University president Dr. Raul F. Muyong presented the Iloilo Science and Technology University 2016 accomplishments, 2017 targets and 2018 outlooks during the Consultation with Stakeholders and 2018 Budget Preparation on January 31, 2017 at the EdTech Center.

Dr. Raul F. Muyong in his presentation of the 2016 accomplishments, 2017 targets and 2018 outlooks

Dr. Raul F. Muyong presents the 2016 accomplishments, 2017 targets and 2018 outlooks.

General Administration and Support Services

In the main campus, Dr. Muyong reported that 20 million was already exhausted in 2016 for the Phase I construction of the Research Hub. An additional 25 million pesos for the Phase II of the construction is included in the 2017 target. The 60 million Research Hub is the landmark for ISAT U research development activities. The Science and Technology Building or N Building was allocated 24 million pesos for 2017 budget for the second phase of the construction. Dr. Muyong said that upon its completion,  the building will be used for the Teachers Education program and the building that will be vacated by the College of Education will be used by the College of Arts and Sciences. This is to establish a facility or structure for every colleges. The students applauded when it was announced that classrooms in the N Building will be equipped with a built-in projector.

For the external campuses, the 16 million pesos budget from the Senate was used to construct the academic building in Dumangas Campus and the Barotac Nuevo Campus.  For Leon Campus, the phase II rehabilitation of library and the two-classroom one storey buiding in Miag-ao campus.

Other facilities completed in 2016 was the motorcycle pavement park at the New Site, renovation of the Science faculty room, repair perimeter fence, students’ promenade and the bench on the ICT covered walkway.

Dr. Muyong presented to the stakeholders the Government Quality Management Committee award given to ISAT U for being ISO 9001:2008 compliant in education services including academic program and general administration.

Included in the target for 2017 is the 15 million pesos access road intended to connect the two campuses. A bursts of applause followed after Dr. Muyong emphasized that the perennial problems of flood will be solved.

The phase I of the construction of the University new multi-purpose gym is scheduled for 2017. The 5 million pesos facility for all physical education activities will be constructed away from the classrooms to avoid disturbance of the on-going classes.

The completion of the HRT building in Miag-ao campus is also included in the priority list. Seven million of the 10 million budget is allocated  for the structure’s completion. Dr. Muyong explained that the facility will feature a conference hall at the third floor, rooms for accommodation in the second floor and a laboratory for the HRT program in the ground floor. A fitness gym that will be put up in the school open field will be started this year with an allocation of 1.5 million pesos.

Other priorities for 2017 are the 3.5 million pesos budget for the completion of the HRT Laboratory in Dumangas; 8 million pesos Industrial Technology Building and a 1.5 million pesos budget for the purchase of official vehicle of Barotac Nuevo campus; and a 1 million pesos allocation for a risk reduction vehicle for Leon campus.

Part of the Consultation Meeting with Stakeholders is the posting of different concerns and suggestions for the administrations best services.

Part of the Consultation Meeting with Stakeholders is the posting of different concerns and suggestions for the administration’s best services.

The outlook for 2018 includes the completion of the Technology and Livelihood Education Building at the La Paz Campus and the Multi-purpose Gym at the La Paz and Miag-ao Campuses; construction of a three-storey technology building in Miag-ao Campus to accommodate more enrollees and new administration building at Dumangas Campus.

Auxiliary Services

For the auxiliary services, the repair of comfort rooms for the Marine Engineering and TEB and repair of the Registrar’s Office were accomplished in 2016. Dr. Muyong appealed to the students to be responsible in using the comfort rooms and other facilities.

Among the targets for 2017 is the construction of the University Library and its completion is one of the outlooks for 2018. The Leon campus also targets for the construction of the library in 2017.

The Students Services Center which was initiated and proposed by Dr. Raul F. Muyong is another outlook for 2018. The facility is a one-stop-shop from examination to graduation under one roof to be put up in the New Site. It will house the examination center and all academic services and records for the students. The administration building be rehabilitated to give more working area for the Cashier Department and a reception area for the visitors.

Higher Education

Dr. Muyong stressed that the biggest part of the budget is allocated for higher education. However it is expected that the local income will decrease because there will be no first year students. The proposal of a free tuition for next school year was also included but the guidelines for implementation of the program.

The updates of enrollment was discussed. La Paz Campus has 6,000 enrollees; Miag-ao Campus, 3,061;Barotac Nuevo Campus, 677; Leon, 1,090; and Dumangas Campus, 638. For the graduates, La Paz campus has the highest number followed by Miag-ao, Leon, Dumangas and Barotac Nuevo campus. For the performance of the teacher’s licensure examination, La Paz and Miag-ao campuses’ passing percentage is higher than the national passing percentage. Also included are the Rehabilitation of HVAC Refrigeration Room and the BFAT Laboratory and lecture rooms.

For the Instructional laboratories, ICT equipment across campuses were procured in 2016. For the performance target in 2017, Leon campus has 5 million peso for the land acquisition for demo farm and a 1.5 million pesos for agricultural program equipment.

Outlook for 2017, the Engineering Department is preparing for its application as a Center of Development and the University is preparing for more Centers of Development. All programs will be anchored on the Outcome Based Education and by 2018 all programs will be OBEdized.

Another target is the revisiting of existing programs aligned with CHED, PSG and DepEd K-12 program and the revision of all programs by 2018.  In this connection, Dr. Muyong announced that his appointment as member of the technical working committee for the above-mentioned program  was renewed by CHED for another year.

Civil Engineering, AB Psychology, Bio-Technology and more Science courses are also projected for offering for the next school year upon the completion of their requirements. The university is also considering to offer specialized Physical Education courses like Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Management, major in Fitness and Sports Coaching and major in Fitness and Sports Management.

Dr. Muyong emphasized that interventions will be made to increase the passing percentage and preparation for the institutional accreditation for AACCUP and the programs for Level 4 accreditation.

For the advance program, the outlook is the expansion of curriculum operation in the college and the publication of the Graduate Studies Handbook.

Research Services

The University president presented the rundowns of patents and copyrighted, published research and the researchers who were given by USA-STRIDE some privileged to study abroad. Dr. Ticar is in the US for a six months training sponsored by USA-STRIDE.