ISAT U students and faculty members listen to the global address of Dr. Shyamal Majumdar, Head, UNESCO-UNEVOC International Center.

The University  celebrated the UNESCO-UNEVOC World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) through skills demonstration  on July 15, 2019. The activities aimed to guide the students on the importance and future of vocational education.  ISAT U is one of  the two UNESCO-UNEVOC centers in the Philippines.

A simultaneous activity on Global Cuisine demonstration by renowned chef Mr. Oscar J. Salazar III and the 2D Digital Animation Demonstration were witnessed by the students from different ISAT U campuses. The students also displayed their skills in the TVET Photo Competition 2019 that focused on culture and industry.

In his message, Dr. Raul F. Muyong gave emphasis on the dwindling number of students taking up TVET courses. He also pointed out the opportunities for vocational courses as it grow with Industry 4.0. The message of Dr. Muyong is in line with the concern on underemployment in 3D jobs (dirty, dangerous and difficult) generated by TVET education and training which is one of the focus of the WYSD 2019.

The cooking and 2D animation demo and the entries in the TVET photo contest.

In his global address, Dr. Shyamal Majumdar, Head of UNESCO-UNEVOC International Council expounded the theme “Learning to Learn for Work and Life.” He focused on the changes of the world which has rapid, drastic and serious consequences on the work and life. Dr. Majumdar pointed out that technological changes the way we live, work and learn, and socialize and also a challenge to prepare the future job. “ Rapid changing technology poses a big challenge on how to prepare young people on the job that do not yet exist. ‘ he said

He offered a solution on reports that 60% of the children entering grade school today ends up in jobs that do not exist yet. “Mere technical understanding is not enough for the future world of work,” he said, “there is a need to develop transversal skills which includes adaptability skills, learning to learn skill, entrepreneurial skill and foundation skill to prepare the learner for future job.”

Hon. Lili Nurlaili gives hints and ideas on designing Batik to the participants of the skills day.

Dr Majumdar also emphasized that the World Youth Skills Day display the importance of technical and vocational education and training in providing youth an opportunity to develop their competency. “Preparing the youth with a wide ranging skills prepare them for the job today and emerging occupation of tomorrow, “he said.

Hon. Lili Nurlaili, Culture and Education Attache, Embassy of Republic of Indonesia, also gave an international touch to the occasion. She talked on Batik Basics: The Art of Batik making and its high artistic value. The participants let out their artistry and creativity when they were made to develop Batik designs.