WVCST Student Shyra Clarence Dote of BSEE 1-A was declared  Champion in the recently concluded 22nd Philippine Statistics Quiz, Provincial Level, Category A, Iloilo Provincial Elimination held at Iloilo City Hall. Dote, being the Champion will have the chance to represent WVCST and the Province of Iloilo in the Regional Elimination which will be held in December. Meanwhile, Ace Jerryl Gonzales of BSECE 1-B was 3rd runner-up in that same category. Both students were winners in the School Level Competition (Category A) 1st and 2nd place consecutively,which was held last September.

                On the other hand, students Myla Bertez, Ma. Catherine Cañoso and Jemelyn Hope Plagata, all of BSED 4-B won 2nd runner-up in the 10th Provincial Statistical Analysis Contest for College Students, Category B which was held at NEDA. These students were the official representatives of WVCST after winning 1st place in the School Level Competition Category B last September.

                Ms. Lavinia B. Dulla and Engr. Rubim J. Ybarzabal are their coaches.

                The Philippine Statistics Quiz is held annually by the National Statistics Office to assess the competency, skills and instill awareness  and appreciation of the importance  and value of statistics among the students.