WVCST posted a 71.43% passing score from the National Passing Rate of 68.87% in the recent Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam given this September 2013. Ten out of 14 WVCST students who are all first timers and came from the BSME Class of 2013 successfully passed the exam.

                Compared to other performing schools in Western Visayas, WVCST got the highest rank .


                Here’s the list of the 10 WVCST students who passed the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Exam.

  1. Cerono, Chona D.
  2. Molato, Jonald B.
  3. Pilla , Jay Pee G.
  4. Ledesma, Shanel A.
  5. Infante, Rene Matt Philip A.
  6. Ealdama, Edmon A.
  7. Jaleco, Jerick J.
  8. Onatis,Mark O.
  9. Publico, Jade M.
  10. Estrella, Karl Domenic B.


Congratulations to our new Mechanical Engineers! WVCST is so proud of you!!!