Office of the President



                                 GRADUATION  MESSAGE


 I am happy to convey my warmest congratulations to all graduates of this University for the Academic Year 2016-2017. My sincere congratulations too, to your parents, guardians and professors who have supported you in reaching your long-cherished dream – the Graduation!


Graduation is one of the most important milestones in your life. This is a day of joyful celebration for successfully hurdling all the trials, sacrifices and challenges of your College life. As you march on stage to receive your diploma, don’t forget to thank everyone who is instrumental for the successful attainment of your respective degree. I am sure, that your Alma Mater, the Iloilo Science and Technology University, has done her best to provide you quality education and instill in you both the hard and soft skills needed for gainful employment. You now have the power to make a difference, improve lives, and make a better world in whatever role you play in the society. Work hard and be honest in everything that you do. In pursuing the challenges in this highly competitive world, strive to be the best. Always persevere for the good of your family and be of service to your fellowmen. Most of all, remain steadfast in your faith in the Almighty. With Him, nothing is impossible.


I wish you all the best of health and good fortune as you seek for your place in the world of work especially with the advent of globalization and ASEAN  Economic Integration. Thank you for choosing Iloilo Science and Technology University to be a part of your life.


God bless you all!