The WVCST College of Engineering and Architecture proudly announces a 100% passing percentage in Electronics Communication Technician and a 45.95% passing percentage in Electronic Communication Engineer Licensure Examinations.

The College exceeded the National Passing Percentage which is 73.30% for ECT and 34.51% for ECE. Given in December of 2013, all 7 examinees for Electronics Technicians successfully passed the examinations. However, 17 out 37 examinees for Electronics Engineers passed with one bringing honors to the College for successfully landing on the top 10 of the 4, 947 examinees in the whole country.

Abraham A. Porcal, from Class 2013, graduated Cum Laude, ranked number 10 with a percentile rate of 85.80% in the ECE Licensure Exam and putting WVCST in history as the only passer from the Visayas Region in the top 10 list.

Congratulations to our new Electronics Engineers and Technicians. WVCST is so proud of you!


New Set of Electronics Engineers

  1. Engr. Kim Alderete

  2. Engr. Ruzzel Ambrocio

  3. Engr. Charmane Lou Amedo

  4. Engr. Ma. Cherie Jean Artacho

  5. Engr. Geff Rey Cadion

  6. Engr. Mary Ann Concepcion

  7. Engr. Emmanuel Dieron

  8. Engr. Bernadette Hinguillo

  9. Engr. Fritz Jan Ibañez

  10. Engr. Jose Marie Lauron

  11. Engr. Regine Lebrilla

  12. Engr. Klyde Vincent Losbañes

  13. Engr. Rose Mauricio

  14. Engr. Cris Ian Montero

  15. Engr. Jomar Nuevaespaña, Jr.

  16. Engr. Majal Pedregosa

  17. Engr. Abraham Porcal – 10th Placer

New Set of Electronic Technicians

1. Cadion, Geff Rey

2. Castro, Clemente, Jr.

3. Gantala, Neschelle

4. Montero, Cris Ian

5. Nuevaespaña, Jomar, Jr.

6. Prado, Alecar

7. Smith, Lady