The Iloilo Science and Technology University through the office of the Safety, Security, Environment and Disaster Mitigation Management (SSEDMO) in cooperation with a security provider conducted a training on Gun Safety and Marksmanship to all its security guards on post as part of the university’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of the students, faculty, staff and the different stakeholders.

Engr. Christian D. Misola, the SSEDMO director gave emphasis on the role of the security guards in safeguarding all the stakeholders, property, and assets across a wide range of settings especially that the university is operating full face to face scheme of learning since the last semester.

“Our security guards serve as the frontline defense against potential threats, making their training and preparedness of utmost importance. Investing in comprehensive training programs for security guards is essential to ensure they possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence to carry out their duties effectively especially now that our university is operating full face to face scheme. Different activities are happening everyday within our campus and the stakeholders welfare is our main priority,” said Engr. Misola.

The said training lasted for two days and one of the key components was the customer service handling. Developing the guards interpersonal and communication skills to create positive interactions with stakeholders and visitors were the main focus of the said enhancement training. By fostering a customer-centric mindset, they can enhance the overall experience of individuals while ensuring safety and security. Since the university is catering to the growing clients may it be from local and international, the training was very relevant and timely.

A total of thirty-five (35) security guards were able to avail of the said training.