Iloilo City, Philippines – Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) paid tribute to its outgoing President, Dr. Raul F. Muyong, on Auguat 4, 2023, his last day of service after two successful terms. The surprise program titled “Pasasalamat” (Gratitude), was a testament to Dr. Muyong’s exceptional leadership and transformative impact on the university.

                Key officials and non-teaching personnel organized the heartwarming event, expressing their profound appreciation to Dr. Muyong ‘s dedication and vision. The Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, External Affairs, and Research and Extension delivered moving speeches, highlighting his exemplary work in driving academic excellence, infrastructural development, and a thriving research culture at ISAT U.

                The “Pasasalamat” program featured a touching presentation filled with messages of gratitude and well-wishes from faculty, staff and students across all ISAT U campuses. Dr. Muyong, visibly moved by the outpouring of affection, expressed his own heartfelt thanks to the ISAT U family for their unwavering support throughout his tenure.

                While Dr. Muyong’s departure marks the end of an era, his legacy of leadership and dedication continues to inspire the ISAT U community. His vision for the university’s future serves as a roadmap for continued growth and prosperity, ensuring that his impact will resonate for generations to come.

As a visionary leader, Dr. Muyong is known for being disciplined, perfectionist and his quest for quality and excellent education, which gave ISAT University a respectable name not just on craftsmanship, research and extension but most of all on academics. New buildings started to rise both in the old and new site of ISAT U and new programs were also approved by the Commission on Higher Education, and are now offered by the university. As he constantly motivated the faculty and students to perform at their best, the University started to have notable achievements especially in different licensure examinations. ISAT U was placed in the limelight in June 2022 when its alumna Ar. Marianne Kaye L. Ofianga topped the board exam in Architecture. On the same year, two other topnotchers were added on the list:  Mr. Ivan Omar Nobleza, top 10 for Licensure Exam for Teachers held in October 2022 and Mr. Jefferson T. Orr of ISAT U Leon Campus, ranked 7 for Licensure Examination for Agriculturist on November 2022. These achievements in licensure exams did not end here. It was then followed in February 2023 when Engr. Niko P. Martirizar ranked 4 in the Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examination. Two months later, all eyes were glued again at ISAT U as two alumni, Engr. Joshua Aniken Acusta and Engr. Dante Robles got the top posts for Electronics Engineering Licensure Exam – top 1 for Electronics Engineering Licensure Exam and rank 4 for Electronics Technician Licensure Exam respectively. And the list goes on making ISAT U more appealing to incoming freshmen and other institutions that wish to collaborate with the university.

Dr. Muyong hopes that as the new University President steps in, the ISAT U community will continue to work hand in hand for the betterment of the university and its clientele. He promised to bring with him the lessons learned during his term and will treasure the friendship and camaraderie that was made in his 8 years of service as the first ISAT U President. The program ended with Dr. Muyong leading the community song “If We Hold On Together.”