In observance of the Annual 18 Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW), the Gender and Development (GAD) Center, conducted different activities spearheaded by GAD Director, Dr. Emily de la Cruz, from November 24, 2023 to December 7, 2023.

The18-Day Campaign started with the parade around the campus on November 24. “The Walk to End VAW” was participated by ISAT U Marching Band, the Student Republic and other Student Organizations.

A VAW Mural Painting was held on November 28-30, 2023, in which students from different Colleges took part. Painting the walls behind the GAD Center, students expressed their ideas on how to end Violence Against Women through their artistic skills and talent in painting.

A screening of a video on HIV/AIDS was available by appointment to all students, faculty and staff on November 28 – 30. This video screening was conceptualized for HIV/AIDS awareness.

On December 1, 2023, participants composed of students, faculty and staff showed their support to the campaign as they danced with gusto to the “Hataw for World AIDS Day at ISAT U Football Grounds. Dr. Harry Fundal, Head of the PE Department together with Dr. Dyna Remaneses led the group. Also on the same day, a Poster Making Contest for the students was held at the TLE Center while the Lecture on HIV-AIDS and Reproductive Health was conducted in the afternoon. Mr. Rodolfo Chin, Jr, a Registered Nurse and Health Promotion Officer II/ HIV & STI Surveillance Officer of Department of Health-Western Visayas, lectured on “HIV/AIDS Basics: An Overview, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments.” Meanwhile, Mr. Rey John Diono, also a Registered Nurse and a Technical Consultant-USAID-Reach Health Project, discussed the “Right Approach to Relationship and Sexual Health Education.”

On December 5, 2023, the vibrant spirit of creativity and skills of the students was again tested as they took part in the Dayaw Commpetition, Digital Meme Making Contest and Memes Interpretation Contest.

The Non-teaching personnel did not only stay as audience to all these activities. Instead, on December 6, 2023 they gave everyone a taste of their abilities as they joined the Digital Poster Making Contest. They also proved that they are not only good at office work but they can also be competitive in GAD Quiz Bee. These competitions were participated in by the non-teaching personnel from the Iloilo City Campus as well as that of the External Campuses.

The last day of the 18-Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW) was highlighted by activities participated by students from the different campuses of ISAT U. The Multi-Purpose Educational Center echoed with the powerful words of the 7th Annual GAD Spoken Poetry Contest and the harmonious melodies of the 2nd Annual Voice Choir Contest as talented students ISAT U campuses performed at their best in support to the activity.

The exciting 10th Annual GAD Quiz Bee- Students’ Edition took place in the afternoon of the final day setting a record of 38 participating teams. Questions on Gender and Equality and Anti Violence Against Women and Children were classified in three (3) categories – Easy, Average and Difficult. The teams with the highest scores for the 3 categories were automatically declared as winners and the rest got consolation prizes.

Here are the winners of the different competitions for the 18 –Day Campaign to End Violence Against Women:

1st Place –            Louise M. Belen (CEA)
2nd Place –          Nelson S. Grasparil (CEA)
3rd Place –           Kyla Ysabelle P. Dela Cruz (CAS)

Consolation Prizes
                                JC Ray Clement G. Jover (CIT)
                                Lui J A. Gulanes (CIT)
                                Jusef Albert E. Espin (CIT)

1st Place –            Joshua Vista (COE)
2ndPlace –           Jeroh Daanaoy
3rdPlace –            Rhadjan Louis Erta

1st Place –            Ma. Janica Paca – Anas (CAS)
2nd Place –          Timothy James Damaolao (CEA)
3rd Place –           Alex Eduard Deadio (CEA)

1st Place –            Yaeshen Villanueva (CEA)
2ndPlace –           John Christian Garcia (CAS)
3rd Place –           Justine Art Solinap (CIT)

1st Place –            Jephthah C. Sustituido (PICO)
2nd Place –          Ma. April Rose B. Tibudan (CIT)
3rd Place –           Jerome Gamarcha (MIAGAO)
Consolation Prizes
Rico Agustine Laurente (LIBRARY)
                            Ernesto C. Laguna (OSAS)
                            Bren Louise Tamagos (Library)

1st Place –            MIAGAO CAMPUS
                                     Jan Marini Tumugdan
                                     Bea Lorraine Toledo
                                     Zenidine Depamaylo
2nd Place –          ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (RSD & VPEA)
                                     Jessa Mae Lastimoso
                                     Diona Mae Abario
                                     Geraldine Jane Togle

3rd Place –           ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (IAS)
                                     John Jee Jamore
                                     Thea Well Rapista
                                     Joana Maiko Acosta

1st Place –            Iloilo City Campus
                       Felrose Gervacio (BEED1B)                       
Ma. Lieziel Tacaisan (BEED 3 B)
2nd Place –          Barotac Nuevo Campus
Jexter  Panerio (BSED MATH 3-A)
3rd Place –           Barotac Nuevo Campus
                       Mavel Batisla-Ong (BTVTED CHS-4)

1st Place –            MIAGAO CAMPUS
2nd Place –          ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (CAS)
3rd Place –           ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (CIT)

1st Place –            ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (CAS)
                                   Rosie Jill Cubita
Jescedale Ann Elicaña
 Katherine Seblit
2nd Place –          ILOILO CITY CAMPUS (CAS)         
Clarissa Faye Madredondo
Maria Beatriz Sambajon
Angela Corneza
3rd Place –           BAROTAC NUEVO CAMPUS
Justine June Durana
Junner Barquilla
Mea Diamante

Congratulations to all the winners!