“Addressing climate change is a global imperative that requires collective effort.”

As the Earth’s climate undergoes unprecedented shifts, school’s initiative in taking decisive action becomes crucial. From reducing carbon emissions to promoting sustainable practices, initiatives inside school especially in universities aim to mitigate the impacts of climate change and safeguard the planet for future generations.

Last November 28-29, 2023 Iloilo Science and Technology University hold a Student Seminar on Climate Change Action and Sustainability with the theme “Forging the Youth for a Resilient Future”.

The student seminar has been a great contribution to the students knowledge about the university’s movement towards resiliency, and action towards sustainability. Indeed, the seminar has had injected a lasting impact on the students intuition about the environment and on what’s happening to it.

Take a glimpse at our chosen student ambassador as she share her key takeaways from the two-day climate change action forum.

“During the 2-day seminar, I have gained a deeper understanding of the cause and effects of climate change. As a student, I find this seminar very helpful as it serves as an eye opener for all of us to take actions.

This seminar also provided me a comprehensive background about the RA 9729 or the Climate Change Act of 2009 and how the ISAT U complies to it. I have learned in this seminar how important it is to fully understand the concept of greenhouse effect before understanding and solving the rising issue about the climate change.”

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