Based on CHED Special Order No. 36, Series of 2014, dated April 2, 2014, Dr. Carmelo V. Ambut , WVCST Vice President for Research and Extension, was appointed as the Officer-In-Charge to the Office of the President of Western Visayas College of Science and Technology.

This appointment is in pursuant to the pertinent provision of Republic Act No. 8292, known as the “Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997, Article VII, Section 30 of its Implementing Rules and Regulations and in the demand of service.

He was appointed OIC to the Office of the President effective April 5, 2014 and is directed to perform the routinary duties and responsibilities of the College President. He is also required to submit reports to the Board of Trustees regarding his actions taken in the performance of his duties as OIC and shall maintain stability and regularity of the academics and administrative operations.

To start with his new designation, Dr. Carmelo Ambut directed to retain all designated positions on a hold-over capacity and expressed his hopefulness for the cooperation, diligence and commitment of everybody in performing their usual tasks and functions in the WVCST.

Dr. Ambut will stay as OIC of the College until a new President is installed following the processes of selecting one.