Abraham A. Porcal, a graduate of Electronics Engineering of WVCST ranked number 10 among the  4, 947 examinees in the National Electronics Engineer Licensure Exam given in December 2013.

            Porcal, who graduated Cum Laude in March 2013, passed the exam with an average rate of 85.80%.

            A native of Jaguimitan, Passi, Abraham  A. Porcal is the youngest among the four siblings of Ismael and Minda Porcal. His three other siblings are all alumni of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology and one of them also graduated Cum Laude.

From his primary to secondary education, he was already an achiever in both Science and Mathematics. In High School, he competed with 109 other high school students from different schools in the Science and Math Olympics in which he landed 4th. When he came to WVCST, Engr. Naci John Trance, his mentor, recalls that he started impressing his professors as a student who is quiet but with adept skill in Mathematics. He joined different academic quiz bowls in Science and Mathematics in the College as well as in Provincial, Regional and National Competitions. He was a Finalist among the 300 participants in the National Search for Math Wizard held in UP Diliman and also won 1st place in the Academic Math Quiz of PASUC 6.

In an interview, he expressed disbelief on learning from text messages that he ranked number 10 in the said exam until he confirmed it on the internet. For him he didn’t review extensively and said he spent 85% on studying and 15% on playing computer games while he stayed in Cebu where he took his board exam. However, he happily narrated that he got 50% discount in one review fee for his pre board exams after finishing it on top 9. Although he confessed that the licensure exam was quite difficult, Porcal said he was very sure with most of his answers. Though for him his score is not really very impressive, nevertheless, he is very thankful for the result and humbly conveyed his desire to start looking for a job.

 Abraham A. Porcal is just one of the 17 students of WVCST who passed  the Electronic Engineer Licensure Exam in December.