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To keep track of the school’s important files and documents, a document tracking training was held on October 16, 2014.

The training, which was held the whole day at the Computer Laboratory Room 303, was attended by representatives coming from the different offices of the college.

According to Mr. Ned Cababasay, the document tracking system is where documents and files are registered for easy access. All offices will have access to the school’s files and users can also determine whether any action has been taken on the said file.

“The system is very efficient in controlling the school’s important documents,” said Engr. Reynard Chu, WVCST Information Technology Officer I.

Mr. Ned Cababasay, head of the Management Information System-Electronic Data Processing Department (MIS-EDP), served as the training’s resource speaker.

The MIS Department organizes workshops/trainings whenever there are new updates and developments for the school’s system.