As a way  of honoring teachers and employees who continue to inspire students with their knowledge, skills and commitment, ISAT U marked World Teacher’s Day last Oct. 5 with a Tribute to Teachers and Employees at the ISAT U Covered Gym.

With the theme “Empowering Teachers, Building Sustainable Societies,” the celebration opened with a thanksgiving mass in honor of the teachers and employees.  

This was followed by the program proper  which started with a welcome address from Ms. Losette A. Dela, President of the Student Republic.

Speaking on behalf of the Student Republic, Ms. Dela expressed her never-ending gratitude to the teachers and employees who became sources of wisdom and knowledge with the years spent in the institution.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong also paid tribute to the teachers by giving an inspiring message. 

“Teachers are tasked to shape humanity,” Dr. Muyong said in one of his statements. The university president enumerated the contributions of a teacher to society.

“A man is formed and honed by his teacher. The best gift to be given among teachers is for them to be good and to attend their classes all the time.” He also challenged the teachers to provide quality education to  ISAT U students.

The event also showcased a solidarity dance performed by SR officers and  presentation of students from the different colleges as tribute to the teachers and employees.

In honor of their years of service to the university,  the institution awarded them with plaques of appreciation and recognition .The awardees included the following:


10 YEARS    
ALCUDIA, Jennifer E. Administrative Asst. II 10-05-05
BALDEVARONA, Gilmore L. Assistant Professor I 12-16-05
CRUZATA, Carmen L. Associate Professor V 07-14-05
FORMAREJO, Tadema B. Assistant Professor II 01-19-05
GALLO, Virzen F. Security Guard III 12-16-05
GAYAPA, Nelson T. Associate Professor I 10-24-05
JUANEZA, John Eric Professor IV 11-22-05
LORIO, Rosana A. Assistant Professor III 06-08-05
MIRASOL, Al Joevid B. Assistant Professor IV 10-24-05
SIRA, Karlo S. Associate Professor I 12-05-05
TORRERES, Renato T. Associate Professor II 12-05-05
15 YEARS    
DOGENO, Ma. Josette P. Associate Professor II 06-14-00
GASATAYA,  Mergie C. Board Secretary V 07-18-00
ECHAVERIA, Ma. Asusina Asuncion E. Professor VI 11-22-00
20 YEARS    
BARREDO, Cherry Pink D. Associate Professor III 01-16-95
CASTAŃEDA, Juvel A. Associate Professor V 06-06-95
DAITAO, Sammy A. Associate Professor V 06-13-95
AMBUT, Carmelo V. Professor VI 07-03-95
JIMENEZ, Maria Arlyn B.  Associate Professor I 08-28-95
VALENCIANA, Dominico Sergie O. Associate Professor V 11-02-95
25 YEARS    
SEDONIO, Edna M. Dentist II 01-15-90
SOBREPEŃA, Angelo C. Associate Professor IV 07-09-90
PALABRICA, Alma C. Professor V 09-17-90
SUBOSA, Madeline U. Associate Professor V 11-26-90
30 YEARS    
BRILLANES, Samie M. Associate Professor V 01-07-85
TIDULA, Angelico T. Administrative Aide VI
(Utility Foreman)
35 YEARS    
BELMES, Novelita J. Associate Professor V 06-09-80
GELORYAO, Dionisto B. Associate Professor V 07-01-80
SANCHEZ, Manuel Jr. A. Professor VI 07-01-80
TEODORO L. MELLIZA, JR. Administrative Aide III June 16, 2015
28 yrs & 5 mos
NEPTALE E. DUMADA-UG Associate Professor V June 20, 2015
28 yrs & 11 mos
NIDA T. GOMEZ College Librarian III July 1, 2015
18 yrs & 6 mos
GLORIA A. RESANO Associate Professor V September 26, 2015
30 yrs & 10 mos


Apart from the awarding ceremony,  teachers and employees received tokens from the students.   This heart-warming moment was followed by a video presentation featuring students from the different colleges of the institution expressing their love and appreciation for the teachers.

The teachers and employees were treated to a  free massage, manicure and pedicure by the evening cosmetology classes of ISAT U as part of the afternoon’s activties.