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CSC recognizes ISAT U in Pasidungog 2019

Dr. Raul F. Muyong receives the Plaque of Appreciation from CSC RO6 Director Nelson G. Sarmiento (left).

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Regional Office VI recognized ISAT U during the Pasidungog 2019 at Diversion 21 Hotel, Iloilo City on September 11, 2019.

Pasidungog 2019 is part of CSC’s 119th anniversary that aims to recognize outstanding accomplishments and exemplary behavior of government officials and employees considered as servant-heroes or “lingkod-bayani” and stakeholders which have provided continuing support to the Programs, projects and activities of the CSC Regional Office VI.

In a letter from Director Nelson G. Sarmiento of CSC Region 6,  ISAT U was recognized as an active partner in the various programs, projects and activities of the CSC and has been instrumental in the realization of the CSC’s goals, programs and projects.

University observes ASEAN Celebration

Dr Raul F. Muyong and designated officials, faculty and staff in ASEAN attire raise the ASEAN and member-nation flags.

The University observed  the ASEAN Celebration by holding different activities that heightened the awareness of the cooperation and collaboration of ASEAN-member nations towards quality education.

The university started the ASEAN Celebration on  September 2, 2019  with a video presentation at the Multi-purpose Educational Center during the flag ceremony. Students are also involved by letting them answer trivia questions related to the celebration every first Monday of the month.

Dr. Nemia H. Mabaqiuao, Director for International and National Affairs, said that part of the ISAT U commitment to the ASEAN is the wearing of ASEAN attire. “The wearing of the national costume and the raising of the flags of member nations and the ASEAN flag will be held during the flag ceremony every first Monday of the month up to the month of December. Monthly winners for the best ASEAN attire from different departments and the administrative staff will also be rewarded,”  Dr. Mabaquiao said.

The university is also actively involved in cross-country training of students with partner institutions in the ASEAN region as well as participation in the different academic endeavors and activities of the ASEAN.

Int’l welding tech center to rise soon

Iloilo Science and Technology University and Lincoln Electric Company entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will establish an International Welding Technology Center/Program. Dr. Muyong and Mr. Nahanni Nagle, Managing Director of Lincoln Electric Company (Asia-Pacific), signed the MOU on June 20, 2019 at MIRDC Compound, DOST, Taguig City.

The University develops the skills of the students in the field of welding.

The center is perceived to have world class welding technology training programs and will efficiently use site resources, accelerate student learning, and result in student highly employable in global and local industries, promote and develop research, technical cooperation and community services.

During the Skills Olympics of the University Foundation Week Celebration, Dr. Raul F. Muyong gave emphasis to welding. “Here in the Philippines, welding is just a course, but in other countries it is a profession,” he said. He also challenged the College of Industrial Technology  dean and the department heads to propose for a state-of-the-art welding laboratory which is relevant to the MOU. In the agreement, the University is tasked to provide site, welding curriculum and laboratory subject to recommended modifications by Lincoln Electric.

Lincoln Electric, on the other hand, will provide consultation services to develop an outcomes-based curriculum to meet local industry needs. The company will develop skill profile templates for selected welding technology occupations related to the content and quality of ISAT U industry partners.

It is also set to introduce approaches that will minimize cost of the laboratory and make the most efficient use of ISAT U funds. Among which are the specification of curriculum and hands-on equipment laboratories for the welding technology facility and compliance to the engineering education accords and an individualized learning delivery.

The development of faculty is also stipulated in the MOU. Lincoln will develop a master teacher program to ensure that ISAT U has a staff prepared to produce outcomes-based welding technology training programs and effective assessments for students to assure program quality.

The MOU also offers opportunity to students to access to industry-relevant international certifications by introducing ISAT U welding technology program teams to Lincoln’s certification-based partners.

Lincoln Electric is a reputable firm founded in 1895 with its head office in Ohio, USA and is registered with laws in Singapore for its Asia Pacific operations.

Suarez wins SR elections, joins BOR

Student Regent Adeline E. Suarez

“My passion is to be the voice of my fellow ordinary students,” was the quick response of Miss Adeline Espulgar Suarez when asked after being elected President of the Federated Student Republic (SR) on August 29, 2019. Suarez will represent the students in the ISAT U Board of Regents (BOR).

Her track record earned her the respect of fellow student leaders in different ISAT U campuses. “ I enter ISAT U as an ordinary student in 2016, and since then I joined the Chess Varsity Team,‘ she narrated. The next year, Suarez served the University as a student laborer.

Despite her hectic schedule, service is still in the priority list of the lady. In the same year, she run and was elected as Class Mayor . Greater opportunity came and she was elected as Student Republic Senator where she was awarded as the Most Outstanding Student Leader in AY 2018-2019. Miss Suarez was also designated as the Ambassadress of the Freedom of Information for AY 2019.

“This time responsibility and task are knocking the door of my leadership career, how could I say no?” was all she said when she won the election.

Among her plans is to reinforce the approval of the university president for students to attend programs sanctioned by the university. “ The problem is dehado ang mga estudyante, some instructors will not allow students to attend programs even if there are memos from the president, “ Suarez lamented. “I’ll be proposing a resolution that will oblige teachers to extend remedial activities for students who are excused in classes to attend programs and to give instructors corresponding sanctions for disallowing students,” she added.

A Bachelor of Information Technology senior, she plans to exploit the net for students information, “if by chance I will push through the first ever ISAT U Info Board Application, where all applicable information are directly seen and disseminated to the students,’ Suarez explained.

The famous words of US President John Quincy Adams which says, “ If your action inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader, “ inspired Miss Suarez and made her believe that “being a leader does not only possess the willingness to serve but also the willingness to help and inspire others.”

Dr. Muyong participates in TVET leadership training

Participants from other countries listen to the discussions of Dr. Raul F. Muyong.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong attended the 2019 UNEVOC TVET Leadership Programme for Asia and the Pacific at Bangkok, Thailand on September 2-9, 2019.

The program aims to strengthen the leadership skills of the TVET leaders across the globe. It is  also part of the UNEVOC program to strengthen the TVET in the region.

Dr. Muyong is one of the 16 mid-to senior-level TVET experts who participated in the event. Other participants are from Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Fiji, Cambodia, People’s Republic of China, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Maldives, Bhutan, Malaysia, Nepal, Republic of Uzbekistan, the Philippines.

As head of the UNEVOC center, he provides the leadership direction in planning, implementing, cascading, monitoring and reporting the various projects, programmes of ISAT U and UNEVOC Center. He is also engage in strengthening the collaboration and international linkages to help address various gaps and issues. At present. UNEVOC is confronted with concerns on greening TVET institutions, access and equity, graduate mobility, changes in the world of work, TVET teachers’ qualifications and certifications.

The participants engaged in thorough discussion on the SDGs UNESCO normative instrument and regional strategies or TVET; impulses from the Asia-Pacific region; equality and fairness-protecting both genders; analyzing TVET systems through policy review; financing work-based learning; move to action; transforming TVET to contribute to sustainable and digital economies and societies; partnering with the private sector; quality assurance in TVET; leadership for change; and change management.

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