Security officers of the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (WVCST) received new equipment given by the school on October 31.

The equipment given to the security officers were new VHR radios, raincoats, safety boots, and flashlights; new equipment is given every two years to ensure the school’s safety and orderliness.

Engr. Christian D. Misola, head of Security of WVCST main campus and external campuses, has organized several trainings to update the security officers for the school’s safety.

“ We organize gun safety, personality profiling and computer trainings for the school’s security officers in about every two years in order to make sure that our school’s security officers have up to date knowledge regarding the school’s safety,” said Engr. Misola.

The chief of Security, Engr. Christian D. Misola, is also responsible for the school’s fire and earthquake safety drills. He also spearheads the survey of the school’s buildings and their possible improvements.