The visitors from Nagoya University, Japan, pay a courtesy visit at the office Dr. Raul F. Muyong, University President.

The visitors from Nagoya Kyoiku University, Japan, pay a courtesy visit at the office of   Dr. Raul F. Muyong, University President.

To foster inter-cultural and educational exchange between the Japanese and Filipino youth and international cooperation as well, 20 members of the Japan-based student organization My Education, Relations and Respect You (MERRY) in Osaka Kyoiku University visited Iloilo Science and Technology University on March 1, 2017.

An interaction between between visiting Japanese students and ISAT U students.

An interaction between  visiting Japanese and ISAT U students.

With the objectives to gain more knowledge about the educational system of the Philippines, to exchange ideas with Filipino students about the difference between Japan and the Philippines and to meet and interact with Filipino students, the guests engaged in different activities at the University EdTech Center.

After eating lunch with ISAT U students, the guests paid a courtesy call to Dr. Raul F. Muyong who later gave some lectures on ‘Achieving Quality Education for Global Integration: The Philippine Experience.” With the ISAT U students, the visitors enjoyed the pamphlet making and presentation activity.

The ISAT U visit was part of the Work Camp organized by the non-governmental organization Love Our Brethren (LOOB), Inc.

The MERRY list of Japanese Campers who visited the University were  Ms. Nao Nahada, Ms. Shoko Okamura, Ms. Yurie Aomutsu, Ms. Akiko Fukumoto Ms. Marina Adachi, Ms. Ayame, Mawatari, Ms. Ayaka Kono, Ms. Juria Takahashi, Ms. Yuna Onishi, Ms. Chihiro Horio, Ms. Chiho Ikeda, Ms. Misa Okazaki, Ms. Kae Masuda, Mr. Shuto Takamari, Mr. Taichi Ibaraki, Mr. Shunsuke Nakayama, Mr. Masashi Takemoto, Mr. Shoya Okayama and Mr. Hidesato Watanabe,