The WVCST Graduate School Class of IE-508 (School Site and Properties) under Dr. John Eric V. Juaneza conducted a field study on selected schools in High School and Elementary in Iloilo City on February 22, 2014.          

The study was done to identify the effectiveness of a school site development plan in terms of its relevant formulation and implementation, to understand the trends, issues and problems pertinent to the formulation and implementation of the same and for the students to gain insights in the related formulation and implementation of an appropriate and realistic school site development plan.

            Five elementary schools and four high schools were visited by the class namely CPU Elementary School, Tacas Elementary School, Jaro I and II Elementary Schools and WVSU Elementary School. For the high school, they went to CPU High School, Jaro High School, WVSU High School and Iloilo National High School. These schools were chosen to be the subject of study for their historical values, building designs and were DepEd declared winners of beautification program. The class specifically focused on the school sites, buildings, library, library facilities, tools and machineries, equipment and other properties.

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