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ISAT U joins Dinagyang Festival

As part of its extension services and community engagement, the University participated in the different activities of the world renowned Dinagyang Festival on January 26 and 27, 2019.  Tribu Panganinao,  the ISAT U tribe for the festival, wowed the crowd as it portrayed the Ilonggo way of life in dances and cultural presentation during the Kasadyahan street parade. The ISAT U performers joined as a non-competing group to give additional color to the celebration and to entertain the guests.

The bloodletting activity allows students, faculty and staff to help humanity by donating their blood.

In its commitment to social responsibility, the University through the Extension Services Division also joined the Dinagyang Blood Olympics. It is a project to generate blood donations for the Philippine National Red Cross. The students, faculty and staff donated 23 bags of blood.

The ushers and the usherettes, (left) and the students with their creations in the gala fashion show.

Dinagyang is also an avenue of learning for Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Technology (BSHRT) and Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design and Merchandising (BSFDM) students. The BSHRT students served as ushers and usherettes in the Miss Dinagyang Beauty Pageant while the BSFDM students displayed their creations in pageant’s gala fashion show.


COE-EC launches Project UNGKA DOS

Prof Leander S. Gregorios meets with Brgy. Officials for envisioning the barangay’s Vision, Mission and Goals.

The College of Education-Extension Council (COE-EC) launched Project UNGKA DOS at Brgy. Ungka II, Pavia, Iloilo as part of its extension services and community engagement.

Project UNGKA DOS which stands for Upgrading and Nurturing Green Knowledge with Accountability, Development-Outcomes and Sustainability is designed to improve the community’s life and for its total development.

“The project has six areas of services– Education, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Political, Physical and Environmental,” COE Extension Coordinator Prof. Leander S. Gregorios explained. “Each areas has its specific activities and projects conducted by the college and its collaborators,“ he added.

One of the activities is the envisioning of Ungka Dos Vision, Mission and Goals (VMG) conducted on November 2018. Headed by COE Dean Dr. John Eric V. Juaneza, the faculty and students of Educational Management course conducted series of lectures. The activity institutionalizes the barangay’s VMG and organize the community for the smooth flow of delivery of basic services and attain sustainability.

The actual demonstration of the T-shirt printing.

The skills training on T-shirt printing, dressmaking and tailoring, and building wiring installation for unemployed men, women and youth started on October 27. The six months training commenced with T-shirt printing activity conducted by the Technical and Livelihood Education teachers and students. The output of the participants was used by the barangay in the municipality’s Tigkaralag Festival.

The Youth Rocks U is another activity that empowers the involvement and participation of the youth in the activities and programs of the community, emphasizes the role and responsibilities of the youth and builds and develops self-confidence and unity among them. The Educator’s Guild help in facilitating the two-day activity on December 8-9.

Part of the program is Project Kaalwan or gift giving activity. The first recipient of the activity is Ungka II Elementary School.

“Since this is a continuing project, more activities contained in the different areas of services will be conducted in the barangay, “said Dr. Juaneza.

University library upgrades facilities

Dr. Raul F. Muyong and the library staff receive the books from CCPTA, Inc. officers.

The university library acquired additional materials and updated its facilities to address the needs of the students and in preparation for the offering of new courses for Academic Year 2019-2020.

“The purchase of 1.4 million pesos worth of books is now on process. It is the 80% of selection and requests by the faculty during the 2018 Book Fair. The amount to be used for the purchase is from the library fees,” said Ms. Ninfa G. Geloryao, University Librarian.

Aside from the library fees, the deans of different colleges also pledged to allocate an amount from the 2019 budget for the purchase of additional materials. “We are looking forward that another 2 million pesos worth of books will be available at the Library soon,” Ms. Geloryao added.

The new tables, chairs and cabinets (above) and the on-going completion of the library building.

The College, Community, Parents and Teachers Association (CCPTA), Inc. also donated 58 volumes of 47 titles of books on various subjects. The 20 thousand pesos worth of materials was turned-over by CCPTA, Inc. President Edgar Salazar to the University on January 29, 2019. Mr. Salazar aired the commitment of the organization to help modernizing the library.

Aside from additional materials, modern furniture, office equipment, reading facilities and four-channel CCTV cameras were installed.

The library online resources has also started its link to ISAT U website. The online facility features the vision, mission and goals, objectives, rules and regulations and the personnel. It also offers the Library services, resources and activities. Feed backs and comments can also be channeled online.

The completion of the library building is already at 47% as of January 2019. “If completed, it will be a modern facility that will offer an ambience conducive for studying and learning activities, “Ms. Geloryao added.

The library also passed the Level III and is gearing for Level IV accreditation sometime this year.

CSC recognizes ISAT U’s PRIME-HRM compliance

CSC RO 6 Regional Director Rodolfo B. Encajonado congratulates ISAT U President Dr. Raul F. Muyong and Human Resource Management Officer Mr. Bonnie S. Arenal while CSC Iloilo City Field Office Director John Esar T. David and CSC Director III Atty. Alexis S. Palomar-Tabino look on.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) Regional Office VI awarded a certificate of recognition to Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) for passing the on-site accreditation for Maturity Level II of the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in the Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) during the awarding ceremony at Casa Real, Iloilo Provincial Capitol on March 4, 2019.

Among the 23 awardees in the region, ISAT U is one of three from the Province of Iloilo and the only state university given the recognition.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong and ISAT U staff pose with CSC executives. From left, ISAT U administrative staff Mr. John P. Mandario, CSC Iloilo Field Office Director John Esar T. David, CSC Regional Director Rodolfo B. Encajonado, ISAT U President Dr. Raul F. Muyong, HRM Officer Mr. Bonnie S. Arenal, HRMO staff Ms Arvic Dolendo,  and ISAT U Public Information Officer Prof. Heinz Gumaguil.

The University met the Human Resource (HR) maturity level 2 indicators in four (4) core HR Systems particularly Recruitment, Selection and Placement (RSD), Learning and Development (L&D), Performance Management (PM), and Rewards and Recognition (R&R) in the Enhanced PRIME-HRM using three lenses namely : Systems, Practices and Competencies. The on—site assessment was conducted by Mr. Ramon P. Refugio, Jr. and Mr. Megel G. Tembrevilla, of the Policies and Systems Evaluation Division of the CSC Regional Office VI on October 10-12, 2018.

Under the systems lenses, the assessors looked into the ISAT U’s documentation, such as files that support the HRM system policies, and procedures. In the practices lenses , the assessors conducts interviews with the HRM Officer and the key university officials to find out their level of understanding and engagement in the four core areas while under the competencies lens, the assessor determines the capabilities of the HRM Office using the proficiency level indicators.

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