The Green Future Innovations Inc. or GFII, a manufacturing company located in San Mariano, Isabela that operates the largest bioethanol and cogeneration plant that utilizes sugarcane sources launched their On-The-Job Training Program to WVCST students on June 13, 2014.

                GFII produces anhydrous alcohol commonly called bioethanol, the “E” component in gasoline that displaces fossil fuel. It aims to become a world-class provider of alternative and renewable energy that is environmentally friendly.

                The company targets students of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Technology, Automotive, Architectural Drafting Technology, Construction Technology, HVAC Refrigeration Technology, Electric arc Welding, Industrial Electricity, Lathe Machine Operation, Milling Machine Operation and Automotive Mechanic.

                According to Mr. Romulo L. Panganiban, the Human Resources Division Manager of GFII, their company extends to technical students from different colleges and universities the opportunity to enrich their acquired academic knowledge, skills and abilities by providing them with industry fitting qualifications that would accelerate the possibility of would be graduates for greater chances of employment. He explained that the OJT Program of GFII does not let the trainees do the usual clerical works or photocopying, instead they will be exposed to actual manufacturing operations in areas like, Mill and Boiling House Operations, Power Generation (CoGen Plant & Boiler), Biomethanation and Biogas Technology, Quality Control, Mechanical Maintenance, Machining and Welding, Refrigeration/Air Conditioning, Vehicle Repairs/Maintenance and Industrial Engineering.

                Mr. Panganiban added that trainees will be given practical assignments, mentors, will be taught skills in customer service, personality development and other soft skills. OJTs must be physically, emotionally and mentally fit, flexible, hardworking, can work with a team and with good personality. The company will provide the trainees travel allowance from their point of origin to Isabela, food allowance, housing, transportation, certificates and recommendation.

                After the discussion, training information sheets were distributed and Mr. Panganiban assured that if they pass the screening, by next week they will be sent immediately to Isabela to start their On The Job Training.

In addition to OJTs, Mr. Romulo Panganiban advised that the Green Future Innovations Inc. is in need of the following: Manufacturing Planning Manager, Quality Planning Manager, Micro Biologistand Head of Manufacturing Division. For the farm, they need a Planting Division Manager, 3 Farm Managers and a Planning Manager for Farm Operations. For more details you may visit their website at

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