To welcome and make them comfortable in their new home, the College of Engineering and Architecture as well as the College of Industrial Technology conducted orientations in different schedules and venues to its freshmen for the academic year 2014-2015 on June 23, 24 and 25.

 In both orientations, Dr. Ambut, the WVCST OIC, challenged the first year students to work hard and concentrate on developing technology that would open more opportunities for them as well as fame and fortune not only for themselves but also for their families and even WVCST. He cited examples wherein technology and research were converted into dollars and millions of pesos. According to him, it’s high time that they consider these things rather than studying but heading nowhere because it only puts their studies in vain.

In addition, Dr. Nehema K. Misola, VP for Administration and Finance, encouraged them to learn how to communicate very well in order for them to be competitive with people from other parts of the world especially with all the challenging demands of globalization. She reminded them of three important senses such as the sense of pride, belonging and accountability.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manuel A. Sanchez, Jr, OIC-VP for Academic Affairs and Campus Administration, advised the freshmen to study hard and be ready to face the challenges of the future for there are no others who will be doing it but them. He also reminded them of what Dr. Jose Rizal once said and ask them to ponder on it. “You are the hope of our country. The future lies on your shoulders and it is up to you on how you are going to face the future. So be prepared and the best preparation should start now.”

The members of the faculty were introduced by their deans and department heads during the orientations.  Also present to explain the programs and services of their offices were Dr. Susan Marie de la Cruz of the Student Affairs Office, the College Registrar, Dr. Leah Montinola, Dr. Nida T. Gomez, the College Librarian, Dr. Zenaida Java, the College Physician and Dr. Edna Sedonio, the College Dentist.

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