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HRT Holds Tourism Planning and Development Culminating Activity

The HRT Department of the College of Industrial Technology held its culminating activity on February 27, 2014 entitled “Banwa ko, Ipabugal ko!”

A Food Fair featuring delicacies and other products from the different towns and municipalities in the Province of Iloilo were sold by HRT students. In this activity, the students will have the chance to practice their skills in entrepreneurship and their creativity in putting up their kiosks.

According to Dr. Dominico Sergie Valenciana, Dean of the College of Industrial Technology, to be able to become a successful entrepreneur one must be matured and ready to grow. However, there is always the tendency to decline if one do not possess determination. He also pointed out that in preparation there should be focus, creativity and punctuality.

Before the food fair started, Dr. Dominico Sergie Valenciana did the cutting of ribbon assisted by Dr. Maria Riclie A. Mucas, Head, HRT Department and Mrs. Mary Jean Nobleza, the College Budget Officer to officially open the activity.

Students, faculty and employees of WVCST flocked the different kiosks to buy which affirmed another year of a successful activity for the HRT students.

The Tourism Planning and Development Activity- “Banwa ko, Ipabugal Ko”, has been on its 5th year.

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WVCST Graduate School Conducts Field Study

The WVCST Graduate School Class of IE-508 (School Site and Properties) under Dr. John Eric V. Juaneza conducted a field study on selected schools in High School and Elementary in Iloilo City on February 22, 2014.          

The study was done to identify the effectiveness of a school site development plan in terms of its relevant formulation and implementation, to understand the trends, issues and problems pertinent to the formulation and implementation of the same and for the students to gain insights in the related formulation and implementation of an appropriate and realistic school site development plan.

            Five elementary schools and four high schools were visited by the class namely CPU Elementary School, Tacas Elementary School, Jaro I and II Elementary Schools and WVSU Elementary School. For the high school, they went to CPU High School, Jaro High School, WVSU High School and Iloilo National High School. These schools were chosen to be the subject of study for their historical values, building designs and were DepEd declared winners of beautification program. The class specifically focused on the school sites, buildings, library, library facilities, tools and machineries, equipment and other properties.

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WVCST ROTC Unit Goes Under Tactical Inspection

The Western Visayas College of Science and Technology ROTC underwent the Regional Annual Administrative Tactical Inspection yesterday, February 26, 2014.

Before the ceremonial parade, a briefing was conducted between the College Administration headed by VP for Admin and Finance, Dr. Nehema K. Misola, VP for Research and Extension, Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut and OIC VP for Academic Affairs and Campus Administrator, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr. and other key officials and the RAATI Team, headed by Capt. Annie Rose Puno, who represented Col. Pascual Luis D. Bedia, CAV MNSA (GSC) of the Philippine Army. Engr. Christian Misola of the Environmental Safety and Security Department, gave a presentation of the history and background of the WVCST-ROTC Unit.

The main objectives of the Tactical Inspection according to Capt. Puno, is to determine the existing condition of ROTC Units in terms of Administration Personnel, facilities, training aids, equipment and support extended by the school authorities. It is also done to evaluate the degree and quality of the training obtained by the cadets in relation to its performance.

After the ceremonial parade and tactical inspection, Capt. Puno explained the point system in the Regional Annual Academic Tactical Inspection that was conducted. There are 2 aspects considered in the point system, 1 is the administrative and the other is the tactical inspection. The administrative aspect is divided into 7 (office organization and management, filing system, completeness of records, training aids and reference materials, briefing of ROTC commandant, MOI of Organic NC or Reservists and cadet organization or attendance. Out of 25 points, the WVCST ROTC Unit got 24.55 points.

For the tactical aspect which is divided into 3, the drill test (composed of ceremonial parade, company drill, inspection in ranks, and school support & participation) which is 30 points, theoretical test which is 20 pts, the WVCST ROTC Unit got 13.919pts, and the military stakes composed of military courtesy and discipline, assembly/disassembly of calibre 5.56 M16 rifle, assembly/ disassembly of calibre .45 pistol, map reading, DRRO or First Aid demonstration and small unit leadership and practice)- out of 25 points, the College ROTC garnered 23.409pts. For the over-all score, the WVCST ROTC Unit got a total 90.848 points.

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