The Office of the Student Affairs is proud to present the students from the different colleges of WVCST who qualified in the UCPB-CIIF (Coco Foundation), Inc. Scholarship Program. 9 of these came from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), 6 from the College of Education (COE), 3 from the College of Engineering and Architecture (CEA) and 1 from the College of Industrial Technology. The students will receive a subsidy of Php6, 000.00 per semester and Php1, 500.00 allowance per month. A general average of 2.0 should be maintained and a no failing grade, incomplete or dropped subject condition must be followed to keep the scholarship. Above all, the student must be a child of a small coconut farmer.

The following are the recipients of the UCPB-CIIF (Coco Foundation), Inc. Scholarship Program:

1. Calapa-an, Jade Faith C. BEED 1-A
2. Tampe, Jimmyrose E. BEED 1-A
3. Torres, Dena Jane T. BEED 1-A
4. Acayang, Heilen Joy D. BSCD 1-A
5. Calibara, Jerick M. BSEE 1-B
6. Tigayon, Joy N. BS Info Tech 1-A
7. Cacay, Jo-em Charles E. BS MarE 1-C
8. Napatal, Harry N. BS MarE 1-C
9. Pillon, Hazel May G. BSED PHYSCI 1-D
10. Lecoto, Rosalie L. BSED – TLE 1-A
11. Luiz, Devorah L. BSED – TLE 1-A
12. Agoniza, Mary Ann D. BS Info Tech 4-A
13. Aleganza, Charleen E. BSCS 4-A
14. Antonio, Michelle C. BS Info Tech 4-B
15. Baranda, Maycee V. BSCS 4-A
16. Elgaran, Mary Rose E. BS Info Tech 4-B
17. Once, Carmen F. BSHRT 4-B
18. Tamagos, Charry Rose T. BS Info Tech 4-A
19. Tayona, Fherlyn G. BS Info Tech 4-A