April 25, 2022 -The university opened its gate and welcomed over a hundred students from the different colleges during the F2F classes kick-off flag ceremony after many months of shifting to online classes.

 “It’s been more than two years since the fateful day when we sent you home in March 2020 because of the COVD-19 pandemic. And it hasn’t been the same ever since. More than two years of flexible learning, online classes and using of our virtual learning environment. I am so excited and delighted today to welcome you all, our faculty and students back in the University”, Dr. Muyong, the University president said during his welcome message.

The students, faculty and staff gathered at the covered gym for the flag ceremony and kick-off activities on the said date. Select students and faculty members showcased their dance prowess once again during the intermission number organized by the Student Republic officers.

Dr. Muyong constantly reminded the students to be diligent in their studies and be serious in the performance of their duties and responsibilities while they are in school.

“While you are here in the university, focus on what you are learning because it has been said that neither intelligence nor talent ensures your success in school. Focus, concentration and perseverance are essential for you to succeed.”


VPs and other university key officials were also present during the said kick-off ceremony.