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Dr. Muyong elected to the AACCUP Board of Trustees

Dr. Raul F. Muyong

Dr. Raul F. Muyong

Dr. Raul F. Muyong, ISAT U President, was elected as member of the 11-man Board of Trustees of the Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) during the 30th AACCUP Annual National Conference held at the Century Park Hotel, Malate, Manila on February 15-17, 2017.

The 11 Trustees for 2017-2019 were elected from three (3) Categories: Category I (Presidents/ Vice Presidents/Chancellors), Category II  ( Deans/Directors) and Category III (Faculty).

Other elected Board of Trustees are as follows:Picture5

ISAT U is rank 3 in AACCUP 2017 Outstanding SUCs; QAC Director ranks 5th Outstanding accreditor

Dr. Raul F. Muyong and Dr. Renelda Nacianceno (6th and 5th from right) with other awardees at the

 Dr. Raul F. Muyong ( fifth from left)  receives the award at the Grand Ballroom, Century Park Hotel, Manila.  Also in photo are Dr. Renelda P. Nacianceno, Quality Assurance Director, VPAA Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr., Dr. Ma. Eugenita Capaciete, Dr. Dominico Sergie O. Valenciana and Dr. Alejo P. Biton

Iloilo Science and Technology University ranked 3rd in the 2017 Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP) Search for Outstanding State Universities and Colleges while Dr. Renelda P. Nacianceno, Quality Assurance Director, ranked 5th in the Search for Outstanding Accreditors.

The Plague for Quality Service Award for Top Ranking SUCs and Quality Service Award for Outstanding Accreditors were given during the 30th AACCUP Annual National Conference on February 15-17, 2017 at the Grand Ballroom, Century Park Hotel, Malate, Manila.

Picture3ISAT U garnered a total of 92 points in the following criteria: (1)  Accredited Programs, which includes the level of program accreditation (from Candidate to Level IV and to Institutional) and the number of accredited programs per level; (2) cooperativeness in sending accreditors during survey visits; (3) Internal Quality Assurance Unit whether it exists as a task force, formally organized, with staff, budget, and special orders; (4) participation to AACCUP Trainings, the number of participants and the frequency; (5) participation of SUC to the Mid-Year and Annual Conferences; (6) awards as Top 10 for the past 5 years as to the level of awards.

Meanwhile Dr. Nacianceno got 85 points in the following criteria for the Search for Outstanding Accreditors: (1)  role in the Accreditation across levels of accreditation; (2) participation in AACCUP Conferences, participation in the trainings; (3) research and paper presentation; (4)and participation in the QCBA instrument.

The criteria for the mentioned awards were approved by the AACCUP Board per Resolution No. 097, s. 2016 during its meeting held last December 16, 2016.

The technical evaluators for the awarding were AACCUP Executive Director Manuel T. Corpuz  as Chair and Dr. Riceli C. Mendoza, Dr. Nenita I. Prado, Dr. Samson L. Molao and Dr. Ricky G. Abalena,  as members.

Atis perform for OBE learning activity in Literature class

The TLOD demonstrating Ati's way of life.

The TLOD demonstrating Ati’s way of life.

The Atis from Leong, Cabatuan and Lanit, Jaro settlement areas did not only entertain but educate the crowd in their cultural presentation during the outcome-based education (OBE) learning activity of the Literature class held at the Multi-purpose Covered Gym on February 14.

Tribu TLOD (Tribal Leong Organization Development) from Cabatuan, Iloilo entertained the students and faculty through the display of their rich cultural heritage. A vocal solo in indigenous Ati language gained tremendous applause from the audience as the native did good not only in singing but also in beatboxing. TLOD shared their culture in a tribal dance depicting their nomadic lifestyle- hunting, mat weaving, broom-making and other native way of life of an Ati. The spears, bow and arrow and other native ornaments used by the Atis were a good learning tools for the students.

panAti Tribe Mission, Inc. and Tribu Buntatalanit from Lanit, Jaro portrayed some historical events and cultural assimilation in their presentation. The group rendered a choral presentation and a vocal solo in indigenous language featuring the Purchase of Panay. The tribal street dancing by Tribu Buntatalanit portrayed the Ati culture in the modern world. Tribu Buntatalanit was a participant in the 2017 Dinagyang Festival.

For its part, ISAT U Cultural Group presented various cultural dance and musical numbers.

Ati visitors receive goods and grocery items from Literature class students.

Ati visitors receive goods and grocery items from the Literature class students.

Prof. Maria Elena C. Villa, Literature teacher, said that the objectives of the activity were to enhance the teaching-learning strategy to meet the outcome-based learning; to make the students appreciate and be aware of the cultural characteristics of the Atis; to bring ISAT U closer to the Atis through the students and university officials; to make the Atis feel the beauty of being in a learning institutions and make them see the importance of education, and to make the students feel the culture of the Atis.

As part of the activity, the students initiated a gift giving activity to 50 Ati families who received slippers, used clothing and grocery items.

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