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ISAT U grads top 2023 board exams

Joshua Aniken Garcia Acusta, ranked no. 1 and Dante John Sudario Robles, ranked no. 4 in the Electronics Engineering and Electronics Technician board exams respectively based on the results released by the PRC on Wednesday, April 26.

Engr. Acusta and Engr. Robles belong to the graduates of batch 2022. Both are outstanding performers in their academics and are also champion chess players.

In an interview, Engr. Acusta revealed that  he was not expecting to be the Top 1 although there are a lot of people telling him that he has the potential.

“I was not really expecting it. However, some people including my professors in college were telling me otherwise. Giving you pressure in a good way.”

Engr. Robles on the other hand revealed that they followed certain ‘superstitions’ when they took the exams.

“We just laughed about it but before taking the exams, we also  observed using something red and even had our p

encil sharpened by a previous topnotcher”, he said.

Both topnotchers will receive cash incentives from the University with Engr. Acusta getting 100k and 25k for Engr. Robles. A testimonial dinner will also be conducted in their honor and the other passers of the licensure exams.

CHED Chair Popoy De Vera commended this feat of the University in his Facebook post.

“After last months testimonial dinner for the 48/48 passing and #4 in the mechanical engineering exam, eto naman #1 sa electronics engineering exam ang ISATU! Congratulations President Raul Muyong and the faculty of ISATU for your mentorship! Testimonial dinner na ulit!”

For his part, ISAT U President Dr. Raul F. Muyong attributes this success to a number of factors. He said, “This is a culmination of   a number of things. A stringent selection process in our admission, hiring of quality faculty members, and the provision of an enabling environment in the University where opportunity like this could grow and prosper.”

In less than a year from June 2022, the University was able to produce the following topnotchers from various licensure exams:

Rank 1 – Architect Licensure Examination

Rank 1 – Electronics Engineers Licensure Examination

Rank 4 – Licensure Examination for Mechanical Engineers

Rank 4 – Electronics Technician Licensure Exams

Rank 7 – Agriculturist Licensure Exams

Rank 10 – Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers

ISAT U hosts Testimonial Dinner for new Mechanical Engineers, Topnotcher

The University hosted a Testimonial Dinner in honor of Engr. Nikko Perez Martirizar, Rank 4 and passers of the February 2023 Mechanical Engineers Licensure Exams on April 14 at the Diversion 21 Hotel, Mandurriao, Iloilo City.

Engr. Martirizar is the 4th Topnotcher produced by the University after a string of exemplary performances from Ar. Ofianga (Rank 1), Orr (Rank 7), and Nobleza (Rank 10) in Architect, Agriculturist, and Professional Teachers board exams respectively.

The ISAT U new Mechanical Engineers also registered a 44/44 or 100% passing rate for first time takers which gave t

he University a distinction as the TOP 2 Performing School in the entire country.

“We are happy for the achievement of Engr. Martirizar. We commend our faculty members from the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) and personnel for putting us on the map once again through this performance,” according to Dr. Muyong.

CHED Chair Dr. J Prospero E. De Vera III emphasized the role of the faculty members and the entire organization in producing topnotchers. Chair Popoy is one of the attendees together with CHED VI Regional Director  Dr. Raul C. Alvarez, and other members of the Board of Regents of the University.

Engr. Martirizar received a monetary incentive of 25K and other cash and non – cash incentives from Dr. Muyong, CHED Chair Popoy, and members of the board.

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