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College Conducts ICT Training

Aiming to develop and train the teacher-education graduates of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) to become more competitive in utilizing technology for education, the WVCST-World Links Training Center conducted the Enhanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Training on February 4-8 at the WVCST K-3 building.

The topics during the 5-day ICT training centered on the uses of computers and other forms of multi-media devices in enhancing the teaching-learning process. Participants were trained to perform the basics of Microsoft Office, develop web surfing skills in identifying educational sites, recognize suitable pedagogy in ICT grounded classroom, and promote tele-collaboration in accomplishing academic tasks. The hands-on activities included making multi-media presentations, designing tables, graphs and simple desktop publications, and creating web quests. Each participant’s finished products were compiled into a portfolio which was presented during the closing program.

The team of trainers/facilitators was composed of Dr. John Eric V. Juaneza, team leader; Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut, Dr. Carmen L. Cruzata, Dr. Catherine L. Sumaculub, Dr. Noli R. Mandario, Dr. Renelda P. Nacianceno, Dr. Frisian Y. Causing, and Dr. Ma. Asusina Asuncion E. Echaveria. The project is a collaborative effort with World Links Philippines and Intel Philippines, leading companies in the field of technology.

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