The HRT Department of the College of Industrial Technology held its culminating activity on February 27, 2014 entitled “Banwa ko, Ipabugal ko!”

A Food Fair featuring delicacies and other products from the different towns and municipalities in the Province of Iloilo were sold by HRT students. In this activity, the students will have the chance to practice their skills in entrepreneurship and their creativity in putting up their kiosks.

According to Dr. Dominico Sergie Valenciana, Dean of the College of Industrial Technology, to be able to become a successful entrepreneur one must be matured and ready to grow. However, there is always the tendency to decline if one do not possess determination. He also pointed out that in preparation there should be focus, creativity and punctuality.

Before the food fair started, Dr. Dominico Sergie Valenciana did the cutting of ribbon assisted by Dr. Maria Riclie A. Mucas, Head, HRT Department and Mrs. Mary Jean Nobleza, the College Budget Officer to officially open the activity.

Students, faculty and employees of WVCST flocked the different kiosks to buy which affirmed another year of a successful activity for the HRT students.

The Tourism Planning and Development Activity- “Banwa ko, Ipabugal Ko”, has been on its 5th year.

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