University physician Dr. Robert S. Jacobo (back) and Mr. Reich Dexter Famucol demonstrate the use of the thermal scanner to Dr. Raul F. Muyong during the Administrative Council meeting in March 2020. Observing the procedure are (l-r) Ms. Enieda G. Corona, Dr. Gabriel M. Salistre, Jr. and Prof. Samuel G. Arsulo.

Prior to the declaration of the covid 19 as a world pandemic, the University has already taken measures and put in place the internal guidelines to safeguard the ISAT U academic community.

Aside from massive information campaign,  Dr. Muyong also issued memoranda for the suspension of the use of biometric machines and RFID, mass gatherings and flag ceremonies; modified work schedules and modified admission procedures. The Administrative Council also doubled their efforts in formulating policies geared towards the safety of the academic community.

Ten thermal scanners were procured and used for body check in going to the different ISAT U campuses. Alcohol and hand sanitizers,  foot bath and the disinfection of incoming vehicles were some of the precautionary measures taken by the University.

In preparation for the possible opening of classes, the face masks and other PPEs for students, faculty and staff were already distributed to the different campuses.