Toyota t-shirts and caps during the announcement. They thanked the company, teachers and friends for giving them the inspiration to become scholars.



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