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WVCST Students Attend Journalism Forum

                A forum on “Citizen Journalism Using Social Media” was conducted and attended by WVCST – CAS Students yesterday, February 3, 2013 at the EdTech Center.

 The activity which was spearheaded by the Student Republic under its President Brandon Rivera, intends to heighten the awareness of the students on the basic responsibility in posting pictures, comments and sharing ideas and videos on social media.

Miss Mary Rose Adelle Pacificar, a Journalism teacher from Iloilo National High School discussed the difference between mobile journalism  and citizen journalism, their advantages and disadvantages and the responsibilities that go with them. Moreover, Miss Pacificar emphasized that citizen journalism plays a big role in the society especially in times of calamities and events where communication must be disseminated accurately and fairly. With this, she encouraged the students that with proper training they should not only be using the social media on posting their selfies but also in joining citizen journalism by posting relevant issues that affect the country.

On the other hand, Prof. Hazel Palmares Villa of the College of Ed of WVSU and at the same time a local journalist from Panay News, related her experience with the aftermath of Typhon Yolanda and the founding of Typhoon Yolanda Story Hub Visayas, an example of citizen journalism. According to her, this group was formed after she posted her idea of going to the northern part of the Iloilo Province not just to help but to tell the stories of the people and let Filipinos and people across the world know that it’s to not only Leyte that was affected but also the Northern part of Iloilo as well as Capiz. Through the outrageous response of the netizens to citizen journalism they were able to bring food and water to those affected and made people around world aware of what was happening.

With basic training in writing and in taking pictures and videos, citizen journalism can be a big tool in propagating a much faster and accurate communication in this age of technology which is not only for our use but also to the advantage of our country.

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