After weeks of rigid training, the  23 TESDA- faculty scholars of the Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISAT U) finally completed the requirements for the Training Methodology I course.  

The closing rites was held at the New Board Room last January 15, 2016. Their completion of the requirements qualify them  to take the Assessment that would grant them a National Trainer’s Certificate if they earn a passing rate from the assessors.

TESDA Trainer-Facilitator, Mrs. Rhodora Brillantes, said that the assessment will be held sometime last week of  January or first week of February at the  New Lucena Polytechnic College.

During the closing rites, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr., VP for Academic Affairs, mentioned that there will be free 13 trainings to come that will be offered by the school.

“Excellence is an art worked by training and habituation.” He quoted some words of wisdom coming from Aristotle. “Excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

TESDA Provincial Director RO6, Jose Gerry Mallares was also present during the closing rites. Plans on pushing more programs for all sectors other than academe was indicated.

In his words of challenge, the director mentioned the 25 million budget has been allocated  for the scholarship program offered by TESDA. He invited everyone to register in NC3 Housekeeping. Even applicants outside the region can apply.

The University President, Dr. Raul F. Muyong, indicated that the next batch of TESDA training must involve other people from other ISAT U campuses.

The president also encouraged everyone to make a difference in the educational system by conducting more trainings.

“To be effective, feedback must be immediate.” It was one of the impressions given by Mr. Manfred Von P. Magat, one of the TESDA scholars.

New Lucena Polytechnic College Administrator, Mrs. Gina Sophia G. Mondejar, emphasized on the relevance of Technical Vocational Training (TVET) in the growth of the institution.

The overgrowing demand of blue collar jobs abroad was also mentioned during her speech. The dynamic trainings and demonstrations provided by TESDA will supply the demand.

“Move towards the ASEAN standard in the aspect of educational development,” VP for Administration and Finance, Dr. Nehema K. Misola said in her words of acknowledgement.

She was happy for the eagerness of TESDA and New Lucena Polytechnic College in training  the 23 scholars.

Dr. Misola also presented the new  logo of ISAT U during the closing rites.

The faculty scholars who completed the requirements for TESDA assessment are the following:

Hotel & Restaurant Technology

1. Cherry C. Macaya – Housekeeping NCII

2. Hazel M. Malayas – Food and Beverage NCII

3. Grace S. Valenciana – Commerial Cooking NCII

4. Joylyn D. Aguilar – Housekeeping NCII

5. Padema B. Formarejo – Housekeeping NCII

6. Aristeo V. Camis

7. Ram Hanzel P. Capuso


1. Karlo S. Sira – 2D Animation NCII

2. Arthur E. Villagracia – Visual Graphics Design NCII

3. Ma. Analie M. Celda


1. Manfred Von Magat – 2D Animation NCII

2. Reynaldo S. Ilangos – 2D Animation NCII

3. Fel Jun Palawan

4. Charles S. Jaranilla

5. Loreto Gabawa

6. Christine Jamela delos S. Valsado

7. Michelle Escriba

8. Christian Lester D. Gimena

9. Ernest Andreigh Centina


1. Jasmine Ibones


1. Gener Jamoyot


1. John Paul Wendell E. Aranga


1. Leonardo Reoyo