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TM Representatives promote Malaysia to students

Representatives from Tourism Malaysia (TM)–Philippines, an agency promoting the country’s tourism industry, conducted a tour and campus road show at the covered gym of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) on November 12, 2014.

The promotional campaign known as “Malaysia My Fest 2014,” advertised Malaysia’s tourist spots and introduced its rich culture to future travellers.

It was participated in by the travel and tourism industries represented by Malaysia Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, Air Asia Zest, Legoland, Malaysia Budget Hotel Association, Exotic Adventure SDN BHD, Hibiscus Travel and Tours SDN BHD, Hippo Tours and Travel SDN BHD, and CLMS management consultancy.

Malaysia’s famous places such as Kuala Lumpur, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Legoland, and its shopping centers were promoted through brochures and maps given during the program, video presentations, and entertaining performances.

The WVCST performing arts presented folkdances depicting the rich Filipino heritage as a form of cultural exchange in response to the presentation of Malaysia’s culture.

As part of its promotional campaign, games in the form of trivia were also played and the winners were given freebies. Mr. Jennifer Mompar, a BS in Hotel and Restaurant Technology student, won a free round trip ticket to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, sponsored by Cebu Pacific Air. The staff of RM Events Maker, stayed in the Hotel and Restaurant Technology Center of WVCST, and was impressed by the services given to them.

In Dr. Carmelo Ambut’s message, he said that this road show is a learning experience for WVCST faculty and students specifically the BS in hotel and restaurant technology students.

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155 pass Licensure Exam for Teachers

One hundred fifty-five graduates of the Western Visayas College of Science of Technology (WVCST) passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) given last August 17, 2014 and released on October 27, 2014.

Of the 155 successful takers, 61 passed the LET (Elementary level) while 94 passed the Secondary level.

Congratulations to our new licensed teachers!

Bachelor in Elementary Education

WVCST Passing Rate (First Timers) – 78.45%

National Passing Rate- 35.47%

  1. Acebuque,Andrea S.

  2. Alilano,Ma.Elizabeth L.

  3. Apolinario,Aizylle Marie C.

  4. Asistido,DJ S.

  5. Banaria, Sunshine I.

  6. Baylon,Maricel M.

  7. Belaguas,Sheryl C.

  8. Borja,Donna Mae C.

  9. Borres,Joel J.

  10. Cabinan,Raffy C.

  11. Cabunagan,Karen E.

  12. Cadayao,Isabel E.

  13. Calanda,Kathlyn Jee E.

  14. Calapa-an, Jiveh Joy C.

  15. Calderon,Gloria M.

  16. Calubayan,Jessa L.

  17. Cata,Jenne T.

  18. Cata,Roda M.

  19. Chivi,Allen M.

  20. Cincoflores,Lea Mae T.

  21. Cordero,Julie Ann F.

  22. Cusi,Julie Anne S.

  23. Dinzon,Shiela Mae N.

  24. Duga,Dendi B.

  25. Estocado,Christine E.

  26. Galache,Lorie Mae V.

  27. Gallego,Darlene L.

  28. Gamali,Roxan M.

  29. Gaugano,Roxanne A.

  30. Giralao,Chona J.

  31. Guzman,Jesharelah V.

  32. Intila,Ruveleen E.

  33. Irinaya,Ma.Andrea S.

  34. Juele,Lucila M.

  35. Juele,Shaira Joy D.

  36. Launio,Roryn P.

  37. Lonquino,Genevive C.

  38. Mijares,Jacynth V.

  39. Miro,Rose Ann P.

  40. Monteclaro,Raffy S.

  41. Nueva,Amie D.

  42. Olbe,Cherry Ann A.

  43. Osumo,Anjelyn T.

  44. Paniza,Adae T.

  45. Parane,Gilbert Luis S.

  46. Pastrana,Mary Grace A.

  47. Perez,Lanie A.

  48. Rodriguez,Laurence L.

  49. Sayapal,Charmagne S.

  50. Serdiña,Jevelyn A.

  51. Soldevilla,Mary Ronelyn B.

  52. Solmerano,Ma.Liezl Roberose S.

  53. Sorillo,Ella Jean P.

  54. Sucob,Sandra Guia A.

  55. Tacaisan,Merlyn T.

  56. Taclahan,Diana C.

  57. Tadaya,Liezl T.

  58. Tanchuan,Gleia Joy C.

  59. Tauro,Fatima M.

  60. Valenzuela,Annie Lee D.

  61. Vicente,Lanie V.


Bachelor in Secondary Education

WVCST Passing Rate (First Timers) – 70.87%

National Passing Rate- 34.40%



  1. Abayon,Deodito Jr. P.

  2. Alibadbarin,Nelma A.

  3. Alla,Glaiza G.

  4. Bertez, Mayla B.

  5. Cañoso,Ma.Catherine D.

  6. Catilo,Grazel,Mae C.

  7. Condino,Ann Marie P.

  8. Estipona,Julios R.

  9. Gabileo,Princess Dea S.

  10. Marquez,Mary Jane S.

  11. Martinete,Lovelyn M.

  12. Niñonvevo,Jancith G.

  13. Nombreda,Evangilyn G.

  14. Oprin,Lorenz S.

  15. Padernal,Alma May M.

  16. Parcon,Lerry G.

  17. Parreño,Carmen Rose P.

  18. Plagata,Jemelyn Hope L.

  19. Prias,Christine B.

  20. Prudente,Queen Love J.

  21. Quimbao,Ma.Junlie C.

  22. Rodriguez, Ben Mark B.

  23. Tacayon,Janzer T.

  24. Terania,John Ryl C.

  25. Velagio,Vanessa T.


  1. Arcede,Ma.Danilyn Fe N.

  2. Bales,Kerrilyn Joy H.

  3. Baylon,Dean Bryan Z.

  4. Becite,John III B.

  5. Broces,Airene J.

  6. Cacho,Ben Giovani M.

  7. Catequista,Veb B.

  8. Contreras,Maycor Jobelle N.

  9. Crucero,Renee Rose P.

  10. Damas,Agnes P.

  11. Enriquez,Lara Shane E.

  12. Geraldoy,Marienell M.

  13. Gonzales,Rowena

  14. Morales,Angelbette S.

  15. Morales,Coney Rose L.

  16. Mostiero Esther Angelie T.

  17. Palma,Jenny P.

  18. Pao,Cristito Jr. O.

  19. Patches,Shella Mae H.

  20. Pastor,Merry Joy U.

  21. Robles,Ma.Carmel L.

  22. Salay,Ma.Aiza C.

  23. Siosan,Jenefer Rose B.

  24. Sumbang,Vellia Rose G.

  25. Villaflor,Merced Ann Y.



  1. Adiong,Emmah A.

  2. Amar,Ma.Yvon J.

  3. Bangero,Krieshley Joy B.

  4. Bucais,April Joy G.

  5. Buhat,Vigil Martin S.

  6. Cataluña,April Ann L.

  7. Diez,Helen Grace D.

  8. Eren,Joje Lyn M.

  9. Fagtanac,Marian C.

  10. Fantillan,Charmaine Kay G.

  11. Flores,Jirah Marie E

  12. Ganancial,Jovelyn T.

  13. Gregorios,Wenona Faye A.

  14. Jimenez,April Grace M.

  15. Juaneza, Francis Jay J.

  16. Malco,Anelyn M.

  17. Mandadero,Caren S.

  18. Nebreja,Coolen Joy M.

  19. Pablico,Shane G.

  20. Sayson,Daisy S.

  21. Silvero,Meludia F.

  22. Sumabong,Pressie Joy C.

  23. Sutacio,Vivien S.

  24. Tabuada,Cherry May B.

  25. Taladua, Marian Rose S.

  26. Villan,Jeny Ann V.

  27. Wacay,Lizyll G.

  28. Zerrudo,Kareen P.




  1. Antiqueño,Claire R.

  2. Gersaniva,Anecita F.

  3. Manalon,Meldred P.

  4. Prias,Ruby Jane T.

  5. Tiangha,Karyl Joy D.



  1. Allas,Jerilyn C.

  2. Alminaza,Hanzilme L.

  3. Bacnis,Gina C.

  4. Basalatan, Mary Grace J.

  5. Fuentes,Eden Mae G.

  6. Gerochi,Christian P.

  7. Lope,Gerraline H.

  8. Pueto,Jean Pearl J.

  9. Sabio,Vincent Ismael S.

  10. Sorolla,Jeanilyn S.

  11. Tabio,Ma.Elena A.


Training-workshop on Google apps conducted

A Google for Education training-workshop was held at Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) last November 5 and 6 at the Computer Laboratory A/B.

The two-day training-workshop, which was sponsored by the Management Information System- Encoding Data Processing Department (MIS/EDP) and E-Mavericks Web Marketing and Solutions Corporation, was attended by 22 administrative staff on November 5 and 28 faculty members on November 6.

It familiarized the WVCST faculty and staff on maximizing the use of google apps (applications) for office and teaching works.

Apart from using google drive, the faculty and staff were also taught how to use google calendar, and google groups during the said training- workshop.

The faculty of WVCST was also introduced to google classroom, which is an application designed to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly through its features.

The resource speakers were Mr. Rayjand Gellamuchi, Mr. Maron Aquillo, Miss Yen de Felipe, and Mr. Dave Bermudo, representatives from E-Mavericks Web Marketing and Solutions Corporation.

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CHED technical task force visits WVCST

Officials of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) of central and regional offices visited WVCST last November 4-5, 2014.

The two-day on site visit was for the conversion bid of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) to a state University.

The first leg of the visit started with the CHED technical task force’s courtesy call on the WVCST Officer-in-Charge, Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut and the key officials.

A visitation to the external campuses of WVCST followed the courtesy call.

On the second day of the visit, Dr. Ambut presented the college’s accomplishment to the CHED technical task force and key officials of WVCST.

An inspection by the task force on the facilities and equipment of the college’s library, extension office, CEA-ICT building, and the hot and cold kitchen laboratory at HRT department followed.

The Engineering and Information and Communication Technology students showcased their programmed ISUY dancing and exercising robots in an exhibition witnessed by the CHED visitors.

During the exit conference, Dr. Libertad P. Garcia, Director IV of the office of Institutional and Quality Assurance and Governance, said that the school has very good outreach programs and linkages especially in agriculture because of its getting a lot of funding.

“Continue the effort and multiply the blessings,” said Dr. Garcia in reference to the college’s outreach programs.

Dr. Ambut also stressed in his speech that whatever the results may be, WVCST will remain steadfast and committed to academic excellence.

“The college will continue to build on the ongoing activities to improve college quality by submitting to quality assessment to meet global standards, “ added Dr. Ambut.

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New Equipment for WVCST’s Security Officers

Security officers of the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) received new equipment given by the school on October 31.

The equipment given to the security officers were new VHR radios, raincoats, safety boots, and flashlights; new equipment is given every two years to ensure the school’s safety and orderliness.

Engr. Christian D. Misola, head of Security of WVCST main campus and external campuses, has organized several trainings to update the security officers for the school’s safety.

“ We organize gun safety, personality profiling and computer trainings for the school’s security officers in about every two years in order to make sure that our school’s security officers have up to date knowledge regarding the school’s safety,” said Engr. Misola.

The chief of Security, Engr. Christian D. Misola, is also responsible for the school’s fire and earthquake safety drills. He also spearheads the survey of the school’s buildings and their possible improvements.

CEA-ICT building blessed

The College of Engineering and Architecture- Information and Communication Technology (CEA-ICT) building was blessed by Reverend Father Renato Cuadras, Parish Priest of La Paz, Iloilo City on October 30,2014.

With a completion rate of 94.38% as of October 20, 2014, the building was blessed after the mass attended by the key officials, faculty, staff and alumni of the college.

Included in the blessing were the cyber library, study rooms, powerhouse, and restrooms.

Dr. Renato V. Alba and Dr. Luis M. Sorolla Jr., former WVCST Presidents, with the current Officer in Charge of the college, Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut were present during the ceremony.

Snacks were served at the new board room after the blessing.

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