If you think that the faculty and staff of WVCST are too engrossed in providing education and services to their students to give time for themselves to keep fit, well kick that away from your mind and position  yourselves as they Hataw to the max for a healthier lifestyle.

                In line with the Civil Service Commission campaign on Wellness Program, the WVCST Administration, faculty and staff gather for a Taebo-Hataw Welness activity three times a week at the covered gym.

                Gone is the myth that only the fat and overweight nor the young ones only have to exercise. Because of the busy schedule at work and the stress that goes with it, no one can say no to a Wellness Program.

                With their uniforms on provided by the College Administration headed by Dr. Luis M. Sorolla, Jr., faculty members, employees and even key officials start to assemble at 4:15 at the covered gym and do some warm ups. . . and when the music starts with Prof. Rose Mosquera and Prof. John Corona on stage, the swaying, bending, jerking are already unstoppable. This activity is enjoyed by everybody not only because of its health benefits but also of the fun in doing the dance steps and exercises.

                 The Taebo/Hataw session started last March 3, 2014. It usually lasts for 30 minutes and is held Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Attendance is strictly observed to uphold one’s commitment to the said program.

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