"Do not marry young," Dr. Renato M. Sorolla, President of Carlos Hilado Memorial State College (CHMSC) told 1,006 students during his speech on the 81st commencement exercises of the college.

With a hint of humor, Dr. Sorolla mentioned the advertisement of a famous actress with the tag line, "may savings ka na ba?" which he later related to the fact that the graduates should save money before tying the knot.

The tag line according to him will serve as a guide to the graduates to gauge their ability to get married.

“For the gentlemen here, when you court a lady and you are thinking of marriage—see to it that you have savings,” he continued. These practical pieces of advice brightened the faces of the graduates. 

He also stressed the importance of being responsible when facing real life challenges especially in the world of employment.

“You may win some challenges but you will lose to many,” said Dr. Sorolla, "You have the right to be proud of yourselves because you have done your part."

On a much serious note, he encouraged the graduates to develop their skills that will serve as passwords for success and inspired them to think big and back it up with dreams. 

Dr. Sorolla is from Dumarao, Capiz and a farm boy who dreamed and persevered. Little did he know that his determination would bring him to where he is now– sitting as the President of CHMSC in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

He did not let financial troubles stop him to get what he wanted. He had to stop his high school education for five years because of money troubles, but these did not deter him from having a good education. 

He finished high school through the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) and continued college at Iloilo School of Arts and Trade (ISAT), now known as WVCST, where he graduated his two- year Trade Technical Education in 1981 and his BS in Industrial Education (BSIE) as cum laude in 1983.

Dr. Sorolla served as the Dean of the College of Industrial Technology (CIT) in 2004 and was a member of the faculty of WVCST. His story and determination inspired the commencement exercises committee to make him the 2015 graduation speaker.

"Be proud that you are a product of WVCST," said Dr. Sorolla.

According to him, the school has remained stronger amidst the challenges of time and plays an important role in building a human infrastructure for the country. He pointed out that the graduates should be strong and confident and should show the world that they too can make a difference.

"What I am now is the result of what the creator has given me and, of course, the result of competent skills in life and good education and training provided by the WVCST as a public higher education," said Dr. Sorolla.

Dr. Sorolla is also the brother of Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, the former president of WVCST and the current president of West Visayas State University (WVSU).